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They inherited their wealth from the late Dan Duncan, co-founder of pipeline giant Enterprise Products Partners. Arguably Fort Worth's biggest booster, Ed Bass has led the drive to revitalize the Texas city, focusing on its downtown Sundance Square and $65 million Bass Performance Hall, which opened in 1998. His fortune stems from stakes in three publicly traded companies; Energy Transfer Equity LP, Energy Transfer Partners LP and Sunoco LP. He and his wife, Janice, donate more than $20 million each year to their foundation dedicated to education. She was 80. RANK Name Net Worth AgE Source Change, 1 Bill Gates $81 B (billion) 60 Microsoft Up $5 B, 2 Jeff Bezos $67 B 52 Amazon.com Up 20 B, 3 Warren Buffett $65.5 B 86 Berkshire Hathaway Up $3.5 B, 4 Mark Zuckerberg $55.5 B 32 Facebook Up $15.2 B, 5 Larry Ellison $49.3 B 72 Oracle Up $1.8 B. Houston billionaires in the Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans in 2016: 174 Dan Friedkin $3.6 B 51 Toyota dealerships, 184 Bob McNair $3.5 B 79 energy, sports, 246 Tilman Fertitta $2.7 B 59 restaurants, casinos, 361 Leslie Alexander $1.9 B 73 Houston Rockets. With $700 between them they launched hair care empire John Paul Mitchell Systems (still going strong with $1 billion in sales). What is the meaning of exercise?” You may opt-out by, Atlanta, Georgia. They finally sold their oil interests in early 2017 to ExxonMobil for $6 billion. Brother John died in a 2005 plane crash. In fact, he attended Florida State University on a basketball scholarship before he realized his true career path. 49). (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images). His net worth of $760 million has gone towards a gorgeous lakeside mansion, his own personal airstrip (and of course a private jet to go with it) and the church itself. Called President Trump’s comments on NFL players kneeling “divisive and counterproductive.”. Gives to Baylor and Michigan State. Foreman turned to religion in 1977 after he nearly died, and decided to take a break from the world of fighting to help preach on the streets of Houston. At U.T. Funded a $32 million equestrian center at Texas A&M. In seven deals over seven years Rees-Jones grossed $7 billion. Cuban has since spent the last decade and a half doing just about anything he wants. He began his career at the tender age of 14-years-old and has since earned the right to call himself a Master of Divinity, a Doctor of Theology AND the Master of Theology (although we don’t reckon he puts that on his passport). In 2015 Hildebrand gave each of his 1,400 employees a $100,000 bonus after they doubled the size of his company in five years. Rather than working in the family company with brothers Rob and Jim, she went into investment banking before leaving to pursue her passions for art and horses, and decamped to her ranch in Millsap (pop. When nobody is buying we can't sell, when nobody is selling we can't buy.". In fact, many of us have one in our kitchen. Although he practices in Lakewood Church in Houston, his preaching is recorded and broadcast across 100 countries. With consistent double-digit annual returns, Vista has grown to $30 billion under management. A big Republican donor, Rowling would prefer to support a Pence/Rubio ticket in 2020. However, he soon admitted that he was a fraud and disappeared for a while, before returning once more to ‘heal’ those who followed him. Another conspicuous absence from this Texas rich list is Charles Butt, the scion of the family behind the beloved HEB supermarket chain. His long career and connections with some of the best in the business has amounted to a whopping $25 million net worth. In 2004 Rowling bought Gold's Gym, which Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous; now has more than 700 locations worldwide. Rick Warren is the pastor for one of the biggest ministries in the United States – the Saddleback Church in California. It's basic." Uebert has often been shrouded in scandal and has been the source of illicit claims, but he probably doesn’t care, considering he’s sitting on a $60 million fortune…. Houston's wealthiest, Richard Kinder, was one of two local billionaires whose net worth declined. Today, private jet start-up Aerion is the most high-profile investment by low-profile Robert. We love it when a former TV star breaks away from Hollywood and turns to religion – and Growing Pains’ Kirk Cameron is one of the most famous to do so. He quit Big Blue when they wouldn't give him more computers to sell after he hit his annual quota by March. Believed to own Chub Cay island in the Bahamas and a golf course near Houston. Ed Young is a pastor, author and conference speaker noted for his creative communication style. The richest were Alice Walton (No. Well, that’ll definitely keep you comfortable…. Quote: ”Private equity is not immune to market forces. