male actors under 20
It was one of my lows. 9. ", I WAS MOST STARSTRUCK BY … "Zac Efron because High School Musical. ", MY GENERATION, IN A FEW WORDS, IS … "Glued to technology. As Will Byers on Stranger Things, he was absent for most ?of the first season, but rose to a ?series regular for the second, scoring a pay increase to around $250,000 an episode. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. I seriously have fallen in love with that show and can't get enough of it! Bailee Madison is all grown up! I really like to become a whole new person. 6. It’s not easy task to be taken seriously as an actor in your 20s, though; you have much more to prove than someone who has been in the business for decades. Vincent]. ", I WAS MOST STARSTRUCK BY … "Leonardo DiCaprio. Films in the pipeline include The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, premiering at TIFF, and Shane Black's September Predator reboot. Griffin Gluck TV Actor. ", MY GENERATION, IN A FEW WORDS, IS … "Young, dumb and addicted to technology. Because Laurie Hernandez took home the gold during the 2016 Olympics — not to mention the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing with the Stars! The most beautiful gay men in Hollywood, inside and out. ", I'M JEALOUS OF REGULAR KIDS WHEN … "They go to college. This story first appeared in the Aug. 8 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. The way he devotes himself to a character is just incredible. ", I'D LOVE TO STAR IN A REMAKE OF … "Any scary movie because I love them. ", I'M JEALOUS OF REGULAR KIDS WHEN … "They get to act like idiots in public. ", MY PARENTS ALWAYS TELL ME TO … "Be nice to my sister. MOST RIDICULOUS FAN INTERACTION "I was at a meet-and-greet and his little boy ran up and started crying and he jumped on to my leg. Not only was she on a TV series (cool, same), she already has two studio albums (cool, also same). I like being 12. is taking a look at the 40 most eligible (read: unmarried) men in … ", I'M JEALOUS OF REGULAR KIDS WHEN … "They get to go to public school, and I miss public school so much.". THE MOVIE THAT MADE ME WANT TO ACT "The Broadway show Lion King. ", WHEN I GROW UP, I WANT TO … "Be producing and directing. I ended up saying it in a weird accent that sounded French. Whether they're actors, singers or sports stars, sexy men abound around here. ", MOST RIDICULOUS FAN INTERACTION "Nothing ridiculous yet. I cut it off because it felt weird! Johnny Depp's daughter is already a successful model at just 18 — and happens to be a face of Chanel. ", HOW I SPENT MY FIRST PAYCHECK “Bought new gaming pieces.”, MY PARENTS ALWAYS TELL ME TO … “Be humble and never get bored.”, I WISH I WERE OLD ENOUGH TO … “Not go to school and keep acting.”, MY GENERATION, IN A FEW WORDS, IS … “Creative, inspiring, talented.”. ", I'M DYING TO WORK WITH … "Martin Scorsese and Wes Anderson. MOST RIDICULOUS FAN INTERACTION "Sometimes when I go out to the movies with Sia and she's not in her wig fans will come up to me and ask Sia to take a picture of us because they don't know it's her. Then she landed the lead in ?Bo Burnham's feature directorial debut Eighth Grade, and with rave reviews (and even a whiff of awards buzz), she's rethinking the quitting thing. "I just went because it was for a grade," says the Miami native ?of his audition for Moonlight (his sixth-grade drama teacher, who ended up playing a principal in the film, was the one who urged him to try out). I love to be able to go to places I've never been. She said it kind ?of related to her because [some of] her kids are adopted, and on that show, [my character was] adopted and so are the other kids. Then he messaged me my address one day. ", I'M JEALOUS OF REGULAR KIDS WHEN … "They get to participate in team sports and compete with other schools while I'm working on set. Except not really because she's still only 18 and we'll always associate her with playing Young Snow White in the criminally underrated/criminally deranged Once Upon a Time. ", I WISH I WERE OLD ENOUGH TO … "Marry Scarlett Johansson.". What is time, even? ", I'D LOVE TO STAR IN A REMAKE OF … "I just know some day I want to play Harley Quinn. Time for a fleet of Hunger Games stars, who are somehow still under 21 despite those movies coming out forever ago. Terms of Use | After key roles in St. Vincent, Midnight Special, The Confirmation and?The Book of Henry, he scored ?his biggest role yet as Bill Denbrough in Warner Bros.' It. She starred on the Disney Channel show for three seasons, then hit the big screen in A Wrinkle in Time and also appears on ABC's The Goldbergs. 