funny fill in the blank questions to ask
Pro tip: remember the song and play it next time you’re hanging out. One of the best ways to break the ice is to bring a little humor to the table from the jump. 15.Think of someone who you suspect or you know doesn't like you. 60. Who would you get to play as you in the movie of your life? A few funny questions can be the difference between a long, boring, or awkward night and a great, lengthy, and fruitful conversation. If you had to marry one Star Wars character, which one would you choose? General Meow’s Chicken the-scaredy cat? Surely there’s some sort of treasure out there you’d like to procure. 21. If you could do anything in the world as a career, what would it be? Why? Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player on a great team? 45 Best Marvel Trivia Questions And Answers – This is the list you need. 83. What’s in your dream pool? He loves coming up with questions, jokes, and topics designed to create natural conversation. What are some of the nicknames you have for customers or coworkers? This question gives the other person the chance to brag a little or share some in-depth information. You know those moments. What song do you want to be played on your funeral? If you could have a conversation with any one of our world leaders, who would it be and why? If you’re not familiar with the song, just sing those words as you feel fit. People love sharing their experiences and asking questions makes it easy for them to come forth and share what they think. Getting to know someone means understanding and accepting their flaws too. What conspiracy theories do you believe in? Sometimes kids act like drunk people, only cuter. That makes sense, right? 22. Would you rather be a hobbit or an elf for a day? That’s why we’ve created this handy list of lighthearted get to know you questions. She probably has a phone filled with them. Do you ever count your steps when you walk? What constitutes a sandwich? Asking ice breaker questions can make that boring meeting better by loosening everybody up and getting them into the right mindset. Culture BY Quinn June 13, 2018. Learn about family and personal relationships with one question. Would you rather be able to play every musical instrument or speak every language fluently? Here’s one for you: would you rather get to know someone else or just have a boring conversation and never talk again? If you were invisible for ten minutes starting right now, what would you do? What crime do you think you’d be arrested for? Why? Nobody can tell you exactly how to get to know someone. What’s the snack she only eats with the door locked? What kind of cult would you like to start? This question can lead to self-reflection, but in a fun and tongue-in-cheek kind of way. Would you rather eat a stick of butter or snort a tablespoon of salt? If you had to give up one thing that you do every day, what would it be? 63. Which would you pick: being world-class attractive, a genius or famous for doing something great? And whether she’s a big-time crush or just a new friend, thinking of the right questions to ask a girl can be challenging… especially if you’re looking for questions to get to know her. The position doesn’t need to exist currently. 132. Would you rather own a dragon or be a dragon? Would you rather shoot spaghetti out of your fingers or sneeze meatballs? Copyright © Boureston Media Inc // All Rights Reserved | Contact Us | Work with Us | Disclosures: Privacy | Disclaimer | Cookies | FTC | Do Not Sell My Personal Information. 92. Who do you want to be as your celebrity opponent in a deathmatch? 61 Best Romantic Things To Say – Make her feel extra special. Try not to spin this one into a compliment if you’re not the smoothest talker — you might end up indirectly saying she looks weird, and that’s a great way to kill the mood. 38. They can also be used at team event days, or the start of a social hour. Pepper them into your conversations when you feel like spicing things up. Would you use your power for good or evil? What personal trait has gotten you in the most trouble? If you could have dinner with any three people from history, who would they be? Would you rather wear shoes every single second for the rest of your life or never be allowed to wear shoes ever again? What do you think is the worst way to die? You can really go in-depth with actors, plots, twists, and settings with this one. Do you sleep with your eyes open or closed? Now, what would be the absolute worst brand name for one of those products? Find out what word makes her shudder, and strike it from your vocabulary. Here is a downloadable and printable list of funny get to know you questions  (right click the image and select Save Image As…): By now, you should be a rock-solid funny question-asking machine. 48. If you could use a time machine to go back into your past and fix one thing, what would it be and how would it change your future? 66. If a strand of spaghetti accidentally went out of your nose, would you sniff it back or pull it out with your fingers? These funny dares help you to connect with people and create memories in a way that typical small talk just can’t touch. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received? On a scale of 1-10, how strict are/were your parents? When you shower, what’s the first thing you wash? If you were transported 400 years into the past with no clothes or anything else, how would you prove that you were from the future?


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