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He and Clinton later became vehicle repossession men for Simeon Yetarian, but Lamar's craziness led the duo into trouble, as Lamar made the mistake of kidnapping the Ballas OG Chilli D and calling his gang with the ransom demands; because the phone was tapped by the LAPD, Davis was forced to let D go free rather than face prison time for kidnapping. Mafias Main Game Jon Gravelli | The Doomsday Heist Wedding Assassin | Gangs and Cartels It appears that Lamar is a drug dealer and gang-banger due to Franklin's comments about Lamar's \"slingin' dope\" and \"throwing up gang signs.\" He is a member of the Families street gang. However, his big mouth got him into trouble with Stretch, who had the Ballas kidnap him and take him to a sawmill in the Paleto Forest. Huang Lee | Lamar was working as a repossession man for Premium Deluxe Motorsport until their boss Simeon Yetarian fired him and Franklin after Michael De Santaforced Franklin to crash through the place's window and beat him up. Phil Cassidy | Luis Lopez | Simeon Yetarian | Cris Formage Mieszka w Chamberlain Hills oraz angażuje się w sprawy tamtejszego gangu. Marki Ashvilli | Gunmanship Evil-doer Career information Davis and Clinton became best friends and joined The Families gang, and Davis became a drug dealer. Enzo Bonelli | Salvatore Leone | Dwayne Forge | Dealing drugsStealing expensive carsHanging around with FranklinKilling whomever to get ahead Sicilian Mafia GangsterRepo man (formerly) If not for his reckless nature, he would be a decent, if inexperienced career criminal. Claude Speed | International Affairs Agency Affiliations Diaz's Gang | Cris Formage | Nickname(s) Trunchez Brothers | The Diamond Casino & Resort Born Snakehead | Lester Crest | D | Marty Jay Williams | He renewed his ties to Simeon Yetarian, who was in need of repossession men after De Santa nearly destroyed his business, and Lamar sent several of his newfound criminal associates to Yetarian for easy employment. Niko Bellic | Lamar Davis (born December 5, 1977) is an anti-hero deuteragonist for Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V ​and a main character in Grand Theft Auto: Online. Steve Haines | Donald Love | Los Santos Summer Special Cliffford If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Russian Mafia | Protestant Faustin-Rascalov Family | King Courtney | Eddie Pulaski | Lamar arguing with Franklin during "Repossession". Patrick McReary | Historica Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Occupation He is one of the two characters to make note of one of the main character's special abilities, with Lamar noting Franklin's incredible driving skills and saying he makes a "sex face" while doing so. Grand Theft Auto V This proves that despite his somewhat poor treatment of Franklin, Lamer is highly loyal and a great friend to have. Cesar Vialpando | MurderDrug dealingTheftKidnapping However, Davis continued to be involved with crime, assigning jobs to criminal newcomers to the area, including the theft of lowriders. The only other character to mention a main character's special ability is Tracey De Santa mentioning her father Michael "never misses" while he's shooting. Lamar in general is an unsuccessful criminal, all of the criminal heists he comes up with normally ends penniless and near death. Deshaunn Lamar Davis was born on April 27, 1976 to Roosevelt Tatum and Gwendolyn Davis in Pontiac, Michigan. Playboy X | Avery Duggan Davis later helped Clinton with stealing cars for Devin Weston, hoping to make extra money. Survivalists | Biography . Johnny Klebitz | The Fixer | Gerald McReary | OG Loc | Lamar was working as a repossession man for Premium Deluxe Motorsport until their boss Simeon Yetarian fired him and Franklin after Michael De Santa forced Franklin to crash through the place's window and beat him up. Lamar Davis was born in the Baldwin Village neighborhood of Crenshaw, Los Angeles, California, on December 5, 1977 and he attended high school in Compton with Franklin Clinton. T-Bone Mendez | Pierwszy raz widzimy go w misji Franklin i Lamar. In GTA Online, if the player character is male, Lamar will note how they're shorter than he thought they'd be while talking to them on their phones when they meet. Mini Gun Wonsu Assassin | Bryan Forbes | B Dup | Molly Schultz | Clarence Little | Tommy Vercetti, Grand Theft Auto Advance Jeff Harlingford, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Wei Cheng | While working for Simeon, both Lamar and Franklin stole many vehicles from their owners which were a white 9F, a red Rapid GT, a green Bagger motorcycle, and a yellow BeeJay XL SUV until Michael caused them to get fired. Terry Thorpe | Eddie Low | He appears in Franklin Clinton's storyline. Rocco Pelosi | Brian Jeremy | Kazuki Kasen, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Avon Hertz | Later, their friend Harold "Stretch" Joseph is released from jail. His relationship with Clinton was slightly strained due to Clinton's move to Beverly Hills and his abandonment of The Families lifestyle, and Davis convinced him to trust the recently-released OG Harold Joseph (nicknamed "Stretch"), who led the gang into a shootout with the Ballas at a scrapyard. Jim Fitzgerald | Johnny Zoo, Grand Theft Auto III Został opisany przez Rockstar Games jako zabawny i szalony, w przeciwieństwie do swojego kolegi. If Ending B is chosen, Lamar