kubota z421 problems
Ken **. I have been told the overheat was due to a blocked filter. The company has its own financing options to help improve affordability of its riding mowers. This is unlikely to hold on for long. Now it won't start. A massive cutting deck addresses any size yard. FAQ. Associate Degree. I purchased a 2018 8028T. Think fast if it happens. LH door decal was 1/2 way off the door hanging there, which required removal and reinstallation. Don’t get fooled by thinking oh well their parts are crazy high priced but likely worth it. Parts and service readily available, expensive to buy But long life, easy maintenance, very safe and economical to operate. (and I just sold my L35 tractor yesterday). 7/7/2014 8/17/2018. 7/7/2014 8/17/2018. BEGIN END. This is for a hydraulic hose. I believe the radiator has a pinhole leak, made apparent by the collection of dust and debris seen in the photo below. Kubota dealers nationwide from July 2014 through September 2018 for between $5,000 and $35,000. So I bought this in July of 2019 I believe. I have a Kubota Z121s Zero Turn mower. Seems no power to solenoid. I had been initially told there was damage to the radiator due to an overheat and it needed to be replaced, however it managed to be pressure tested and no leak was found. In shop for over 2 weeks and Kubota cannot send a replacement to the dealer because tractor is a new model and all computers are being installed in new builds. ET, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Enterprise, Regulations, Mandatory Standards and Bans, Kubota Recalls Mowers And Compact Tractors Due To Burn Hazard Recall Alert, Report an Incident Involving this Product, Search Product Safety Reports on Saferproducts.gov, Report a dangerous product or a product-related injury on. My suspicion was that the repairer that came to inspect the unit also noticed this obvious flaw and had added something to the coolant to plug the leak. CPSC.gov is an official website of the United States government. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, the way you treat your tractors/customers. A link has directed you to this review. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! And then for 2200.00 they forgot to put the keys to the doors in! I'll send it off for an assay. The window scratched from the assembler leaving his 7/16 deep well and drill adapter in the window and shipped with it rubbing the plexiglass all the way from California to Montana. Really? Kubota is printed on the side of the mowers and tractors. Before each mow we had removed the filter and cleaned out a bit of grass, nothing seemed too out of place there at all. Now I've reached 165 hours on the ZG127S and after numerous repairs I will never own another Kubota product again. The second time the dealer gave me parts to fix myself. The stuff that came out was sludgy gunk not plastic, but I still haven't got an acceptable response on what this is. The model number is printed on the side of the unit. I was told that was not the case, and was a result of the overheat and the apparent dislodging of plastic particles inside the radiator. No spares available. Serial Number Range. Period. I have complained to my dealer and written to Kubota with no response. It has no emergency shut off if it slips in any way. I mow 1.5 acres of regular lawn and 4.5 acres of field grass/weeds on rough uneven ground. The hitch has broke three times now. Deaths, injuries, and property damage from consumer product incidents cost the nation more than $1 trillion annually. The overflow reservoir is located on the opposite side of the machine.... and upon my first inspection the reservoir had nothing, and I mean nothing in it, not even green coolant residue. These environmentally-friendly diesel engines offer significant power. Unsubscribe at any time. Originally they said it would be 2 weeks, then it was 3-4 weeks, and now when the dealer called them again today they said it would be another couple weeks (subject to change). I bought this model with the one point hitch. I ordered the crazy priced hard door kit for my RTV. I feel that Kubota should step up and help with this problem. However I recently had the hydraulic hoses to my loader fail (they had been rubbing together and worn through). BX23S. "Back in the day" Kubota could be proud of their product but not in today's world. I still have the contents of the reservoir in a bottle. Please use the below phone number for all media requests. They claim that this 2-3 inch wide, suspect area of muddy dust and dirt came from the "once off" overheat event and was a result of the overflow reservoir overflowing. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. BX25D. Very unpleased. It is not the greatest over harsher lawns due to their deck hangers which are solid mounts that use fine thread bolts to give you your height. 17263 17269. View online or download Kubota Z421 Operator's Manual Recalled units are orange and black. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. I am considering trading it for these reasons: It sucks I have to leave this review because the dealer I bought from is very nice. BX1880. From inferior engineering to Chinese assembly techniques, where all the praise for Kubota products originates is a mystery to me. 2020 MX5400 with 28 hours. Kubota brought its products to the United States in 1969 and provides a wide range of lawn and construction equipment. CPSC’s work to ensure the safety of consumer products has contributed to a decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 40 years. It's a tough and dependable mower. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Ken … I hope I'm wrong about this, I really do, my faith in Kubota has been seriously impacted by this. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. I have a Kubota Z121s Zero Turn mower. BEGIN END. You may wish to review the privacy policy of the external site as its information collection practices may differ from ours. Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled mowers and compact tractors and contact Kubota to receive a free replacement coolant reservoir tank cap. Diesel engine options: Kubota Z421 Pdf User Manuals. Federal law bars any person from selling products subject to a publicly announced voluntary recall by a manufacturer or a mandatory recall ordered by the Commission. Kubota has received three reports of burn injuries from coolant ejecting. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. I have attached a few more photos which I will be forwarding on to other relevant parties. RH door strut bracket was bent wrong not allowing the hinge plate to be installed until considerable work was done. First time Kubota fix it under warranty. The engine still holds original compression test pressure and there are no oil leaks. I am trying to redesign the hitch to work both ways. Everything was peachy and doing well for the next 60+ hours. The mower has overheated and stalled out. Up to 72-cutting deck: Financing: I have been very happy with my Kubota tractor functionally and generally happy with the durability of it. Very disappointed with this. I have slashed my 65 acre property with my slasher and used this mower to neaten fence lines and around the house area. Computer failed. Kubota is contacting all known purchasers directly. The coolant reservoir is white with a yellow cap. The bagging system works great even with wet grass, and the mulching system performs well even on the field mowing. CPSC does not control this external site or its privacy policy and cannot attest to the accuracy of the information it contains. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. Kubota would not do anything to help. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Kubota? I feel that Kubota should step up and help with this problem. $38,600 for a new tractor sitting in shop waiting on no show kubota. From the headlamps TAPED to the frame to the blade clutch assembly held in place with a thin strap of metal (chinese assembly technique), this Kubota's a joke that's not too funny. Call CPSC’s Hotline at 800-638-2772 (TTY 301-595-7054). It is broken again and is making the machine useless. And you have to buy new outside door shells to get the decals they are not sold separately! BEGIN END. BX1870-1. Backhoe attachment putting it on, you better be careful. It is important to remember that CPSC and recalling firms urge consumers not to use recalled products. Kubota makes great machines for perfect fields. Residential and commercial: Kubota Tractor Corp. toll-free at 888-458-2682 (888-4KUBOTA) from 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday or online at www.kubotausa.com and click on Service & Support then Safety, then Safety Notices for more information.


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