dusk to dawn won't turn off
I put tape over the eye/sensor and the light worked great. The light comes on at night but the dimmer doesn’t work. I gave the model number and while I know most customer services representatives use a cheat sheet, this rep knew her products. The lower level of light serves as a nice lighted appearance for the home and helps visiting guests see your home as well. You could do the same with conduit but it would not look as nice. Problem: The new lights came on fine, but it took about 10-15 minutes for the older lights to come on. I installed it about 1 ft. from the overhang of the house. The first day it was on continuously, but I left it alone; 48 hours later it was acting exactly right. Short Lamp Life. Or do you mean you turned it off and then on again? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Some CFL type lamps do not operate well outdoor, especially in colder temperatures which can cause flickering, and flickering can shorten the life of a CFL light bulb. Why do I read 230v when my photocell is covered? It's a feature some lights have added in case you want to turn them on manually. I live on a Strata and the power from my house supplies one of the street lights. When I open or close my garage door my dusk to dawn light goes out. I bought an outdoor lamp with a built in dusk to dawn sensor but it never worked. I hope this helps, or??? If that fixes the problem then make the fix permanent by applying some black paint to the facing adjacent to … I was baffled and figured that the light itself went bad. I hope this helps, Electrical Wiring – The circuit wiring and components should be rated appropriately, properly installed, and inspected and repaired as needed. I have a small dusk-to-dawn light that's acting funny. 1. This is will not be true IF the manufacturer of the CFL lamp states that it has the ability to dim, and it is rated for outdoor use, and I hope this happens soon – because the CFL lamp is a good energy saver. That said, this will help you save money because it turns off when not needed. It does sound like somehow the light is reflecting back onto the sensor. How do I replace the bulb? I hope this helps you with your dusk to dawn light fixture, Please refer to several article resources which are available which describe various options which are found by searching for Controlling Light Fixtures, and the article Wiring Hallway Lights and Switches may be helpful as well. The light from the fixture won't reflect off the black paper. Sometimes stays on longer. I have 110 coming in and when covered I am reading inside the socket. The lights may also be turning off frequently at night because the sensors are detecting the light from other sources or from the lights themselves. Outside light fixtures such as the dusk to dawn and motion detector type have watt limitations, and going over the rating could cause damage to the internal circuitry. Don’t rule out the possibility of faulty lamps either. Did you leave it energized continuously for 48 hours before condemning it? Dusk to dawn light sensors are surely very useful for homeowners.


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