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Still awed by his 86-year-old father: "I got to see the American dream unfold in my living room." Bill Gates of Microsoft kept his position as the richest man on the list for the 23rd consecutive year, with a net worth of $81 billion this year. Since then, he has founded his own college and has written over 150 books (we’ve barely read 150 books!) "The world wants things done, not excuses," Perot told Forbes. Daughter Alexis competes in the National Hot Rod Association. This South African minister can be found in the pulpit of the Divine Truth World Restoration Services for World Peace by Jesus Christ (doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?) Unlike many of the other pastors on this list, this German pastor made his epic religious debut outside of America. For his 60th birthday Bonderman hired the Rolling Stones and Robin Williams. In 2012 he acquired a place in Manhattan's 834 Fifth Avenue for a reported $42 million. Now, he’s worth a whopping $1,000,000 (and if you can’t count the zeros, that’s one million!). Because of this, he’s made a few million here and there. With wife Mindy he opened Houston’s River Oaks Donuts. Sold his majority stake in the Houston Astros in 2011 to Jim Crane. Returning to the list is Leslie Alexander, owner of the NBA's Houston Rockets. This year he teamed with Carlyle Group to buy ConocoPhillips Colorado gas fields for $3 billion. DeJoria supports anti-poaching group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which in January named a new ship after DeJoria and Christened it with a bottle of Patron. In Texas, low oil prices have flatlined the growth in some fortunes, like that of San Antonio natural gas tycoon Rod Lewis and business legend Red McCombs. Tilman Fertitta, head of the Landry's restaurant and casino empire, saw his wealth rise by $400 million to $2.7 billion in 2016. Chris Oyakhilome is a famous pastor from Nigeria that has since grown in popularity across the US in recent years. When you’re younger, you might choose your career based on how much you think you’ll earn (hopefully a lot). in 1984. Perot insisted that his new office be made identical to his old one out at the former HQ of Perot Systems. He also invests in oil and real estate and collects art, such as his prized “Coin Toss” by Norman Rockwell, acquired for $1.1 million the same year he bought the Cowboys. Three local billionaires' net wealth stayed the same: Dan Friedkin of auto distributor Gulf States Toyota, $3.6 billion; hedge fund founder John Arnold, $2.9 billion; and oilman George Bishop, $2.4 billion. Ed Young is a pastor, author and conference speaker noted for his creative communication style. Kirk Cameron We love it when a former TV star breaks away from Hollywood and turns to religion – and Growing Pains’ Kirk Cameron is one of the most famous to do so. Thanks to a temporary repeal of the death tax, when pipeline tycoon Dan Duncan died in 2010 at 77 he became the first American billionaire to pass his fortune to his four kids tax free. "One thing done well is worth a million good excuses. Long before his presidential campaigns (1992 and 1996), Perot was a salesman for IBM. (No one has yet. But 1997 oil and gas had driven him to the drinks trade. Origin of the fortune was their uncle Sid Richardson, a legendary wildcatter. F. Tracking energy innovators from Houston, Texas. Has donated $35 million to alma mater Southern Methodist University. The 55-year-old entrepreneur will sell close to 60 million bottles this year, enough to earn him an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion. There’s a high chance you’ve probably heard of Pastor Ray McCauley before – probably because he’s always in the news for his lavish spending and his luxurious lifestyle. Dell now owns 66% of Dell Technologies, but the majority of his fortune is in his private investment firm MSD Capital, which has stakes in hotels like the Four Seasons Maui and Applebee's and IHOP chain operater DineEquity. By specializing in squeezing more oil and gas out of mature fields, he has built Hilcorp into the nation's biggest privately owned oil company with operations in Texas, Louisiana, Alaska and Ohio. The 55-year-old entrepreneur will sell close to 60 million bottles this year, enough to earn him an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion.


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