how to introduce yourself in a blog examples
Personalize your greeting (to speak directly to your target audience) and make sure it’s written in a friendly tone. I'm from Colombia. My name's Ashen.I'm 16 years old.I'm from Sri Lanka. I have got a pet cat called Musya. I like playing football and surfing. Hi everyone When I start a blog post, I choose 1 thing I’m going to say to my readers. Sort of. I love football and listening music. I'm from Iran . I'm 15 years old. Do you use any social networking sites or keep a blog? Nice to meet you all. You may have read some of the examples above, nodded your head, and thought, “yeah, I’ll do that.” But simply reading those examples just isn’t enough to introduce yourself and mean it. I'm from Mexico. Here are the best ones for improving your vocabulary, grammar, and speaking skills. Is being vegan more environmentally friendly. You are here. Then, take a couple minutes and practice saying it out loud. It’s probably your relationship with money. I'm Colombian. Hello, My name is lama. Answer a few key questions and you’ll get instant access to a customized path to step into more abundance and ease. Resonate with the audience. I like play soccer and reading. :) Matt Lemanski Speaking of English. Let me introduce you to introductions. I’m a former high school teacher turned entrepreneur who loves few things more than a good hug, hopping on a flight to anywhere, and teaching people like you how to live an abundant and limitless life. Click the button below to get it right now. This time, friend? Meanwhile, you’re met with blank stares or, possibly worse, “oh, cool.” Yikes. Nice to meet you all. nice to meet you all. Hi everyone , I'm Roshanak . I'm studying physiotherapy in MBU. Do it so much that it becomes natural. And then boom. In addition, make sure your elevator speech uses vocabulary that the average person is familiar with. In my life I had some up and downs but it’s going rather good now, this summer I had the most admiring vacation ever I spent most time in the kitchen prepping delicious,mouth watering food. The dreaded question…. This is a tricky balance, but believe it or not you can write about yourself while you are writing for the reader. Usually, what they are waiting for is five to six sentences for other people in the room to acquire facts about you so that they have an idea about who you are and your personality. I'm in class 1IV1. How to Write a Blog (About Yourself) That a LOT of People Will Actually Read . I'm new schhol. And that your blog is a friendly place to visit. You’re chummin’ it up as you both introduce yourselves. Hi everyone, my name's Juan Diego, I've 17 years old, I'm colombian like my parents, I study Software Ingineering in the UMB, I like to work-out and play video games, I'm good at both, I've a dog, it's name is Maya. Now I live in Fuerteventura. I don't know. I am 17 years old and study in a university. We only use recycled products in our designs.”. Hi Everybody, I'm Amirtha from India. :), 5 Steps to Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant, 3 Reasons You’re Not Making More Money (And What to Do Instead), The REAL Reason Why I Created an Email List 6 Years Ago, Why NOT Being an Expert Can Help You Grow Your Email List, How She Grew an Email List of 5,000 Subscribers and Had a $20,000 Course Launch (In a Tiny Niche! Remember: you’re introducing yourself to other human beings, so act like a human yourself… my name's Nicol , i'm 17 years old , i´m from Colombia and live in kennedy , my parents are colombian , i'm criminal investigation at University and i work the weekends at a studio photographic , i don't have phone number , i´m single , i like dancing, sleeping and playing with my friends , i love my cat , my cat name´s tommy , he´s 3 years old and is white . 1. Then, take a couple minutes and practice saying it out loud. I'm from Sri Lanka. My mom's Azerbaijani and my dad's from Russia. Also Read: Podcast or Vlog – Which one to choose? Example 1 Do you feel insecure… Each morning when you’re getting ready in front of the mirror, push your shoulders back, stand up straight, and say your elevator speech. This style is commonly used at a job interview or business event, or in a cover letter.. As … You are welcome to keep on using LearnEnglish Teens but if you are over 17, please do NOT post any more comments as we must keep this strictly for teenagers to interact with each other. I'm 13 years old. How Your Money Mindset is Sabotaging Your Business (And How to Fix It), How to Let Go of the Status Quo to Live the Life You Were Meant For, Your Dream Life is on the Other Side of Your Scarcity Mindset, Why It’s So Damn Important to Heal Your Relationship With Money. Nice to meet you all !!! I'm in class 11- A. I love swimming and listening to music.I've a dog called Tommy. Introducing yourself on a blog. But all hope isn’t lost, friend. I practice parkour in my free time. I'm 13 years old. My name's Thinugi. I am fom colombia. I look at this as an opportunity for growth.” 