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Listen to the life of this city. 8–9. An M. C. Escher print from his collection can be seen on the floor to the right. One day I was in a taxi with Graham Nash. And we're still laughing about it. It was there that he co-founded the Hollies in 1962 with childhood friend Allan Clarke. When I asked him to single out a few favorites, in addition to Arbus he named P. H. Emerson and John Herschel from the nineteenth century and Lewis Hine, Weegee, W. Eugene Smith, and Robert Frank from the twentieth. And after nine weeks, that's not too bad! "No. Graham Nash wuchs in Manchester auf. The Fool designed posters, album covers, and clothing for Cream, the Move, Procol Harum, the Incredible String Band, and the Beatles. To me it’s all just energy. He allowed that one of his erstwhile fantasies in life has been to purchase just such a storage building and then open every single room to examine the contents, thereby coming to know each person through their possessions. And it's never been this weird, has it? Both made purchases and both became regular clients. I mean, how many do the Kinks have? The occasion marked Nash's second entrance into the Hall, having already been inducted with CSN back in 1998. Story produced by Gabriel Falcon and Jay Kernis. after nearly four decades and three adult children together, his new marriage with writer/actress, , and the crumbling of his partnership with, Nash recently revealed to the Dutch magazine, Crosby is virtually non-existent at this point and that CSNY, , Nash was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jack Kerouac once said it is the duty and oath of a writer to observe and not be observed, and this attitude lies at the heart of Nash’s life as a musician and artist. “Great art never stops working, but when it has satisfied you, it’s time to pass it along to another person.” Nash is unsentimental about parting with artworks once they have satisfied his curiosity. (Rebay is an overlooked abstract painter and the person responsible for commissioning Frank Lloyd Wright to design New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. just that simple). "I love to communicate. "I like to stay in my apartment. He is a contributing editor at the Brooklyn Rail, and is currently editing the Collected Poems of Rene Ricard, to be published in 2020. Whether he is discussing his own photography or his collecting, Nash always refers to it as “the hunt,” and as long as I have known him, he has been hunting images, voraciously. “Contemporary art: it’s an endlessly weird thing and it’s not for everybody, but it’s terribly important to allow your mind to escape to places where that kind of vision exists,” Nash muses. I repeated to him a remark Mrs. Vincent Astor once made—that she never regretted anything she ever bought, she only regretted things she didn’t buy. “There’s such hatred in his twisted face. Graham Nash told us prior to their 2010 Rock Hall induction, that if any English rock group deserved Hall of Fame status -- it's gotta be the Hollies: ["I'm old enough now to realize and look at my history so far. . I definitely was concerned about my audience and my crew and myself, you know? Story, tableau, light, local color—all are memorably presented. Everything he owns reflects a perfect eye.” Nash ponders the question further. In an exclusive interview, we pushed Nash on what, if any, future CSNY might have as a working unit: ["In my world, there will never, ever be a CSNY record, and there will never, ever be another CSN record or show. Photo: Joel Bernstein, Nash’s collecting did not begin in earnest until after he moved to America and met extraordinary success with Crosby, Stills & Nash. You put yourself in the right mood and the spirit of discovery just happens.” Being on tour became a convenient way for Nash to explore galleries and rare-book shops in locations he might not otherwise visit. Mason asked, "Are you having a hard time with any part of this?" It was just a nice day in the park.”, In truth, Nash was no stranger to photography. I think all works of art are like that. Nash remarried last year, to artist Amy Grantham. Artwork © Robert Crumb, 1968. The police arrived at the house, and rather than reveal the name of his friend—an unforgivable move in the poor working-class city where they lived—his father instead accepted a one-year jail sentence in Manchester’s Strangeways prison, an event Nash memorialized in his 1974 “Prison Song.” “My father was an ordinary, God-fearing, good, hard-working man, and he couldn’t understand why the judicial system was not fair in this particular case. "Given what's going on here right now, do you wish you were back in Hawaii any days? How is this possible, I kept asking myself? At the Palazzo Grassi, Venice, a career-spanning exhibition of paintings by Albert Oehlen, entitled Cows by the Water, went on view in the spring of 2018. ", "No. Eric Burdon and I were friends because we both came from the north of England. Why does he sell, I asked? He's been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame both with both CSN and The Hollies. Born in Blackpool, England, Nash co-founded The Hollies in the early sixties, one of the bands that led the British invasion. That's almost another year away.". But not until.” Now seventy-eight, Nash is feeling the need to let go of some of the objects he owns. Raymond Foye is a writer, editor, publisher, and