elder abuse research paper
R. A. Systematic education and training are critically needed across all relevant fields. Investigators are given the task of substantiating the abuse. The round table was titled Elder Justice: Medical Forensic Issues Relating to Elder Abuse and Neglect. Indeed, there may be instances when an institution or agency harms an older person. T. Third, general criminal statutes apply to elder abuse when states do not have specific laws related to elder abuse. Evans During a routine physician office visit, answers to questions about how older adults manage their daily lives can suggest predisposing issues that will eventually impair the patient’s ability to live independently. T. In particular, researchers are considering whether elder abuse is distributed equally across communities. However, no population-based epidemiological study has systematically examined the incidence of elder self-neglect or the potential change in self-neglecting behaviors over time. Elder Abuse as a Violation of the Criminal Law, B. Reichman A National Institute of Justice study by Erik Lindbloom and his colleagues (2005) found that four factors in elder deaths often result in referrals to the attorney general’s office for further investigation. 550 Among victims, it has been found that dementia and other health-related problems place older individuals at a higher risk for abuse. Specific markers include inconsistencies between medical records, statements made by staff members, or observations of investigators; inconsistencies in statements among groups interviewed; and inconsistencies between the reported time of death and the condition of the body. C. Williams Given our recent understanding that elder abuse often interacts with the health care systems, increased screening and treatment should be instituted in the emergency departments and hospital settings. The EJA will also be responsible for issuing human participants protections guidelines to assist researchers and establishing elder abuse forensic centers. Don't use plagiarized sources. The EJA will also be responsible for sponsoring and supporting trainings, services, reporting, and the evaluation of elder justice programs in community and long-term care settings. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (2005), elder sexual abuse is “non-consensual sexual contact of any kind with an elderly person” (National Center on Elder Abuse, 2006, p. 1). © The Author 2013. Second, hands-on behaviors involve behaviors where the offender makes contact with the victim. D Gassoumis The EJA was passed as a part of the Affordable Healthcare Act and for the first time, the EJA unifies the federal systems to respond to elder abuse through training, services, and demonstration programs. E. O. R. S. They suggest that such behavior may be occurring with other forms of abuse. D. C. Child abuse is any abnormal behavior, which is directed towards a child and it usually takes many forms. Acierno The etiology of elder abuse by adult offspring. . Livingston National Institute of Justice. Folstein Further, findings from the National Crime Victimization Survey (BJS, 1994) show the following results: Homicides are also committed against the elderly, and it is believed that a high number of elder homicides are misdiagnosed as natural deaths each year. Mandatory reporting laws are those that state that certain professionals must report suspected cases of elder abuse to the authorities (which in most cases means social services). One set of warning signs demonstrates the possibility of physical abuse, while other sets of warning signs exist for sexual abuse, neglect, financial abuse, and so on. Despite major gaps in our current knowledge, available evidence suggests that elder abuse is associated with significant adverse health outcomes. M. W. Blasco-Ros M. A. M. Dong Still, protective services may be called to intervene in situations where self-neglect is believed to be occurring. Berkman (. L. Almost all U.S. states have mandatory reporting legislations that require health care professionals to report a reasonable suspicion of elder abuse cases. The following sample is written by Matthew who studies English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. X. (1992). In the United States, interest paralleled a series of political actions, media exposures, and research reports. The 2012 GSA Maxwell Pollack Award Lecture, The Gerontologist, Volume 54, Issue 2, April 2014, Pages 153–162, https://doi.org/10.1093/geront/gnt139. Waite Moreover, recent study suggests that self-neglector uses hospice services more frequently and that they have a shorter time between admission and death (Dong & Simon, in press). In these cases, health care professionals or neighbors are the likely reporters, and it is common that the abuser is unemployed and suffering from a drug problem. APS is charged with taking a report and investigating alleged elder abuse in the community. More specifically, the Elder Justice Coordinating Council will be required to issue reports to describe the activities, accomplishments, and challenges faced as well as to provide legislative recommendations to congressional committees. C. Moreover, it mandates the state agencies to establish a State Legal Assistance Developer and to provide grant funding to implement vulnerable elder rights protection activities for Native American groups and elder fatality and serious injury review teams. Part of the problem inhibiting the development of research in this area hinges on the lack of uniform definitions of elder about. