hurricane ike storm surge
Activity Planner Multiple locations were found. -National Also, unlike a satellite, an airplane is capable of flying beneath clouds. -Evacuation Routes Image of the Day They were stuck on the coast, spectators of what was to come. Gulf coast as it crossed the southeast Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday night and early Wednesday,September 10th.

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The bathymetry, or depth of the ocean, matters also, but a shallow coast is pretty even in the Gulf vs. the Eastern Seaboard. National Weather Service River/Lake Forecasts For media opportunities and other related press inquiries, please email, Explore photos and biographies of EagleView’s executive leadership team. There was also significant structural damage to roofs and buildings containing health services resulting in the disruption of most health services. That’s simple physics. Model Data -Local Page. Please Contact Us. Please Contact Us. With that in mind, taking the proper precautions is more important than ever: Legendary author and Southern son William Faulkner once said, “The past is never dead.

Please try another search. Fort Polk Houston/Galveston, TX1353 FM 646 Suite 202Dickinson, TX 77539281-337-5074Comments? -Forecast Discussion

Lower Mississippi Much to their horror, nearly 40 percent of Galveston’s 57,523 residents chose to remain at their homes.

Image by Rob Simmon from photos courtesy USGS and NOAA.

-Major Events, RADAR

National Outlooks

Rita produced 15 feet and Laura, generally, produced 5 to 10 feet, with a few exceptions. -Tropical Storm Imelda Lafayette

-Brazos River Authority, CLIMATE

Local Storm Reports, Current All NOAA, HURRICANE IKE -Climate Summaries It’s not even past.” By looking back to Hurricane Ike and recognizing what should have gone differently, we can begin to lay the foundation for a better prepared future. This photo-like image of the Texas and Louisiana coasts shows the impact of Hurricane Ike’s powerful storm surge on coastal wetlands.

By satellite, they all seem pretty similar in size and scope: Looks are deceiving, of course. These photos of Crystal Beach, Texas, a community on the Bolivar Peninsula, illustrate just how much damage a storm surge can cause. As Ike inched ever closer, many realized their mistake – but by then, the window had passed. -Web Weather for Kids Ike moved northwest that night just off the coast with a track that paralleled the Cuban coastline before making a second Cuban landfall across near the town of Puerto Padre on Tuesday afternoon September 9th. -Tides and Currents Bigger and faster equals “badder.”. -Galveston -more, PREPAREDNESS/SAFETY Click on any image for a high resolution version Jefferson Co. DD6 Network, Radar -Satellite

For example, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite observed flooding over hundreds of kilometers of the Gulf Coast on September 17, but could not image damage down to the street level as these photographs do.


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