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Go speak to Layna to get her to join you, then head into the forsaken lands and keep picking wrong exits to get sent back screens until she says to go south to the mushroom patch. The trophy will be gained once you return to the Ant Palace after going through the Wasp Kingdom. All rights reserved. ... Bug Fables > General Discussions > Topic Details. Now just keep laying into him until he's done for good. She is basically free damage against the first grounded enemy each turn in every fight, making her albeit limited abilities a nice addition. If you have the Spy Specs medal, you don't need to spy enemies to see their HP, but spying doesn't cost a turn anymore. Join Vi, Kabbu, and Leif in their quest to find The Everlasting Sapling in this Paper Mario styled RPG. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

At 50% HP however, he actually starts attacking, and has permanent double turns. They are definitely no slouch as without really good medal strategies and healing items it will be brutal.

Venus Buds cost 5 berries to use, Prayer medal. See the respective trophy for more details. Im missing two medals and the fortune teller isn't telling me anything. Defeat a cumulative 20 of any of the following: Bandit, Thief, or Burglar. There is also a demo available for download which includes the game's first chapter. It has a roar which boosts its attack for two turns, that becomes more common the lower its HP gets and can be immediately followed up by an attack. H.B. Also both the head and tail are immune to being frozen, so don't bother trying. Also the boss can lauch a large poison bubble into the air to land on an ally after two turns. In the Bandit Hideout, going one screen north and one east of the Venus Bud is a dining room with some platforming to reach the horn. There are 80 different types of Medals and 107 to collect in total.

