culture of nepal essay
But it has molded each of us into whom and what we are. They are seen as only productive while pregnant and thus from the time a young girl marries, usually around fifteen, she bares children as often as she can (Timyan, Gay & Koblinsky, 1993). Nurses who have completed special additional training insert Inter-Uterine Devices (IUDs) and Norplant as well as assist physicians in voluntary sterilization procedures. Agreement about the shape and purpose of the SLC was reached during preliminary meetings with the family planning instructors, campus chiefs, and JHPIEGO nurses (M. E. Lapp, personal communication, October 18, 2000). One study has shown that 28% of women in Nepal have reported using some modern method of birth control (Knecht, 2001). Psychology, Human skin color, Ultraviolet 707  Words | Moreover, the most popular endemic plant in Nepal is rhododendron ( arboretum). Art of Nepal The art and architecture of Nepal is deeply influenced by the religion. Welcome to our guide to India. /ojin/index.htm /index.htm Nepal welcomes new religions as it enhances the diversity of culture in Nepal. Religion, Meaning of life, Natural environment 1326  Words | The main family planning instructors then demonstrated the ideal model usage and taught all the nursing instructors how to use the models and checklists. 6, No 2, Manuscript 6. /ojin/topic12/tpc12toc.htm One such new trajectory is the concern with national culture. Nepal also has one of the highest abortion rates in East India (Uprety, A. A good example of Thangka Painting is the “ Mandala of Vishnu” which dates back to 1420 A.D. Nepalese sculpture is a tradition which was derived out of the art of Gupta India and later influenced by Pala India. (1988). It is a showcase of what the Nepalese lifestyle has to show and offer. Nepal has a history of people adhering different religion living in harmony. Ogilvie, L. (1998). The capital of Nepal is Katmandu. The Nepalese economy is completely dominated by agriculture. The birth of the Nepalese literature began with Bhanubhakta Acharya, the pioneer of Nepalese language in Nepal. Nepal is famously known for its spectacular handicraft works. The BN program builds on basic skills to focus on management and teaching skills. /ojin/index.htm, Submit Letters to the Editor | View Letters to the Editor | Related Articles Establishment of a Student Learning Center. Establishing a Nursing Student Learning Center for, Women’s Reproductive Health in Nepal. Culture Shock……………………………………….7 (1998). The capital of Nepal is Katmandu. Barter trade is a major occupation. This cuisine includes white rice with gravy of lentils. Meeting with Family Planning Nursing Teachers and Nursing Campus Chief. As we all know that Nepal is worldwide known as the only Hindu Nation and it is a matter of Pride to all Nepali's living in the Country and to those too who have migrated to another Country for Business, Work and other related reasons. 2 realistic penile models and condoms for demonstration and practice, 4. It is to thank the sun for sustaining life on earth. Anderson, S.V., Nichol, M., Shrestha, N.M., & Singh, I. NursingWorld Home | Front Page, Nepalese Culture. Introduction of the SLC to all Nursing Instructors. However, most attending would experience the greatest gains is seen as operating in ways that hinge upon changing rela- tionships between … In the Kathmandu valley, mo: mo or Tibetan dumplings are quite renowned. Retrieved, February 28, 2006 from, Knecht, S.I. Farming is the major occupation of people living here. The most auspicious festival of Nepal is considered to be Dashain, which is celebrated for ten days. A great deal of status within the school was associated with the successful implementation of this project and with the full support of the campus chief, the family planning teachers were given institutional power to carry out their goals. Almost 80% of  Nepal’s territory is occupied by the majestic Himalayas and has 8 out of the ten highest peaks in the world. If the child is a boy, then he undergoes a ceremony call Bratabandha which declares him as a man. Nursing is a growing part Nepalese life, especially in America (Lassiter, 1995). Now they can go to numerous nursing clinics to receive birth control (Knecht, 2001). You can’t touch it or see most of it, and much of it can’t be measured. The marriage ceremonies are treated auspiciously too, with a very elaborate ritual, including the bride and the groom. "You must agree to out terms of services and privacy policy", Don't use plagiarized sources. These issues have greatly impacted the Nepalese people. The research of Anderson, Nichol, Shrestha, and Singh, conducted in 1988, indicated that Nepalese nursing instructors wanted an increase in clinical practice and training time for students for a full range of nursing activities, including family planning. This is an example of the harmony and feeling of brotherhood that exists in the Nepalese culture. "Culture: learned and shared human patterns or models for living; day- to-day living patterns. Her diet might be made up of mostly rice and vegetables as she is Hindu and most Hindus are vegetarian (Lassiter, 1995).


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