level 3a body armor

This is an ideal choice for most dangerous jobs and can allow for protection against rifle fire without needing to carry that weight everywhere you go.

Tactical body armor comes in several different types.

Considering that most gun crimes in the United States involve .38 caliber and smaller handguns as well as semi-automatic 9mm handguns, choosing a piece of body armor with a NIJ rating of level II should be adequate. We offer the most versatile and affordable collection of Level IIIA soft body armors on the internet today. Unlike conventional body armors, our Level 3A soft body armors are extremely comfortable to wear. Level 3A Body Armor For individuals that are seeking a high level of protection, but still want the ease of movement provided by softer materials, level 3A body armor is a perfect choice. Further studies in live tissues and relations to some simulant media; Acta Chir. Fragment simulators were designed, and the most common shape is a right circular cylinder or RCC simulator. This type of protection is designed specifically to handle tactical situations and confrontations with more serious firepower. For more information about all of our protective products or to learn more about Body Armor Megastore, contact us through the website or give us a call today at 51-ARMOR-GUY. Additionally, any type of wear and tear, especially exposure to very low temperatures and direct sunlight, will reduce this time significantly. In terms of statistics, the zero penetration velocity is the tail end of the distribution curve. The oil/clay mixture of "Roma" is roughly twice the density of human tissue and therefore does not match its specific gravity, however "Roma" is a plastic material that will not recover its shape elastically, which is important for accurately measuring potential trauma through back side signature. The majority of military and law enforcement standards have settled on an oil/clay mixture for the backing material, known as Roma Plastilena.

In addition, special requirements can be defined under this process for armors for flexible rifle protection, fragment protection for the extremities, etc. Now, you’re afraid to handle simple tasks or errands without some sort of protection. There are a lot of arguments for Level IIIa being the best option for civilians. Of note is the inclusion of special regional threats such as Swiss P AP from RUAG and .357 DAG. NIJ Protection Level IIIa is soft armor that defends from: NIJ Protection Level III is a hard plate that defends from.

Level IIIA. After a few hours, you will become tired and lose some of your combat capability that way. inches.

[1] Tested armor must withstand three hits, spaced 120mm (4.72") apart, of the designated test threat with no more than 25mm of back-face deformation in order to pass. Even with proper maintenance, body armor will expire at some point, and it is recommended that you exchange your plates at least once every five years.

Noticeably, it included threats with the suffix A, which denote heightened ratings as opposed to lowered ratings in the NIJ standard.[5]. The two systems share a 44mm limit on back-face deformation, but SAPI-series plates increase linearly in protection (with each plate tested against the preceding plate's threats), and require a soft armor backer in order to reach their stated level of protection. Then, the first moment you even glimpse an enemy rifle, you can slide in the panel and get protected. Invalid value: head size should be in the range: 20-25 They have a green fabric cover with white text. For vest manufacturing, field evaluation and life testing both v0 and v50 are used. The Level IIIA compliance on these body armors is proof that they can easily sustain damages from bullets as well as cuts. The military engineering data showed that, like the fragment size, the fragment velocities had characteristic distributions. The test series most often includes 2 grain (0.13 g), 4 grain (0.263 g), 16 grain (1.0 g), and 64 grain (4.2 g) mass RCC FSP testing. The high weight associated with IV rated protection makes it difficult to use for someone who is not properly trained.

We’ve been there and we’ve asked the exact same questions.

This test is based on VPAM PM 3, but it adds two police special rounds, with the following modifications: This armor would protect against five hits, fired from 5 meters, of: This armor would protect against three hits, fired from 5.10 meters, of: This armor would protect against five hits, fired from 5±0.1, meters of: This armor would protect against five hits, fired from 5±0.1 meters, of: This armor would protect against three hits, fired from 10±0.1 meters, of: This armor would protect against three hits, fired from 50±0.5 meters, of: US Army soft armor inserts adhere to standards specified under FQ/PD 07–05. inches. Like the IIA rating, armor with the brief NIJ II rating is capable of handling the impact of a 9mm or .40 SW bullet, but is slightly thicker and able to handle higher velocity 9mm ammunition—as well as a .357 Magnum round. And how does the NIJ test its standards? HG is for soft armor and RF is for hard armor. After considerable effort measuring fragment size distribution from various NATO and Soviet bloc munitions, a fragment test was developed. The clay is used at a controlled temperature and verified for impact flow before testing. The NIJ sets different standards of protection levels based upon the caliber and speed of a bullet that a piece of body armor is capable of handling. Also, IIIa is the only level of protection that can be made both as a hard plate and as flexible fabric, depending on the requirements of the user. If for example, the v0 of an armor design is measured to be 1,600 ft/s (490 m/s) with a 9 mm FMJ bullet based on 30 shots, the test is only an estimate of the real v0 of this armor. The second part of "Casualty Reduction" strategy is a study of velocity distributions of fragments from munitions.

