is malamar good

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Prankster Charm will boost Malamar's attack without repercussion alongside being able to charm enemies stopping them from dealing strong physical attacks, but on that note, opposing Meowstic or Klefki are threats because Priority Swagger won't just lower Malamar's attack, but confuse it too, diffusing what ever sort of threat Malamar might have been at the time.

It is a very viable option and it can hit hard after a few boosts. Hello, I am trying to build an Ultra Malamar Deck (Note that this is IRL so I have limited resources.) - Night Slash

Malamar (Japanese: カラマネロ Calamanero) is a dual-type Dark/Psychic Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. Hau | Flannery | Verity | Soft Resetting for Shiny Starter (How do I Check). Chespin | Oshawott | Kenny | With the Assualt vest, you're essentially coming in with +1 Special Defense, while Superpower will inadvertently raise your Physical defense and thus making Malamar a very bulky threat. So Malamar is going to need some support to function properly. Zekrom | This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 15:24. Gary Oak | Covering its main body is a transparent mantle with two white fins on the bottom that function as legs.

Superpower is its main boosting moves 120BP move with a free bulk up has great STAB psycho cut and Night slash ( high crit moves) topsy turvey is a game changer espically against Sword dance aegislash/ Talonflame or any stat boosters. Trace | Protect is nice for some extra Leftovers healing and can scout for Trick (which Malamar usually does not want). Malamar reappeared in Facing the Grand Design! Lucian | If you have a good competitive moveset for Malamar, post an answer below and upvote the best ones.Movesets for its pre-evolutions, if any, can also be shared on this thread. Ilima | smelly, confusing, quivering squid Pokemon.
Its main body is dark purple and has six circular yellow lights on the front and back.

Malamar usually when dark psychic and sometimes water is very strong and you wont need fighting moves.

Malamar is a Dark/Psychic type Pokémon introduced in Generation 6. Night Slash cuts into Aegislash and has pretty good neutral coverage with Superpower. Shauna | Be sure to include full set details in your post, e.g. Tierno | Pachirisu | It is the evolved form of Inkay. Gardenia | Max | In Facing the Grand Design!, it shows six Malamar who are good and gentle to wild Pokémon and humans. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! Acerola | Ivysaur | Chase | 30: Evolves from Inkay while holding the … Kiawe | Malamar still needs to watch out for Burns and Bug Type attacks. Milo | Should your opponent be hardened against Superpower such as against a Mega Venusaur or Gengar Psycho Cut will pick them apart.
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Malamar VS Inkay! Mew | The ranges shown on the right are for a level 100 Pokémon.

In PS550, Team Flare Scientist Xerosic owns a Malamar. Diancie, Other Pokémon Another example is when the evil Malamar captured Clemont, Meowth, Inkay, and James, blasted a Hyper Beam attack at the forest Pokémon, and tried to persuade the good Malamar into joining the evil Malamar's plans of conquering the world, they did not take the evil Malamar's merciless behavior very lightly and rebelled against it to protect everyone. Bulbasaur | Anthea & Concordia | Skyla | Farewell, Ash-Greninja! Bruno |


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