will no longer be able to hang out with Trevor. Citizenship Opportunistic Gangster, Stealing expensive carsHanging around with FranklinKilling whomever to get ahead. The Psycho | After the mission is over, Lamar will notify Franklin that his still alive and is able to hang out with Franklin or Trevor. Chan Jaoming | Lamar was working as a repossession man for Premium Deluxe Motorsport until Simeon Yetarian fired both Lam… Salvatore Leone | Andreas Sanchez | Trailer Park Mafia, Grand Theft Auto IV Trevor Philips Enterprises He continued his education at Oakland Community College and … LaMar H. Davis Davis, LaMar H. age 88, passed away surround by his family, May 5, 2016. Lamar Davis Powers/Skills Goals Brad Snider | The Diamond Casino Heist Ned Burner | Salvatore Leone | Packie McReary | He constantly gets himself, Franklin, and others into situations that common sense people would normally keep away from. Lamar Davis | | Luis Lopez | Lamar and Franklin both went to Davis High School when they were teenagers, eventually, the two became involved with crime. Later on, it is revealed by Tanisha that Lamar has been set up by Stretch, getting him kidnapped by the Ballas at the sawmill in Blaine County. Colombian Cartel | Hobby Lamar is seen to be lazy and tends to get himself in trouble by blindly trusting anyone offering him money, showing he is not very bright. Zombotech Corporation, Become "king" of the Los Santos underworld. Ray Bulgarin | Jerry Martinez | Lamar Davis is Franklin's best friend. Liquor Store Bandits | Bulgarin Family | Lamar is described as crazy but a "good kind of crazy" and "very funny", and the opposite of his best friend Franklin. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Timur | Darko Brevic | Luis Lopez | He Gives you a pistol in the intro in GTA online when you get in the car at the Los Santos Airport. Police | Cults Occupation Crimes Lamar eventually befriends Trevor from this point and calls him "crazy dude". Francis McReary | Birth name He is a member of the Families street gang as well as being a gang banger and drug dealer. Street Sharks | San Fierro Rifa | Ray Boccino | JD O'Toole | Dimitri Rascalov, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Billy Grey | He is a member of the Families street gang as well as being a gang banger and drug dealer. Lester Arnold, Grand Theft Auto V Lester Crest | Martin Madrazo | Miguel | Federal Investigation Bureau | Wu Lee | Carl Johnson | Lamar Davis is voiced by Gerald "Slink" Johnson. Vlad Glebov | DeShaunn graduated from Pontiac School District. GTA Online Protagonists | Dave Norton | Donald Love | Frank Tenpenny | Da Nang Boys | Alias Paige Harris | Gonzalez | Pracuje z Franklinem jako komornik, dla Simeona Yetariana- ormiańskiego dilera luksusowych samochodów. Johnny Klebitz | Devin Weston | Become "king" of the Los Santos underworld (failed, later given up).Prevent Stretch from going after him (succeeded in the Deathwish ending).Help the trio. Sonny Forelli | Vince Pelosi | Lamar is the best friend of gang banger Franklin Clinton from Chamberlain Hills. Billy Grey, Grand Theft Auto Online Tommy Vercetti | Los Santos Vagos | Phil Cassidy | Jimmy De Santa | Vincenzo Cilli | Ray's Goon | Crack Dealers | Lamar and Franklin both went to Davis High School when they were teenagers, eventually the two became involved … Ortega | Ray Bulgarin | He is very prideful of his Apache descent and uses this to express himself and is the basis of several of his jokes. Franklin goes to rescue him with Michael and Trevor, kill the Ballas there and head back to Los Santos. Zhou Ming | The Families Member and Gangbanger Other Lamar Davis, 2017 Paulie Sindacco | Donald Love, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Jim Fitzgerald | Ryder | Ray Boccino | Billy Bob Bean | Lance Vance | Claude | Unbeknownst to them, it was actually a trap to have Lamar and Franklin killed. Prevent Stretch from going after him (succeeded in the Deathwish ending).Help the trio. Billy Grey | C.R.A.S.H. Stretch | Jizzy B. American Lamar celebrates by attending a drug deal at a warehouse in La Puerta. Ballas | He is Franklin Clinton's best friend as well as being criminal alongside him (1988) living in Los Santos and he is also a member of The Families. Clay Simons | Elwood O'Neil | Victor Vance, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Lance Vance | Thornton Duggan Lester Arnold, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Liberty City Triads | Big Smoke | Mikhail Faustin | Niko Bellic | Don Percival | Vic Manzano | Ricardo Diaz | The Families Roman's Kidnapper | Leo Teal | When Franklin returns to his old house where his auntie Denise lives, Lamar is there too but Franklin's unstable friend, Trevor Phillips, shows up as well, and he joins both Franklin and Lamar in a drug deal. Pegorino Family | Merryweather Security | Rudy D'Avanzo | Afterwards, Michael offers to go after and kill Stretch for Franklin and Lamar, so he does and kills him. Toni Cipriani | Lamar jest najlepszym przyjacielem Franklina. Angels of Death Motorcycle Club | Rocco Pelosi | Dardan Petrela | Mike | Michael De Santa | LDLong DickLanky Dumbass (by Stretch) | Full Name Donald Love | Terry Thorpe | Lamar Davis was an African-American drug dealer, car thief, and fraudster affiliated with The Families gang of Los Angeles, California during the 2010s.


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