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Con: Requires a strong cinch before cutting the tags so that it fully locks into place. Hey Luke thanks for testing these knots accurately this page is great. I currently use FG knot ALWAYS! Could you test the Shins knot ? I have tested a lot of FG knots and braid to swivel knots with 10 lb PowerPro, and it seems as if the FG knots are typically slightly stronger than the best braid knot I’ve found so far (Modified Braid Uni knot). The Alberto tests well topped off with a 5 turn Rizzuto. I only tie a fig 8 on a fluoro leader side because it is slightly slimmer than the uni. Splicing avoids this. Is that any different than the snell knot? How To Get A Hooked Fish Out Of Structure Without Breaking Off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Top Lure For Spooky Snook & Redfish In Skinny Water, 2 Ways To Set The Drag On Your Spinning Reel (With & Without A Scale), The GPS Coordinates For Every Artificial Reef In Virginia, Pro: This is an extremely strong knot when tied correctly, Con: Requires tools to tie and takes a long time (extremely tough to do while on the water).

So step #1 in using the strongest possible knots for your fishing needs is to understand that there is no such thing as a “100% knot”…. It appears to be used to tie a leader to your terminal tackle. Ultimate Guide to Knots.

Luke – A suggestion – Have a separate section on Site called KNOTS- put your favorite knots (By now we all know what they are) in Alpha order . ya, but why do you recommend that? worth every cent!!! Thanks. Always appreciate SALT STONG’s commitment to teaching & sharing to help us improve this great lifetime sport of fishing!!!!!!!!!!

Note: Only use this knot if tying a braided line to a stronger mono/fluoro leader. I never tested it. Hi Luke, Interesting thread. I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying the FG knot too.

Click the picture below to buy your braided fishing line online! I recommend giving it a try and then testing it against the one you use to see which one is stronger:, I see you recommend the FG when leader is stronger than the mainline, but what do you recommend when the main line is stronger than the leader? - and I still fail to see the point of spending all this money on modern braid mainlines and then using older style knots that can’t get the maximum strength out of these incredible lines. By the way, as a retired scientist I love your approach!

The IGFA version of the GT knot uses a double line from a Bimini knot.

How much knot strength do you think I lose if I use the FG to attach a lighter test leader to a heavier rated or equal rated braid? I totally agree that the tension application speed can make a difference, so I make an effort to keep it as consistent as possible. Luke: Have you ever tested the Tactical Angler Power Clips vs. the non-slip loop knot? I have tried the PR Bobbin knot also and it does not test well with the 80lb braid mainline to 50lb mono top shot arrangement we use–not on the scale nor on the water under real life circumstances.

Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Save 30% And Put An End To Your Monthly Charges. Hi guys…I need advice. You Rock! Do you want to know something that might shock you about fishing knots? It will make it easier when we want to brush up on knot tying. Again, the engineers in the group may be able to help with this. The reason the FG knot shouldn’t be used with a braid that has the same diameter of the leader is because its strength is dependant on the braid coils being able to dig small grooves into the outer layer of the mono… and as the braid’s diameter gets closer to the diameter of the mono, it has a tougher time forming grooves that are deep enough to hold it into place. For example, the Palomar was mostly losing against the normal uni knot.

Please keep most posted once you’ve had some time to test it out.

Seems like the Uni knot is the most popular knot for line that thick. All knots just take a bit of practice to get used to. If getting by is the goal, then those knots can be a fit.

Have you guys tested the Seaguar knot for tying leader to braid? This video claims that IGFA tested many knots and this simple GT knot came out the strongest ! Unfortunately, the way the gentleman ties the GT knot in the video does not appear to be the same as the way it was tied in the IGFA testing he references for the strongest knot tested. Thanks for the kind words Ben! I understand with this set up the strength of my line lies solely within the flourocarbon leader. I have used the FG knot for long enough now to find it incredibly easy to tie, and that includes in a decent bit of vile weather and/or at night and so on. Now you’ll be ready for when the next big one is on the line. However, Gman called it different???? Yup I know a splice is not actually a knot and you won’t splice anything easily on a beach/ boat, but it is easy enough to do before a fishing trip and sure beats casting a knot through your guides. It was created by Joe Miller, Hi have you tired the knotless knot I use it a lot and it has never failed on me. So if you ever see the curly end after a break-off, do not tie the same knot the same way because it’ll likely happen again. That almost looks like an Alberto knot, which if it is not, you should test that knot. It seems that those are the most common knots tied by Southern California saltwater fishermen. Welcome Ambassador!

So if I even didn’t use that scenario of a line assembly, I would not use the FG knot and would instead use a 6 turn surgeons knot, double uni, or crazy alberto.

Thanks for the helpful suggestion Richard! Reply to Brian Cadena . Want to see the best way to rig live shrimp under a popping cork?

Note: The * symbols next to the knots listed above are the ones that I personally use for each of the respective connections. I fish braid to mono.


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