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? An example of a good case is in the article “Facing Up to Elder Abuse,” which was in the New York Times. Kilpatrick However, if the individuals were of the age of consent and under the age determined to be elderly, such relations would not be considered as illegal. G. Phillips, L. R. (1983). Systematic reviews of literature suggest that there is a great gap in our knowledge about the evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies to assist the victims of elder abuse (Ploeg, Fear, Hutchison, MacMillan, & Bolan, 2009). Elder Abuse Research Paper. S. H. Williams Such a broad conceptualization includes harmful behaviors at the societal, institutional, and individual levels. Berbig APS data suggest that self-neglect is on the rise and is more common than all of the other forms of elder abuse combined. (1979). However, it does mean that abuse might have occurred, and health care professionals or other individuals should report their suspicions to social services. T For psychological well-being, it is critical to explore the impact of psychological decline on the risk for elder abuse, as well as the impact of elder abuse on psychological distress and trajectories. E. In addition, it requires ACL to provide grant funding to state agencies to develop and enhance programs to address elder abuse and to conduct community outreach and education, coordination of state and local services, training of relevant professionals and caregiver workforce, and promotion of state statutes to prevent elder abuse. Furthermore, I highlight major research gaps and future research directions for the field of elder abuse. X. B. W. Since that time, many have accepted that elder abuse is a problem that needs to be addressed by different disciplines and practitioners. In this case, the elderly woman is the victim of the case, she is very much affected by the situation to appoint where, and when she is telling the story, she burst into tears. A. Another way to define elder abuse is as social harm. D. A Acierno Subject: Child Abuse. Lack of protected time, lack of existing data, human participant issues, access to elder abuse victims, and lack of NIH-dedicated mechanisms are often cited as barriers. Some have noted that it is the result of abuse occurring over the life span. The APS worker must presume the client has decision-making capacity and must accept the client’s choices until the client is determined to lack capacity by a health care provider or the legal system. T. D Note, however, that no studies have supported this belief. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 3, 27–39. At the same time, only a small fraction of elder abuse is reported to the Adult Protective Services (APS). In 1992, the personal theft and household crime rates among the elderly were the lowest since the NCVS started collecting data in 1972. Retrieved from https://paperap.com/paper-on-child-abuse-and-elder-abuse/, Is Your Deadline Too Short? Through my experiences as a Congressional Policy Fellow/National Health and Aging Policy Fellow, I highlight key previsions on 2 major federal legislations dealing with the issues of elder abuse: Older Americans Act (OAA) and Elder Justice Act (EJA). Want to add some juice to your work? To be sure, each of these offenses could also target younger persons; however, older persons are overrepresented as victims. Dong According to the World Health Organization, the prevalence of elder abuse ranged widely from 1% to 35%, depending on the populations, settings, definitions, and research methods. Understanding cultural-specific issues on the definitions, perceptions, and factors associated with elder abuse will be critical to the future design of prevention and intervention strategies in the cultural-specific context. It was a form of physical abuse where the foster mother companion of the child, Mrs. Oliver, beat her child who later died in the hospital. Words: 1571, Paragraphs: 21, Pages: 6. Simon Criminologists are also now beginning to apply social disorganization theory to elder abuse. To better understand the phenomenon, it is imperative that criminologists work with social scientists and hard scientists from other disciplines. There has been the formation of wide range of interdisciplinary teams in the field of elder abuse despite a dearth of data regarding cost effectiveness is an indicator of the complexity of the problem. Powell, D. E. (1980). For physical function, studies are needed to quantify the causal mechanisms between self-reported physical function and directly observed physical performance testing and the risk for incident elder abuse. Rigorously designed intervention studies and measures of relevant outcomes to elder abuse are needed. Given the extent of the different types of elder abuse and variation in risk/protective factors and perpetrator characteristics, intervention and prevention studies should begin to focus within the specific dyads, which may be at particularly high risk for elder abuse. Generally speaking, elder abuse can be defined in several ways: In considering elder abuse as a violation of the criminal law, one can evaluate how elder abuse is criminally defined across the United States. A long-term care ombudsman agency investigates alleged incidents that occur in licensed facilities such as skilled nursing facilities. Pillemer, K., & Suitor, J. J. Simon The OAA includes a number of specific provisions (Titles II, III, IV, and VII) that have significant relevance to elder abuse. Third, a lack of concern about elder abuse has made it difficult to get police recruits, law enforcement officers, police executives, court officials, judges, prosecutors, probation and parole officers, and other criminal justice officials willing to participate in the training. CBPR necessitates equal partnership between academic institutions with community organizations and key stakeholders to examine the relevant issues.


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