curator who lives in New York’s Chelsea Hotel. Photo: Graham Nash. But the art-historical awareness Nash had gleaned from his earlier purchases lent a new perspective, and he purchased R. Crumb’s drawing for the cover of the first issue of Zap Comix for the healthy price of $5,000—a bold move, and one that paid off well in 2017, when it sold at Heritage Auctions of Dallas for $525,800, part of a $1.1 million sale of Nash’s comic art. Look at the music we probably lost? In 2016, Nash received raves for his latest solo set. In 2013, Nash published his long-awaited autobiography, called, Wild Takes: A Rock & Roll Life, and hit the road for a brief solo tour. For years when he lived in Encino, his favorite pastime was the enormous flea market in the Pasadena Rose Bowl, which often houses five thousand dealers. Kindheit und Jugend. He was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, and grew up in Manchester, England. We're having a good time. Although CSN's music and career choices have been analyzed and second-guessed by fans and journalists alike, Nash says he's been fortunate to have never taken himself that seriously: ["You just can't spend too much time thinking in those terms, y'know, about how significant you are. His father, Bill, was an avid amateur photographer. He was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, and grew up in Manchester, England. Nash heads back on the road on March 4th hitting York, Pennsylvania's Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center. I think in the end I acquired about twenty.”. “I had a poor upbringing in Manchester, England, following the war,” Nash told me. Around the same time, Nash had dinner with Paul McCartney in his home in St Johns Wood, and it was there he saw his first painting by René Magritte, The Listening Room (1952), depicting a large green apple in a room—the inspiration for the Apple records logo. I believe his is one of the few artistic careers that will resurface century after century and mean the same thing, because he’s tied into geometry and the logic of thought.” Nash concurs about Escher’s standing: “I think he’s been terribly underestimated, and unfortunately it may have been some of us hippies who were responsible for that, making all those black-light posters of his work.” For years Nash sought and eventually acquired Escher’s masterpiece Metamorphosis III (1968), the artist’s largest work (7 1/2 inches by 22 feet) printed (in an edition of six) from thirty-three woodblocks and hand colored. Their blend of psychedelia was a continuation of the florid graphics and paisley styles of Fortuny and Liberty of London, turn-of-the-century design houses that were likewise influenced by the colors and patterns of India and the Near East. Y'know, I let people play their hand right in front of me and I let the do it and then I make a decision. A biography in objects might be a good way to describe this essay. Photo: Menil Collection, Houston/Art Resource, New York. Biographer Jed Perl and Alexander “Sandy” S. C. Rower, president of the Calder Foundation, discuss the genesis of the book, the nature of genius, and preview what’s to come in the second volume with the Quarterly’s Wyatt Allgeier. Eric stopped by with a book under his arm, a monograph on the work of M. C. Escher. Raymond Foye offers a window into his long-standing friendship with Graham Nash, guiding us through the legendary musician’s evolving interest in art and the visual world. One guitar that Nash parted with in 1970 recently made $420,000 at Bonham’s: a 1955 Fender Stratocaster he purchased in a Phoenix pawn shop for $300 and gave to Jerry Garcia as a thank you for playing the pedal steel part on “Teach Your Children.” “There was no budget for studio musicians and he played such a memorable part I had to give him something.” Known as the “Alligator” because of a sticker placed on the front by the previous owner, it was Garcia’s touring guitar from 1971 to ’73 and was played on Workingman’s Dead (1970), American Beauty (1970), and Europe ’72. Flea markets and thrift shops are a favorite pastime, and today he often spends his spare hours searching the Internet for artists, or just pursuing a random encounter with a compelling object. Watch CBS News anytime, anywhere with the our 24/7 digital news network. You could be Mick Jagger and nobody would know.”, Who are the collectors he currently admires? You see the most incredible conceptions outside of what we normally think of as ‘art.’ There’s no theory. I will never forget the moment when I first saw him make a print.”2, The relationship between photography and social justice has always been appealing to Nash, but there is a more personal underlying connection. The first authorized biography of Alexander Calder was published this past fall. “I liked it because when I went there I was invisible,” Nash said with a twinkle. . . “I’m the boy in that photograph.” And indeed he was. In der Schule traf er im Alter von fünf Jahren Allan Clarke, der schnell sein bester Freund wurde.Sie sangen zusammen im Schulchor und gründeten in den 1950er Jahren ein Skiffle-Duo namens Two Teens, das sich später in The Levins und dann in The Guytones umbenannte.Zu dieser Zeit hatten sich beide Guyatone-Gitarren besorgt. . You who are on the road Must have a code that you can live by And so become yourself Because the past is just a good-bye.


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