is backfire bad for a motorcycle
We may earn commissions through our links. If you can’t see through them then fuel isn’t going to be able to flow through it. Going for a higher fuel grade works well to mix in every now and then. This explosion is supposed to happen in the combustion chamber of the Harley. Close. Using a higher-grade fuel helps to keep your gas tank clean preventing dirt. Find out more about us on our about us page, and stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter. The backfire is just a symptom of the problem. The engine is being starved of fuel and swamped with air. Incorrect jetting is another issue when riders face with backfiring. Backfiring can happen on the start engine, deaccelaration and acceleration that creates many causes to different components of your bike. If your motorcycle has sat for a long time then make sure you take off the carburetor and give it a good clean so you don’t have to deal with all the problems that accompany a dirty carb. If your timing is off and the spark gets to the end of the spark plug a little too late then the exhaust valve in your cylinder head will have started to open, and the spark plug finally sparks. This happens when the combustion occurs at the outside of the combustion chamber which in this case is your bike is burning fuel and exploding where it should not be. For fuel injected bikes, there are various electronic components that can override ECU fuel settings (such as DynoJet) to make sure your bike gets the right air:fuel ratio. It’s harder to start, harder to brake, more... My name is Kyle Cannon and I love everything about motorcycles. This occurrence can result in a flame emitting from the exhaust as well as a LOUD popping sound. How big or bad the backfire is, is usually based on how loud the combustion sound is. The higher the performance of your motorcycle, typically the higher-grade fuel it will use. Engineers put a specific length of exhaust pipes on motorcycles because that way it will get the best fuel efficiency. One of the most common problems that leads to motorcycle backfire is the carburetor. Another culprit of excessive backfiring on the Harley points to bad spark plugs. Backfiring on a motorcycle is not harmful because the popping sound is unburnt fuel igniting in the exhaust. This isn't something that needs to be done too often, and is more precautionary. If there is too much fuel present in the cylinder when the spark plug ignites then not all of the fuel will be successfully burned during the combustion process, there will be excess fuel that is pushed out of the cylinder head through the exhaust valve. A third cause for motorcycle backfires is the fuel filter. When it comes to troubleshooting motorcycle issues, it’s always nice to have the right, basic tools handy so you can make these fixes in the comfort of your own garage. The grade of the fuel must fit correctly to your motorcycle fuel engine and so is the model of your bike. OEM exhausts are designed to work with standard jetting. A lean air or fuel mixture from the carburetor of a Harley Davidson is a result of drastic changes in the pressure. You can see there are simple solutions to fix backfiring of your exhaust. Be sure to check your owner's manual to verify restrictions or recommendations for your specific model. By following these tips you'll be to keep your motorcycle from backfiring on you. Few things are a larger enemy to motorcycles than cold weather. In order for the combustion process to take place successfully inside the cylinder there needs to be a certain amount of air and fuel. There isn’t one single answer to this question. We’re a team of sports, outdoors, and tech enthusiasts. Another popular way among bikers is to rev the engine and then turn the ignition back on.


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