SK 4). They have a black fabric cover with white text. Body armor with the IIIA rating continues to grow bulkier than that of the ratings below it. For the NIJ Standard-0101.07, the velocity for both conditioned and new armor will be the same. Armor rated at the NIJ standard IIA are most commonly lightweight ballistic vests—often weighing in far below 10 pounds, much due to its thin layering of aramid fibers. inches, Invalid value: height size should be in the range: [12] (As a result of this, the major test standards call for wet testing of textile armor. inches, Invalid value: neck size should be in the range: 14-29 Point Blank #BY811 Point Blank Alpha Elite AXIIIA Ballistic Vest with Hi Lite Carrier.

This complexity requires very elaborate bio-morphic backing material systems for accurate ballistic and stab armor testing. inches, Invalid value: waist size should be in the range: 26.8-47.2 In addition SK 4, the highest protection class, is specified to withstand three hits, while Level IV needs only to withstand one hit - although by a bigger caliber (7,62×63mm). October 1968, Wound ballistic simulation : Assessment of the legitimacy of law enforcement firearms ammunition by means of wound ballistic simulation, Jussila, Jorma, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Medicine 2005-01, Doctoral dissertation, Thoracic Model Analysis Using Finite Element Modeling and Vibration Table Testing Dr. Peter Matic, Dr. Alan Leung and Mr. Kirth Simmonds, Multifunctional Materials Branch, Naval Research Laboratory, Code 6350, 4555 Overlook Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20375, Berlin, R.H., B. Janzon, B. Rybeck, J. Sandegård and T. Seeman (1977) Local effects of assault rifle bullets in live tissues. If you want to know exactly how heavy military body armor is, imagine gaining 30lbs and needing to run, jump, and climb. Invalid value: length size should be in the range: 13-15 Level 3 body armor vests are most often used for tactical situations as they can withstand most of the popular firearms worldwide. Each armor program can select a unique series of projectiles and velocities as required. L3 inserts are often more difficult to conceal, generally requiring a tactical vest to wear, it is for that reason that most police forces choose to wear it only when necessary. [33] A number of materials have been used to simulate human tissue in addition to Roma. That being said, they can’t be worn for a whole day, especially if you have additional gear as well. Level 2 body armor offers protection from some, but not all, handgun rounds. Don’t just take our word for it. foots, Invalid value: chest size should be in the range: 30-45 This protects against nearly all handgun rounds, including both .357 Sig. Either for political, social, or objective reasons, some departments will use different types of vests. Enter your values to calculate your optimal size. This means that body armor with the NIJ II rating is heavier and bulkier than that stamped with the IIA rating. For those of us who haven’t been to the proper schools to know the exact processes of how these fibers and ceramics work, we need to observe how they act and what their purpose is. In all cases, these materials are placed behind the armor during test impacts and are designed to simulate various aspects of human tissue impact behavior. This procedure defines a confidence interval of an estimate of v0. Authors: Willard R. Beye 1950 Midwest Research Inst Kansas City Mo, Johnson, W., Collins, C., and Kindred, F., A Mathematical Model for Predicting Residual Velocities of Fragments After Perforating Helmets and Body Armor, Ballistic Research Laboratories Technical Note no. All of the products at Body Armor Megastore ship out of Pennsylvania, with products arriving quickly and exactly as ordered. Body Armor Megastore has you covered!

Other body armor products, however, can withstand more powerful rounds like 7.62mm rifle rounds. In this post, we’ll highlight the primary differences between our most common body armor pieces: Level 2, Level 3A, and Level 3, so you can understand what each protects against and make the smartest purchase for your personal needs. NIJ standards are used for law enforcement armors.


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