hetherington border reivers
They tied his hands behind his back. The family came from the Brampton Region of Cumberland about 10 miles east of Carlisle. Such tales as this were typical of the Border Country many centuries ago, though it is not always easy to separate the fact from the fiction, since these stories were often constructed by people who had never even visited the borderlands. In those days, this Border displayed all of the characteristics of a frontier, lacking law and order. This was a period of great violence and hardship, but amongst their family and friends, great honour existed. Whae should it be but fause Sakelde? There’s never a man in Cumberland, Indeed in 1701 a horse thief confessed that: “The county keeper of Tynedale provided that they did not plunder The URL below will give you some idea of the families already included in our study:http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gallgaedhil/dna_by_surname.htmhttp://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gallgaedhil/dna_by_surname.htm The group rate for joining the Border Reiver DNA Project is 99 USD (or 63 GBP) for a 12 marker Y chromosome test, or 169 USD (or 107 GBP) for a 25 marker test.The 12 marker test easily suffices to determine your "deep ancestry", and provides enough data to suggest a shared paternal ancestry within the last 14 or 15 generations.The 25 marker test, more favored by DNA genealogists, can identify a shared paternal ancestry within the last 7 generations. When we came beneath the castle wa’. He was a skilled horseman and fine guerrilla soldier, practised in the fine arts of arson, kidnapping and extortion. [12] Upon his accession to the English throne, James VI of Scotland (who became James I of England) moved hard against the reivers, abolishing border law and the very term "Borders" in favour of "Middle Shires", and dealing out stern justice to reivers. Both sides of the border were divided into Marches, each under a march warden. The Milburns were perhaps the least known of the four but played their part in many a border raid often siding with the Charltons and Dodds on their regular forays into Scotland. It was only following the Union between England and Scotland in 1603 that a concerted effort was made by James I (VI of Scotland) to rid the Border of Reivers. On the Scottish side was one William Armstrong of Kinmont or ‘Kinmont Willie’ – perhaps the most notorious of all the Border Reivers. It was the enforcement of paying in goods of a higher value that came to be known as ‘black mail’ (black rent). Their activities, although usually within a day's ride of the border, extended both north and south of their main haunts. 2 c. 57),[25] which continued previous acts until 1 September 1757 "and from thence to the end of the then next session of parliament". Scrope was so angered by the audacity of the rescue that he vented his anger by burning the towns of Annan and Dumfries to the ground, capturing two hundred prisoners whom he marched home ‘naked, chained together on leashes’. Charlton, Milburn and Robson are famous footballing names of the 20th Century and it is worth noting that football was a very popular sport among the reivers in early times. for the blades of Harden". The tale of his escape recorded forever in the Ballad of Kinmont Willie: O hae ye no heard o’ the fause Sakelde? Border Reiver DNA Project Is Actively Seeking Hetherington Participants By James V. Elliott May 13, 2004 at 09:15:16. They led him through the Liddel-rack, When I laid the clay on his yellow hair They left a note to the effect that; ‘The neist time gentlemen cam to tak their schepe They are no te’ be scabbit! And browt the kin that very night, 2 c. 2),[18] 1685 (1 Jas. Over time the term blackmail developed into a term for different kinds of bribery. Under section two of the act, the benefit of clergy was taken away from those convicted (generally meaning a death sentence), or otherwise, the notorious thieves and spoil-takers in Northumberland or Cumberland were to be transported to America, "there to remaine and not to returne".[16][17]. Reivers sometimes served in English or Scottish armies in the Low Countries and in Ireland, often to avoid having harsher penalties enacted upon themselves and their families. The family came from the Brampton Region of Cumberland about 10 miles east of Carlisle. Raids were planned like military operations and could involve gangs of armed men and last for days. Cattle rustling, feuding, murder, arson and pillaging were all common occurrences. In Victorian times, people were enthralled by the novels of Sir Walter Scott, who portrayed a man called Rob Roy in one of his stories… a dashing and chivalrous outlaw. Final score: Tynedale 3 Redesdale 2. some interaction with the Border Reivers either as observers, victims, tenants, neighbors or collaborators (e.g., Jackson, Crawford, Orr, Taggert, Langley, Allison and Hetherington) - and to noble families who. The first of men that we met wi’, They were armed with light lances and small shields, and sometimes also with longbows, or light crossbows, known as "latches", or later on in their history with one or more pistols. In 1587 the Parliament of Scotland passed a statute: "For the quieting and keping in obiedince of the disorderit subjectis inhabitantis of the borders hielands and Ilis. Feuds also provided ready excuse for particularly murderous raids or pursuits. The URL below will give you some idea of the extent of our ongoing study:http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gallgaedhil/dna_by_haplogroup.htmhttp://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gallgaedhil/dna_by_haplogroup.htm 2) The Border Reivers rode during a period of extreme chaos in the history of the Anglo-Scottish Border.Many young mothers were widowed, and many children were orphaned.The social customs of the Reivers, affected by a need for self-reliance and the shifting circumstances of the era, favored trial marriages, and allowed even married women to keep their surnames.The larger Border Reiver clans themselves were like tribes or paramilitary organizations as much as families, and many born with different surnames joined these clans for protection, eventually assuming the clan surname as their own. James decreed that the Borders should be renamed ‘the Middle Shires’ and in 1605 he established a commission to bring law and order to the region. Reive, a noun meaning raid, comes from the Middle English (Scots) reifen. It is said that the wife of one famous Border Reiver demonstrated that her larder was empty by serving her husband his spurs on a plate instead of his dinner. In an Act of the Scottish Parliament of 1587 there is the description of the "Chiftanis and chieffis of all clannis ... duelland in the hielands or bordouris" – thus using the words 'clan' and 'chief' to describe both Highland and Lowland families. The raiders also often removed easily portable household goods or valuables, and took prisoners for ransom. And covered him with grass sae green. When England and Scotland were at war, it could become very much a Border affair with Reivers providing large numbers of cavalry. The Reiver came from every social class from labourer to peer of the realm. Border reivers were sometimes in demand as mercenary soldiers, owing to their recognized skills as light cavalry. How do I love beer? There also exists a Northumbrian and Scots verb reifen. [11] When Elizabeth died, there was an especially violent outbreak of raiding known as "Ill Week", resulting from the convenient belief that the laws of a kingdom were suspended between the death of a sovereign and the proclamation of the successor. For reivers it was an opportunity to meet (lawfully) with relatives or friends normally separated by the border. It concerns the border between the two sovereign countries of England and Scotland. And forgotten that the bauld Buccleuch Yet many reivers were also gifted balladeers and passionate footballers too. Scottish author Nigel Tranter revisited these themes in his historical and contemporary novels.


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