colt 1911 serial number
However, as the page already stated, the database of the method is not a completed one. Your help is appreciated. The most widely produced, copied, used, talked about, written about and debated handgun in the world. This pistol is also counterfeited dating most. Shooting Master In there is a useful function called “Serial Number Lookup”, click it then enter the serial numbers and characters on your Colt. The major changes were a slightly heavier slide and a slotted collet barrel bushing. This is still the best method when it comes to reliability though. There are several ways. In no commercial peroduction of any kind recorded. Camp Perry .22 Bankers Special .22 & .38 5. The Browning design was so great, that it has been changed little in over 100 years of production. On the letter are details of the firearm original specifications and features plus the delivery address as well. The Colt 1911 or Government Model started production in 1912 and the pre- Because of Colt's serial colt systems it may not serial possible model identify numbers model a Colt is based dating just the number. In 1983 the Series 80 Models were introduced with an additional passive firing pin safety lock and the half-cock notch was also redesigned. There is cosmoline in many areas of the frame/slide. The numbers and possible prefix (or suffix) characters contain a lot of information about the weapon history but not everyone can understand them accurately. Waterbury, Conn. Bridgeport, Conn. Army Special .32-20,.38 & .41 Some parts were made but model complete pistols. Certain vintage guns have overlapping serial numbers between models which make the searching even more confusing in some cases. New Service & New Service Target Year Approximate Serial Number Range 1912 C1 - C1900 1913 C1900 - C5400 1914 C5400 - C16600 1915 C16600 - C27600 1916 C27600 - C75000 1917 C75000 - C99000 1918 C99000 - C106000 1919 C106000 - C121000 1920 C121000 - C127000 1921 C127000 - C129000 1922 C129000 - C134000 1923 C134000 - C135000 1924 C135000 - C140000 1925 Your help will be appreciated. The firearms on these pages are not for sale. From 1970 to 1976 the serial numbers had a prefix of "70G", from 1976 to 1980 they had a suffix of "G70" which changed to a prefix of "70B" from 1980 until 1983 when production ceased. Lorch, Washington, D. M Site Search. National Match .45 ACP Colt introduced this model in 1970 as a newer version of the Model 1911A1. These serial numbers are for the Military Model. If you want to become a sponsor and see your banner in the above panel, click here to contact us. ------------------------------ Derringers ---------------------------- ------------------------------ Revolvers ----------------------------- Some special orders made for military or military contractors. Although some of these old guns may be appropriate for self-defense, that's not what this website is about either. Click on image, Colt Commercial Production Serial Numbers Colt serial codes could be hard to read in the case you are not experienced in the field. Serial, suggestions, contributions? Model 1909 .45 ACP Caliber .45 ACP Caliber .45 ACP 2) Colt M1911A1 Canadian Contract: S/N 930,000 to 936,000 = 1943 ( 1,515 military model pistols were shipped to Canada through the Lend-Leased Act from this serial number range.) If this is your first visit, be sure to Below are some solutions to read the numbers along with interesting information about Colt serial rules and regulations. .22 Target, Woodsman, Match Target and related -- Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless .380 ACP Model 1911 U.S. Army .45 ACP Commercial Issue Serial Numbers can be found by clicking here. Therefore, the letter descriptions may not completely match the current configuration of the gun. Service Model Ace .22 LR Dating me know. -- Serial Numbers Top of Page, Top of Page Since it’s quite a costly method, the archive letter is often used to tie a particular firearm to a well-known individual in the past. Most Colt revolvers had the same thread size and it was often possible to install a barrel from a totally different model on a frame. After May 6, 1918 these pistols were shipped out of serial number order for faster production. An added issue is Colt's serial confusing serial number system. There's nothing I can say about these guns that hasn't already been said a thousand times, by a thousand others. The 1911 Colt is without a doubt, "the most copied and most modified gun in the world". The numbers and possible prefix (or suffix) characters contain a lot of information about the weapon history but not everyone can understand them accurately. Here is m1911 problems may first model when the data base doesn't list 1911 you think your Colt is, or returns no information. But in mid 1970, the serial numbers are not a continuation of the previous ones. COLT MODELS Content copyright. Last, you can ask for help on the Model Forum where a good deal of serial is available from the members. Rev 1.1a, Colt Commercial Production Serial Numbers. You still pay the normal price, our commission comes from their profit, so you have nothing to lose, while we have something to gain. In the third digit is the caliber of the gun: “3” is 3 or 4 inches, “4” is 4.75 or 5 inches, “5” is 5.5 inches, “7” is 7.5 inches and “1” is 12 inches. If so, can you tell me what this range is? 6. check out the. 4. However, as the page already stated, the database of the method is not a completed one. Search for Colt Automatic Pistol or Revolver Model In certain cases, these characters are simply used to show the year of manufacture and don’t have any secret meaning.


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