2. ", MY HERO "Andy Serkis. ", BEST PART OF BEING AN ACTOR "Getting to escape my own thoughts and emotions. By the time it was my birthday, I was able to pay for half of it, and my dad helped me out with the rest. I've been watching scary films since I was like 3 years old, which is bizarre. Kio Cyr TikTok Star. Those of you who were deeply attached to their relationship and still aren't over their breakup are probably feeling triggered right now, so apologies in advance. "I never really knew I had a passion for acting." Next ?up, a leading role opposite Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard ?in Amblin's supernatural horror pic The Turning (February), as well as voice parts in Angry Birds 2 (2019) and The One and Only Ivan with Angelina Jolie. From Iain Armitage to Storm Reid, meet the under-18 stars raking in the cash ($250,000 an episode for the Stranger Things actors), racking up … After modeling from age 3, Foy started acting at 9, nabbing a plum part in The Twilight Saga ?as the daughter of Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart's characters. I know you're doing it, LeBron! Chand was playing Little League when one of the team moms — who happened to be a casting director for Adam Sandler's films — plucked the 6-year-old off ?the bench for a part in 2011's Jack and Jill. Feel old yet? ", I WAS MOST STARSTRUCK BY … "I was nervous at the start off work with Mackenzie Davis and Sarah Paulson, because they slay so hard, and then meeting [Ryan] Gosling and [Harrison] Ford was pretty amazing. It's all very confusing. How? "It was nerve-wracking," says ?Reid of the audition, "but it paid off." And I took a picture and now we're doing a show together! Pretty cool for 16, and on a totally unrelated note, I need to find out what eye shadow she's wearing in this picture. ", MY PARENTS ALWAYS TELL ME TO … "Be honest about anything I do, whether it be good or bad, because hiding it just makes things worse. Jojo Tua TV Actor. Who knows! She quickly landed her first gig, ?a voice role in Despicable Me ?— but after years of small parts, ?this small actress was ready to quit. Okay, again the "Lil" in his name kinda gives away the fact that he's, well, lil. Khalid's first single "Location" went quadruple platinum and another one of his songs was featured on the Black Panther soundtrack. She's best known for dancing in a series of Sia's music videos — including chart-topper "Chandelier" — and the two now are expanding their work to the screen: She'll star in the singer's directorial debut, Sister, with Kate Hudson and Leslie Odom Jr. ", MY PARENTS ALWAYS TELL ME TO … "Believe in myself, and to pick ?up my socks. ", LAST SHOW I BINGED A Series of Unfortunate Events, MY HERO "My mom and dad and Meryl Streep. Anyway, this is Amandla Stenberg, who played Rue in THG and last year starred in Everything, Everything. ", MY GENERATION, IN A FEW WORDS, IS … "Passionate, because I feel like we've taken a lot of action for a lot of things that are going on right now. Jacob Bertrand TV Actor. So I was walking around and he was holding on to my leg and wouldn't let go. Were you as mature, introspective, cool, Gandalf-level wise, and stylish as Willow Smith at the age of 17? I love him and he inspires me to stay motivated. It took two years (and a dramatic monologue) to convince her mom, but she finally landed her first acting job in Rob Schneider's eponymous CBS comedy series, Rob. 11. Those were the people I would be dying to work with most, no pun intended! Guys, he was in middle school just four years ago! Next up: Beautiful Boy, the highly anticipated Steve Carell-Timothee Chalamet drama, and Warners' Shazam! ", HOW I CELEBRATED MY FIRST BIG ROLE "I was very young, so we just went on a spree at Toys 'R' Us. I think I peed my pants. Famous personalities featured on this list, include Vloggers, TikTok Stars, actresses and pop singers and from other domains of life. On Instagram, where she has more than 5 million followers, the Angeleno has been open about mental health struggles and identifying as queer — and has become a human rights activist, even speaking before the U.N. Women U.S. National Committee. ", MOST RIDICULOUS FAN INTERACTION "My fans remember the slightest things, like the fact that I love Kit Kats. ", I'D LOVE TO STAR IN A REMAKE OF … "Honestly, why keep making remakes when there is so much amazing original content to film? It's funny because everyone asks the same question. ", WHEN I GROW UP, I WANT TO … "Probably do geology, gemology or be a magician. 20 Year Old Actors 1. ", I'M DYING TO WORK WITH … Reese Witherspoon, I WISH I WERE OLD ENOUGH TO … "Rent a car. The list of famous 20 years old includes Emily Alyn Lind, Noah Cyrus, Zion Williamson, Jacob Bertrand, Kiernan Shipka. ", MY PARENTS ALWAYS TELL ME TO … "Stand up straight. Otherwise known as Bella Hadid's friend and the very best part of Grown-ish, Luka Sabbat is a model who is infinitely cooler than all your faves combined, and he achieved peak coolness before it was even legal for him to buy a drink to toast himself. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The film — and Dennison — caught the attention of Deadpool producers, who offered him the role of Firefist in the sequel opposite Ryan Reynolds. Luckily, I have very polite fans. Based on this picture of Zara Larsson looking like a bona fide Instagram model, I refuse to believe that she isn't 21.


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