diatonic major scale bass
As amazing as it is for writing sappy ballads about your first love, it’s also an incredibly powerful scale to use in genres like soul and funk. This pattern ensures that, in a diatonic scale spanning more than one octave, all the half steps are maximally separated from each other (i.e. If you haven’t, set some time aside for it – it’s a great film! The minor pentatonic scale however, is a weapon of choice for many bass guitarists due to its versatile and ‘open’ sound. Keep making music! Notes outside of the key, such as C# or Gb, would be called chromatic. The scale patterns you are about to learn can be played anywhere on the fretboard, but all examples will be shown in the key of C. The bass guitar scale patterns that we discuss are the exact same scale patterns that you will see on a guitar. There are 7 notes in each key. If you're uncomfortable with them, you're going to get lost. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- A great way to show love on a special day! Block: Diatonic Chords Of The Major Scale. ©2003-2020 Leading Tone Media, LLC - all rights reserved, Copying or distributing studybass.com content, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Guitar Center. Full chromatic progression of major and minor diatonic scales. It also works exceptionally well in the world of rock and roll! When chords are described by their number position in the scale, we use Roman numerals to describe them: I, ii, iii, IV, V, vi and vii. Rated 5.0 out of 5 by 9 users. Before you begin studying this lesson block on diatonic chords, you should know or review the following: This lesson block will tie all of these together. Note: This jam track is the same as the one above it – Try playing a C major pentatonic scale over this progression, then switch to a diatonic scale to hear the differences in action! Download Pdf Instead of annoying, creepy, privacy-invading ads, pop-ups, or selling your data, StudyBass relies on the support of its users. In order to understand this bass guitar scale better, we need to look at the difference in notes between the major diatonic scale and the major pentatonic scale: In the major pentatonic scale, we remove Re ( II ) and La (VI). In every major key, the type of chord falls the same way. (In upcoming lessons you'll be memorizing this pattern of chords and how to play them.). It can be disorientating for guitarists to understand which scales work with which keys. That is, the I chord is always major, the ii chord is always minor, etc. When we study chords and number them this way, it is called harmonic analysis. The diatonic chords of the major scale are one of the most important parts of understanding harmony. To use the interactive features of StudyBass, please enable javascript. The C minor chord (C, Eb, G), however, would not be diatonic because the third of the chord (Eb) is not in the key of C major. Thank you for your support. Remember to make use of your pinky finger for those long stretches! Applying Major Diatonic Chords in Basslines, Diatonic Chord Position with an A-String Root, Truss Rods and Replacing a Stripped Truss Rod Nut. A chord which is diatonic is simply a chord built from notes of the key. You may not always hear it, but you’ll definitely feel it. In this final lesson of this diatonic chord lesson block, I give you advice on practicing the analysis of chord progressions. Another great song that uses the major pentatonic scale is Stevie Wonder’s ‘Sir Duke’ (B Major), Click Here to jam this scale over a backing track! The diatonic major scale for bass guitar is fundamental for the bass player because by mastering it we can begin to play simple lines and become familiar with the sound of tonality. Spend some time with it! Below, we have what we call a “walking bassline”. Creating basslines applying diatonic chord shapes to one of music's most popular chord progressions. The Major Diatonic Bass Guitar Scale (aka the Major Scale) Composed of seven notes, the major diatonic scale carries a positive and uplifting vibe. 1.1.1. An often unsung hero, the bass player is the backbone of any band. Major Diatonic Chords I, ii, iii, and IV Playing the first four diatonic chords of the major scale on bass. Tuning: E A D G. Author eaton76863 [a] 31. To use the interactive features of StudyBass, please enable javascript. Skill Tip: If you’re positioning your hand properly, you shouldn’t need to use your ring finger at all for this scale!! There are 12 major scales and, therefore, 12 major keys. No distractions. In this lesson we'll discuss what they are, why and how we use them. Click Here to jam this scale over a backing track! Check out the TAB below to see the difference, then try playing the major and minor scales back-to-back to hear it. Become a Member, Purchase StudyPacks, Buy Suggested Products or Donate. In the key of C again (C, D, E, F, G, A and B), the chord C major (C, E, G) would be diatonic to the key of C because its 3 notes are part of the C major scale. When we begin this bass guitar scale with our middle finger, we set ourselves up to not have to shift hand positions. Musician's Friend


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