firebase crashlytics not working ios
We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Release mode apps should work as expected since there is no widget inspector; also running the app from the terminal with flutter run should also work as expected since there is no widget inspector involved in that case. Test your Firebase Crashlytics implementation. Error caught by Crashlytics plugin : Widget inspector sets the FlutterError.onError handler away from what is set in main.dart. Future collaboration on this issue will be done here. Is there any way the firebase team could verify the proper processing of our production appliacation? Despite having the following message on my console: I/flutter ( 1257): Error reported to Crashlytics., my Crashlytics console does not show it. Can you help me. If you guys figure it out please post here. – Mahesh NFC May 13 at 8:07 @kroikie It worked when running with flutter run. Again, not all IDEs do this. Crashlytics in IOS is not sending information to Firebase console, [RESOLVED we think] Crashlytics 8.0.1 not collecting on iOS, For issues or feature requests related to, For general technical questions, post a question on, For general (non-iOS) Firebase discussion, use the, For backend issues, console issues, and other non-SDK help that does not fall under one, Once you've read this section and determined that your issue is appropriate for, Check Firebase console for the associated crash. Any idea when we'll be getting a fix for this? @ALL I have been able to reproduce this. As mentioned above, this can also be an IDE issue, so beware of that. I'll try to replicate this on my end and I'll let you know with my findings. @ggirotto @Levi-Lesches as @Levi-Lesches said it is more of an IDE issue. @ski081 did you uploaded dSYM files too? After upgrading to the new Firebase Crashlytics SDK, we are not receiving crash reports for either debug or release builds. @ski081 Try to launch your app without Xcode directly from the device. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. The flutter console printed "Error caught by Crashlytics plugin" and "Error reported to Crashlytics" but in firebase console I can't see the errors. So once the widget inspector is running the Crashlytics plugin will never handler errors. Can you confirm if you are receiving [Crashlytics:Crash] report submission successful in your logs? For me I used a splash screen while things were loading and all the errors would go to that Zone, so using runZoned for the main app didn't help. It is being replaced with an uploader script. Is anyone working on this issue, or knows a workaround for it? I am able to see my debug logs on the dashboard, however none of my production ones are appearing. All dSyms were uploaded, both manually and by hand just in case, still no change for over 48h. We followed the instructions, published our app to TestFlight / Google Play internal track, made the apps crash a few times, and no errors are showing up in Firebase Console 24h later. Force a crash to test your implementation. The crash happens, but unless I submit its via code (from he snippet above), I am not seeing crashes appear on the console. Not entirely sure what effect this has, but you might want to try it on a physical device in release mode.


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