For info on where exactly the bosses are located, see their respective quests in the. Also for the entirety of the fight, the tank will launch 2 missiles that fall after two turns, and fire two more once the previous ones land, and they don't stop until the tank is destroyed, though he will delay the next volley if he is charged on the turn he's supposed to launch more. Return to Doppel afterwards. Now go back to Artia, then to the underground tavern to talk to Reed who gives you a note. Once you lower his HP to 10, it will not go any lower and on his next turn, he gets a full heal. After they run off, go south of the Explorer's Association and dig under the fence there to fight them once more for real, and end the quest. This trophy is for acquiring the hidden fourth party member Chompy, who is gotten after taking a Chomper Seed to Prof. Honeycomb in the Hive. Meet with the cable car worker on the first screen of the Golden Path, then win three fights. Every turn you can place cards you've drawn until you run out of TP points to play them, then whoever has the higher damaging hand wins the round,. Speak to Malbee in the overseer's office, then go ride the tram to the pump room. Proceed through the next two screens to reach the boss. On the right side of the Golden Path tunnel is a ball behind some rocks. Welcome to Bug Fables Wiki, the collaborative encyclopedia about Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling where everyone can edit! Read any of the signs in the Defiant Root museum. One of its more problematic attacks is the dual orb throw, which if not blocked will poison the target and lower their attack for two turns. Finally Crow in Prof. Should you leave these Mothflies for too long, the Monarch will absorb them, healing 4 HP for each one so it's up to you if you wish to deal with them. This is arguably the hardest bounty boss, and one of the hardest bosses in the game in general. And where that defense exchange may be? Said doll can be purchased in the theatre in Ant Kingdom City for 40 berries, then return and hand it over for the trophy. He a basic axe swing attack, a multihit fireball toss, a one hit fireball that goes straight up, and a fire pillar which will hit the whole party; the latter three moves also cause the burn effect (2 damage per turn for 2 turns) if they are not blocked, so make sure to block those. Killing enemies gives points, as does how much time you have left upon clearing the third floor, and a bonus for taking as little damage as possible, so to beat the 9500 points required, its just speedrunning each floor without getting hit, and killing everything in your way. From Artis, in the explorer's association, Enemy attack is boosted, but berry rewards are doubled, On top of the blue house in Ant Kingdom City's residential district, Snakemouth Depths, in the large room full of water, All allies get -1 attack, but XP gains are boosted by 50%, Equipped ally gains 1 attack when on 1/3 or less HP, Equipped ally gains 2 defense when on 1/3 or less HP, Equipped ally gains 1 attack, but -1 defense, Equipped ally gains 1 defense, but -1 attack, Ally in the front gains an additional point of defense, Equipped ally takes zero damage while numbed, Honey Factory storage area, once on top of all the boxes go under the first blue light and immediately northeast is a hole with the medal, Snakemouth Depths, in the large room full of mushrooms, Equipped ally gains 1 attack while poisoned, Purchasable from Shades (x2) (5 crystal berries each), Equipped ally is poisoned by any healing item, Lose the eating contest in chapter 2/talk to Chubee after winning the contest/45 berries, Equipped ally has a chance of poisoning enemies from their direct hits while poisoned, Equipped ally does not heal from poison without use of items/skills, Wild Swamplands, at the top of many buttons and moving platforms that require ice blocks, -1 defense for equipped ally, but all other allies get a charge when equipped ally is hit, Monsieur Scarlet hard mode reward/45 berries, Equipped ally is less likely to be targeted by enemies, From the stick mimic in the Fishing Village, Restores 2 HP to all allies every 2 turns, Mother Chomper hard mode reward/55 berries, Equipped ally requires 1 less TP for their skills, Skills cost HP instead of TP to use, and all skill costs are reduced by 1 for one ally, From the doctor's hut in the Forsaken Lands, go one screen west, then one north, and one east at the top level of the cave, Equipped ally gains additional chance to inflict status effects on attacks (does not affect Lief's Frigid Coffin skill), Equipped ally's "Do Nothing" tactic restores 2 HP, Equipped ally's "Do Nothing" tactic restores 1 TP, Lost Sands, 2 screens east of the caravan, Equipped ally's "Do Nothing" tactic boosts defense for 1 turn, "It's Too Hot!" Should you be interested in the full list of battles, it can be found. After gaining access to the submarine, head to the northwest corner of Metal Lake, and dock there. Enter Stream Mountain (one screen west, and one screen two screens north of the Lost Sands entrance), and keep following the low routes to reach this boss. First, until the Zommoth charges itself for the first time Lief is basically dead weight as he doesn't get any turns and can't do anything (if you retry the fight he's fine from the start). As long as you've got good block timing on the red mothflies or lots of healing, you'll probably be fine, along with good damage to deal with the massive health pool. Defense Exchange is one medal for 30 battles, but the reward for 40 battles is also a medal. After gaining access to the submarine, head to the southeast corner of Metal Lake, and dock there. Go speak to Ali in the Ant Kingdom City residential area to collect the book, then take it to Libren in the Ant Palace library. He also does not resummon seedlings by this point. Once you've emptied his HP, the tank explodes, killing any summoned wasps, and leaves General Ultimax, exactly how he was by himself in the chapter 5 fight, where he only has one 3 hit attack that does zero damage blocked. Talk to Leby outside the Explorer's Association, and then head to Snakemouth Den. Interact with the stain glass window second from the right in the Ant Queen's chambers. At 40% HP, the boss permanently returns to the ground, regaining its original moveset. From there, keep heading west till you reach a "town".

There are 65 songs to buy, so the total cost of buying all the songs is 130 berries. Interact with the mural on the north wall of the central room's top floor, in the Lost Castle. Take it to Kali in the Defiant Root commercial district and then initiate a fight against her & Kabbu. Enemies are unable to steal items, no berries lost on fleeing, Adds one additional hit to Vi's "Tornado Toss", "Hurricane Toss", and "Needle Toss" skills, After acquiring the Heaven Key and Tardigrade Shield medal, go talk to Prof. Honeycomb in the Bee Kingdom Hive, Shows enemy HP without spying, and spying doesn't cost a turn or have action commands, Beat 3 fights in the mini-boss B.O.S.S.


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