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You will taste the Holland difference. Close the valve, add water to the drip pan and the grill becomes a steamer. Cooking surface has two cast-iron burners that deliver 14,000 BTU of heat, but the stainless steel is the good retainer of heat, so the food will be cooked at the same temperature like on the previous models. … As we work to resurrect the company, we’re happy to offer you a limited selection of parts and accessories. Also, you can find what are the main benefits that the brand offers and why you should pick that brand among the others on the market. But, if you are more interested in stainless steel gas grills or maybe infrared gas grills, read my post about best gas grills right here. FREE … We at HG Distributing, a distributor of Holland grills and parts for over 25 years, have sent Holland-compatible cast-iron Burners to stores/dealers. Every burner has the rotary spark igniter for easy lighting. It weighs 210 pounds, so it’s not so lightweight in comparison to another model. No temperature settings to guess. The tank for propane gas is located beneath the grilling surface, and there is the front aluminum panel that hides it. Holland drip pan. • Holland Carolina Seasoning Mix is now Zesty Carolina Grill Seasoning; 13 oz, • Holland Chicken & Chip Rub is now Southern Style Barbeque Grill Seasoning; 11 oz. Also, the heavy-duty wheels are included on every model it produces. Brian Owner / C.G.O. The bottom shell of the portable gas grill is made from aluminum. We ship grill parts worldwide via your choice of carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx). … Just update the quantity in your cart and you will see your savings. This model is 48″ wide, 49″ high and 26″ deep. • Holland Mediterranean Greek Pepper is now Mediterranean Greek Grill Seasoning; 13 oz. The bottom shell is made from powder-coated aluminum. We're thrilled to offer replacement parts to keep these grills burning for many years to come. mhp replacement parts designed to fit many holland grills mhpgrillparts 2020-10-20t21:39:43+00:00 It’s important to keep all the working parts of your grill in good condition. Best Customer Service! Part shown fits all regular, full size Holland gas grills EXCEPT the Pinnacle, Premier, LS, and Series 2 grills. We carry a variety of quality aftermarket replacement parts designed to fit most Holland Grills. If the main parts get broken, you should replace them immediately. Shop Holland PartsSelect from 32 models The same Holland-compatible cast-iron burners are available from other distributors – be sure to compare prices from our dealers! You grill it all without the hassles of an ordinary grill. This is very user-friendly because you can control precisely the cooking temperature. Simply preheat the grill and put your food on. It’s that easy. Above the burners is the cooking grid made from stainless steel. Chief Grilling Officer The Holland Grill Company. Replacement handle kit for current models. Additionally, it has the built-in thermometer. Part shown fits all regular, full size Holland gas grills. Holland BBQ and Gas Grill Parts It couldn't be easier. Holland-compatible cast-iron burners are now available! Part shown fits all regular, full size Holland gas grills, and includes screen and mounting bolts. Unlike those little shelf warming racks that are built in to most ordinary grills, the half grid is there when you need it and not in your way when you don’t. Sometimes they add a few letters to indicate the color, such as BLK for black, or BL for blue. Fits all regular, full size Holland gas grills. For approximately 21 hours of grilling, you’ll need about 20lb tank. 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Holland Model: BH421SS3 65 parts … There is the Woodchip smoking tray that adds the smoky flavor to the food. Red on/off gas knob. Our team at Holland Grill look forward to re-introducing you to the great Holland grilling experience. You can learn about the Holland gas grill prices, design, number of burners, BTU rating, materials, etc. See below to find heat deflector plates, cooking grates and more. The lid has the built-in thermometer so you can know the temperature of the meals or cooking surface. Replacement burner for all Companion gas grills. It’s great for baked potatoes, eggs, breads and pies. Some models have the base made from stainless steel while others have the whole construction in the steel. The steel base has the two locking heavy-duty casters for easy moving. Beneath the surface is the drip tray that makes the cleaning of grill even easier. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); GasPropaneGrill.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to GasPropaneGrill.com. 12 Foot extension from your natural gas supply. PF1-600 INSTALLATION to retro fit new drip pan into older grill models Propane cylinder is beneath the cooking surface, but it’s not hidden with the front panel like the previous model which can be less attractive. When buying new replacement parts such as burners, igniter and the frame, try to find the ones that are specifically made for the brand. The only gas grill guaranteed never to flare up. Just close the lid and cook by time. Some have wheels, while others have casters that can move in all directions and can be easily locked on both sides so you can be sure the portable gas grill won’t move. Shop Holland Parts Select From 32 Models--We only sell genuine quality parts -- The burners are powered with the deluxe control knob and rotary spark igniter. Mounts above the burner and below the cooking surface. It’s ideal for cooking baked potatoes, apple pies, breads, etc while the cooking grid is full of steaks or burgers. The control knob is used for channeling gas to the burners. GrillPartsSearch.com The grid and two burners are covered with a lifetime warranty, while the ignition system has a 1-year limited warranty. Or whether the grillhead is mounted on a post, cart or patio pedestal. Instructions PDF link below. This will allow you to simply relax. Includes two wheels. Replacement Handle Kit fits the Tradition, Tradition LS, Legacy, Legacy LS models. As we work to resurrect the company, we’re happy to offer you a limited selection of parts and accessories. Sometimes they add a few letters to indicate the color, such as BLK for black, or BL for blue. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. 96 talking about this. Additionally, GasPropaneGrill.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. The burner and grid are also covered with a lifetime warranty, while other parts have a 1-year limited warranty. Try them all–you’ll love the taste and smells. So if you're lookin' you're not cookin'. This portable gas grill has the simplest one-temperature setting. It’s half the cooking surface of your grill and it’s not just a warming rack–you can actually cook on it!


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