dayz knight armor

Eyewear 5. Well, it would provide protection from a 10/22, pistol rounds as well as most bullets at a high angle of incidence... still, I don't think the decrease in mobility would be worth it though, best not to get shot in the first place. You would be … I don't think the Ned Kelly stuff would work so well in modern times. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, /r/dayz - Discuss and share content for DayZ, the post-apocalyptic open world survival game. I wonder if you want a 400x250x6.35mm steel plate in front of you that weighs about 5kg and is so stiff you wouldn't be able to move right. Jackstral, September 5, 2017 in

A player's character has 11 slots available for clothing. Yeah I didn't last very long after then, I was scaling the walls of devils castle (looking for helm or sword) and fell threw the world and died.

If all that steel didn't stop a matchlock musket. (Though they should still be a threat if you swarmed). It weighed 44kgs and afaik they only shot lead bullets back then?

Would make the game a lot..easier and give something else for the players to do. shoulder and knee protectors provided you have some tools since the tires have threads which are difficult to cut. what's funny is that the helm sword and mace is in an future apocalypse js. You forgot to mention trying to climb "Ladders of Death" and "Barn Stairs of Dismay" :D. Putting steal in front of you WON'T help. Armband 2. What protects best against a zombie than some light chain or plate armour?

Games Movies TV Video. But makes me think about places like London where there's lots of knife attacks. For helmets Tac helmet is the best due to attachable NVG and tac light. Jump to: navigation, search. Gloves 7.

By And the plates are evenly distributed, packs are all on da back. Its been more than 500 years since guns started being used but now humanity's main threat is using sharp nails and blunt force in attempt to kill you. Crafting leather itself is time consuming and needs pretty hazardous liquids.

Sign in to follow this . Some kind of improve armor would be welcome. The .22 has so much less muzzle energy and is practically a slow flying flat nosed piece of lead sometimes with a copper jacket while the 5.56 or any other type of military issued round is designed just for that purpose, defeat body armor and hit what is behind it.
Thanks in advance. Help . an rpg round  or a grenade launcher all whats inside is turned into goo due to the forces involved. A Knight would have an outer layer of plate to protect against crushing blows (axes, maces, heavy swords) and slashes, a layer of chain mail under that to protect against piercing attacks (arrows, bolts, stabs, axes again) and a layer of padding/leather under that to soften the blows and hopefully block whatever gets through the first 2 layers. Craft quality 5 great light armor, reduce light armor movement penalty by 75% and. OccurrenceLocations Castles/RandomRarity RareVariants N/A The Great Helm is a type of helmet in DayZ Standalone.

Even a suit like in iron man wouldn't save a person because once it gets hit with something bigger than small arms fire f.e. Modern impact reducing motorcross armour. I was a bit dissuaded by the sheer amount of weaponry you were packing. I know my brothers punches barely hurt when I wear my thickest jacket with all its padding. Legs (Pants) 10.

I would still knock you over after a hit.

Sports equipment would be a logical place to start, I'm only familiar with what most of you would call 'Hand Egg' for armor (football would seam to be the game of choice in Chenarus judging from the field types) but something as simple as a leather jacket would provide some protection from scratches and bites. All rights reserved. Headgear (Hats, Helmets) 8. Tactical vest with cans in it is the best armor for the least weight. By Good luck on your search for a sword and helmet! Craft quality 3 fair light armor, reduce light armor movement penalty by 30% and stamina penalty by 30%. Although I can't say how long you will last double wielding AKs with a helmet and sword. Gamepedia. Each slot corresponds to a part of the player character's body and allows for a specific type of clothing to be worn there.

Craft quality 4 good light armor, reduce light armor movement penalty by 50% and stamina penalty by 35%. Different protective equipment should be looked into, from the simple (sports gear), to the somewhat absurd (think they call it 'Dragon Scale' armor, soldiers can dive on a grenade and only get slight bruising from the impact). You would get stunned with that Knight Armor anyway by a freshspawn that gives you heavy punches. They tried to clad people in armor plating when the Thompson smg was gaining populatiry and dropped it because of the drawbacks. © Valve Corporation. Check out this post: Imo worthless. Upload or insert images from URL. For my money I take the press I like the color and that I don’t need to find pouches to store stuff in it. It might sound kinda silly but making a suit of armor out of tin cans could possibly work (against zombie bites and scratches anyway). 10kg of steel is nothing compared to 20kg packs soldiers carry marching. Imo worthless. But the OP didn't mention bullets, he only mentioned melee combat. 3: 1 PT 3: Knight: All the hard training and battles have paid off, you are now a knight. I think that would be the best gear ingame. I don't want A team style one piece of corrugated iron stops rifle rounds, but I would like their style of fix this crap on this car/ person and you stand more of a chance. Keep in mind this should be nothing like skyrim :p,, if was possible in cowboy times for sure is possible now  :thumbsup:  :D. That's most probably a hollywood myth, that shit isn't bullet proof unless you shoot 6mm bbs at it. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. There is going to be a ruger 10 22 in the SA. Dialogue Introduction. In m opinion you’re better off having no vest armor if you do then the press vest. Light Armor is a Athletic Perk in the Agility Attribute. I do not take lightly to someone who also thinks he can wear a helmet and wield a sword, If you really are the sword of the mourning see you in Severograd, (Just keep looking in the castles and you'll find one eventually, the smaller castles are less likely to have been looted already). Except for zeds. I'm not so sure about any character who would be so crazy that they'd be wandering around in a suit of armor with a great sword like a month after the zombie outbreak. This change should make the camera shake a bit less violet when trying to aim your weapon while in pain or low on water. Road north from cherno there is a wooden platform , 90% of the time i go there i find a sword .

A Kevlar vest might stop a bullet, but won't stop a knife (so much so that I believe UK police wear stab vests now instead of bullet proof vests). A Knight would have an outer layer of plate to protect against crushing blows (axes, maces, heavy swords) and slashes, a layer of chain mail under that to protect against piercing attacks (arrows, bolts, stabs, axes again) and a layer of padding/leather under that to soften the blows and hopefully block whatever gets through the first 2 layers. Here are the changes until we can update the images.Headgear Armor: Knight helm... FANDOM. Face coverage has no effect on protection whatsoever. Rubber tires can be cut into armor pieces like f.e. Bite-proof fabric, chain-mail. And thats only a tiny, thin piece aluminium, so like AP said, 1/4 inch steel would probably stop 5.56, but it would be annoying as heel to lug a sheet of steel round on your chest! Plate carrier will stop torso shots from killing (sometimes), as for helmet the best one is the assault helmet with the visor, a close second is the great helm knights helmet because of its face coverage. Well he would have been dead or heavily injured but you know hollywood...normal bullets don't penetrate steel barrels but "cop killer" bullets do... You will be able to leave a comment after signing in, Copyright © Bohemia Interactive a.s. DAYZ® and Bohemia Interactive® are registered trademarks of Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). I found this while looking for pics, this one is even older ( 1880 ) than was i was looking for.
Copyright © Bohemia Interactive a.s. DAYZ® and Bohemia Interactive® are registered trademarks of Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved. We do get non zombie infections, not to mention bleeding. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. DayZ Standalone. they are rare but like everyone said literally any castle i think ive only ever had 2 swords most  all i find are mace's. It's not like you can become a Zed from being bit.

As said it wouldn't protect very much from bullets but that's not the only threat out there. DayZ Standalone ; Anybody know good places to find the Sword and Great Helm? Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account?   Pasted as rich text.


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