7. Yep, So I have a plan to start SNS. Tina (LearnEnglish Teens team), Hello everyone, Preparation. Withhold a Compelling Piece of Information. I’m 21 years old and I’m new at this school. Word Wangling is a collection of fun word games to help you look for... © British Council The United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. I practice swimming four times a week. If you continue to use our site, we'll assume that you're happy with it. - Do you use any social networking sites or keep a blog? You are also welcome to join our LearnEnglish page for adults and post comments there: Check your understanding: multiple choice, Introducing yourself on a blog - exercises, Introducing yourself on a blog - writing practice, How to be a good listener if someone is upset. I love my boyfriend named Brayan :3. Hello, my name's Samira , I'm 13. I don't have any social networking or blog. I can play basketball ,chess and netball also.I can speak Chinese . You are welcome to join our LearnEnglish page for adults and post comments there: Instead of saying you’re a blogger, try, “I run an online website geared toward helping creative entrepreneurs build their dream business.”, Instead of saying you’re a freelance designer, try, “I help small businesses build a strong web presence through design and consulting services.”, Instead of saying you have a jewelry store on Etsy, try, “I own a jewelry business that’s focused on environmental sustainability. I loved american futbool, read, walk, write, watch movies, series, listening music. I thought this blog was going to be about you? Thinugi. You can tell your blog readers about your personal life, your hobbies, your daily life, how you started your blog & what are your blogging goals of 2019. Invite the reader in. It is good to make separate “About Me” page in your blog to introduce yourself. Focus on the value you provide rather than the title you’ve given yourself. Please can you create separate accounts for each user? Unless you have a job that people are familiar with, like being an elementary school teacher or a chef, it’s pretty likely that they will have no idea what in the heck you actually do. Hi people! Nice to meet you all. I am Cecilia I am a Colombian girl that I like to listen to music and dance I like to make friends. However, if someone asks you to introduce yourself in a meeting situation, then the response is a little more complicated. I love to learn English. Unless you’re at a blogging conference where people are familiar with WordPress, don’t go around telling people you’re a “WordPress specialist.” They just won’t get it. Introduce yourself. I love my girlfriend named Jeimy. Hi everyone !! The more you practice, the more natural and effective it will be when someone at your local coffee shop strikes up a conversation with you. Best Books for Learning English at Home . What’s stopping you from making more money, reaching your goals, and bringing your big dreams to life? I'm in second semester. If you’ve been in my sphere for awhile now, you know that one of the things I am most passionate about is community and helping others reach their potential by going after their dreams... “I can’t recommend this podcast and Melyssa enough. My name's Alejandra. My dad and my mum’s from Turkish. Yes, the dreaded c word. My name's Geraldin. Example of a Professional Self-Introduction. I've got a dog called Akira. We also went to many places like burj khalifa and the museum in Egypt.It was an amazing historical history.I really enjoyed this vacation. Tell your visitors who you … This website is specially for teenagers aged 13-17 years old. Welcome to LearnEnglish teens! ), What You Need to Know If You’re Trying to Grow Your Email List, 5 Steps to Build Your Email List, Engage Your Subscribers, and Make Sales With Email Marketing, 5 Reasons You Feel Unmotivated (and How to Get Your Passion Back), 5 Ways To Get Out of a Work-from-Home Rut, Coaching Episode: Embracing the Gray to Become Your Authentic Self (Episode 90), Coaching Episode: Letting Go of Who You “Should” Be for an Unapologetic You (Episode 89), Coaching Episode: How to Show Up Boldly in Your Business (Episode 88). Use a tone pitch … Matty, Hi littlemonguer! I live in Russia. I like learn English teens because the exercises are very interesting. Listening to these podcast episodes are the highlight of my day. I'm from Czech Republic. Check your understanding: multiple choice . Introductions are first impressions. I've got two pet cats called Tiny and Pixie.I like to spend my time with my family and friends. Hi, I am Sabrina. You can learn English fast with a few good books. I’m also big on bear hugs, anything unconventional and creative, and teaching people like you how to live an abundant and limitless life. hmm.. Hi everyone. You’ll be ready. Example From: How Cancer Changed My Blog by Karl Staib “I was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. I've got a pet dog called doky. You get to make them once. Home. Hi everyone, Below are some examples of phrases you can use to introduce yourself and give other people a clear understanding of who you are. I am fom Mèxico I like listen k-pop music and watch Korean dramas. But simply reading those examples just isn’t enough to introduce yourself and mean it. In our House Rules we ask you not to share your account with other people. I'm 16 years old and I'm studying biomedical engineering in the MBU. Write a caption for this week's funny photo of a couple with unusual... Look closely. I like English and swimming. Imagine this: you’ve just met someone new. I highly encourage you to take a moment (right now!)


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