chambers brothers detroit
He needed to switch things up. While the rest of his brothers all dabbled in some form of legitimate employment before turning to narcotics to make their living, from an early age Larry knew being a crook was the only existence he ever wanted. I love this article about the Chambers Brothers because they might be related to me. By the early part of 1984, B.J. While at his younger brother Willie’s House one afternoon, he received a phone call from his accomplice in Arkansas who said he had an uncle of his in Detroit who wanted to purchase some money orders. DEA documents from the era estimate over 300 young men and woman from Mariana and the surrounding areas of the Delta region migrated to the Motor City and went to work for the Chambers gang selling drugs. “Detroit was a great place to work narcotics until the Blacks became bosses,” Greg Woods, a No Crack Crew member spawning from a long family line of Detroit police officers, was quoted in William Adler’s book, Land of Opportunity, which chronicled the Chambers brothers organizations and the men in law enforcement who tried to lock them up. “They were really the first group in the city to start moving crack cocaine at a major level,” said Robert De Fauw, the head of the DEA in Detroit from 1978-1987. It is sad that that is the face of many, many of our young men today. For a man who would go onto have one of the most memorable careers of any gangster to walk the streets of America in the latter-half of the 20th Century, Larry’s career in the underworld got off to quite an inauspicious start – 15 years of arrests, incarcerations and living on the run as a fugitive with a laundry list of escapes, felonies and frauds perpetrated along the way. The doom-filled half-year started on March 29, 1986, just a mere three weeks following Larry’s… Crack cocaine and those who peddled it had recently been targeted by the city, state and federal government as Public Enemy No. Curtis Chambers, Jr., the family’s eldest son, was the first to leave, going to St. Louis before shipping out to Vietnam to serve his country in the military in the late-1960s. Going to great lengths over the previous two years to keep his appearance a secret to law enforcement, the pint-sized drug don’s cover was officially blown when an informant pointed him out to surveillance agents who were watching the house prior to the raid. The few months or so of heavy crack dealing had made the Chambers brothers and their laidback, yet lurid leader a top priority. B.J was no dummy. “B.J.” as he was known, had a mind for business at an early age and was fast to understand that if he wanted to be making big moves he had to be in the big city. The tactic was one of general harassment and used as a means of making B.J. While working the assembly line there, he became friends with a fellow Lee County native named, L.C. Handcuffed and chained together in a line, those placed under arrest, including B.J.’s brother, Danny and his first cousin, Alvin “Frog” Chambers, were forced to announce aloud “We sell dope, we sell dope, we sell dope” as they were paraded around a crowded street corner, littered with neighborhood residents assembled to witness the siren-filled commotion, and into the DPD paddy wagon that had been called to the scene to haul them away. In the novel Warpath, by Jeffry Scott Hansen, the street gang, the Six-Mile Syndicate, is based loosely on the Chambers Brothers gang. The Chambers Brothers successively became major kingpin drug dealers they were books and served long jail sentences I meant BJ a couple years ago. was schooled in the ways of the narcotics trade by Colbert, who took an immediate liking to the young and hungry fledgling street pharmacist. Released back into the free world on April 29, 1985 after nearly 40 months behind bars, Larry is quick to reunite with his baby brothers. However, unlike many future master criminals who are schooled in the way of the underworld by their fathers, it was the Chambers boys’ mother, Hazel, who conducted the course in “Hustling 101” for her ambitious offspring. For good and for bad, Biernacki was an animal on the job, exhibiting unbridled intensity and aggression and manic-like compulsion in pursuit of his targets. Chambers was positively identified for the first time in person by police. Larry’s time locked up at Leavenworth – a prison with a long history of housing some of the Nation’s most notorious and dangerous hoodlums – didn’t go to waste. The Chambers Brothers were a criminal organization heavily involved in the distribution of crack cocaine in the city of Detroit, Michigan during the 1980s. Within weeks of entering the facility, he undergoes a complete mind and body transformation in the way he conducts himself on a day-to-day basis, laying a solid foundation for what he would be able to accomplish in the years to come. and his crew look bad to other dealers, by making it appear that they tipped the cops off about the whereabouts of their rivals’ place of business was so that it could be raided. It wasn’t more than a few months after him and his brother Danny had left Marianna in the late-1960s and landed in St. Louis that he took his first major arrest. My dad James Chambers was from Hope, Arkansas. kept his inner-circle relatively small. and Little Joe, that stemmed from a street brawl between the pair of twins and two DPD patrolmen who had made a traffic stop of B.J. Chambers vanished from sight, taking refuge on the family farm down in Arkansas for the next 10 months, hundreds of miles away from the tight scrutiny he was coming under back up north. Hiding out in a nearby church for the night, Larry stole the minister’s car in the morning and fled the county. Waiting a sufficient amount of time for everybody to leave, Larry arose from underneath the earth and went on another crime spree, robbing several gas stations and stealing a car on his way to visit a prison acquaintance in Pittsburg. The undisputed leader of the No Crack Crew, comprised of primarily DPD narco squad detectives, was Gerard “Mick the Bronco” Biernacki.


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