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In California, only the pre-1975 vehicles are classic/antique, so it would still be subject to smog testing. I’ll be honest, I prefer my black and gold on Capri II’s or John Player Specials, but this truck has really caught my eye. Most of those additional extras are present here. Filming began in May 1942. Just 300 were made, 33 of which went to Canada. "Warner Bros film grosses, 1921–51. Holy crap – that’s right down the street from me! 2004 GMC … The Gentleman Jim was the truck of choice for those who didn’t really dig silver, but wanted gold instead – with black being the second color. Woodgrain abounds in the interior, so passengers are aware this isn’t your average farmer’s conveyance. We can see it isn’t extremely significant, but with inflation and cost of living, it was a decent price increase in the late 70’s, especially with ridiculously high interest rates back in those days. Let me know if it caught yours, too! From 1971 through 1977, these car-trucks got the name “Sprint,” but from ’78 through ’87 they were called “Caballero” instead. The supporting cast includes Alexis Smith, Jack Carson, Alan Hale, William Frawley, and Ward Bond.The movie was based upon Corbett's 1894 autobiography, The Roar of the Crowd, and directed by Raoul Walsh.The role was one of Flynn's favorites. '"[18], This was the third Errol Flynn movie to gross at least $2 million for Warner Bros. in 1942, according to Variety. After winning several matches, Corbett finally gets the opportunity to take on the great man. As for the pouches, I have been in almost every truck made since the 70’s, and they all have some sort of “pouch” on the door, it is just that now they are molded into the door panel since it is a lot easier and you don’t have to worry about the elastic wearing out and hanging off the door. [8], Filming was to start in January 1942, after which Flynn was to make The Sea Devil, a remake of The Sea Beast (Warner's version of Moby Dick). I do however wish that door panel pouches would return to vehicles. Don't post your car for sale in the comments. I sell my junk to pay for more car parts and food for the family. The movie was based upon Corbett's 1894 autobiography, The Roar of the Crowd, and directed by Raoul Walsh. Gentleman Jim is een Amerikaanse dramafilm uit 1942 onder regie van Raoul Walsh. No one was home to answer our questions about the Gentleman Jim in the yard, but we assume that the owner knows they have a rare classic. I wouldn’t mine having one. I was in grade school for most of the 70s, and started high school in 77. Roughly 25% of new pickups are actually purchased as working trucks. Especially since there were only 1,000 made in this trim. However, unlike probably 99% of those on this board, not for this vehicle. Here’s the factory brochure, courtesy of this site that names it as one of the top 10 factory special edition pickups of all time. This body style was essentially unchanged from 1973-1987. In the ’70s, it was the rare gentleman who drove a pickup. Although even in today’s standards, 50% is a large amount. 1) You most likely would not buy it to keep it in the garage in the winter. This way they didn’t have to tell you that the engine would explode at 5002 RPMs. The trucks arguably reached the height of their extravagance in 1980 with the “Indy Hauler” that, like the Firebird pace car that year, featured a “screaming chicken” decal on the hood. The company’s gone to some weird corners in its 107-year history, which we’ve catalogued below. Would not be used as a true truck. It is a ‘poseur’. I’d like to own that truck, because then I would be in possession a “one of”..I wouldn’t think of using it as a daily driver. This one sold not long ago at Streetside Classics, the dealership with comprehensive photography. Back in the 70s the gov managed to force the car makers to finally stop killing their customers and the planet. He did. [15] There was some doubt the film would even be made if Flynn enlisted in the army but they rejected his application on the grounds of ill-health. Compare that to a modern GMC 2wd V-8 truck at 28,395 and a Denali starting at $53,780 with similar upgrades and accessories as the Gentleman Jim. They used the chromed trim to outline the second-color area. A Blazer/Jimmy variant of this Gentleman Jim would be sublime. That would make sense. [10] Phil Silvers was announced in the support cast.[11]. I can guarantee that there were plenty of C/K trucks riding around this area that were just as nice as this truck was. This looks like a good buy. As far as I know, those are not aftermarket, or at least the aftermarket ones looked like the OEM ones.


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