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See entry in "Reagan family" section above. Detective First Grade Daniel Fitzgerald Reagan is the eldest son of Commissioner Frank Reagan.

John McKenna – An NYPD officer who was with Frank during 9/11 who later got sick and died from illness he was exposed to during the attacks. In "Parenthood", it is mentioned that he attended Yale University and that he has an illegitimate daughter who does not know about him, aside from the fact that he is the mayor. If so, it's a funny reference to Law and Order, a different NY DA show from a different network. Blue Bloods, Episode 5/09, "Under the Gun."

Henry admitted that they both had romantic feelings for each other, but they never acted on them since he was married. Nevertheless, there continued to be romantic tension lingering between the two, which had become much more apparent when they both acknowledged to each other how they feel, leading to another kiss.

Full name In "Disrupted" the role of Vivian Abetemarco is from thus on played by Kate Miller.

[42], In "Back in the Day", Eddie reveals her aspirations of making detective, having signed herself and Jamie up for a surveillance assignment for one of the precinct's detectives. Danny drove a Jeep XJ Cherokee as his personal/family vehicle from Season 1 to Season 5, whilst Linda drove a rather troublesome 2001 Kia Sedona/Carnival; this vehicle was replaced when Henry lost his driver's license and gave Linda his car. Jamie grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with two older brothers, Danny and Joe, and an older sister, Erin. In 2012, Jackie took early retirement from the NYPD after starting to show signs of burning out. Since 2013, there has been significant romantic tension between Jamie and his patrol partner, Eddie Janko, with the two even sharing a kiss. If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. In season seven, Frank gets wind from the ranks that he may be the only thing holding Jamie back from becoming a detective. Erin says that McCoy wanted this guy on racketeering and other charges but he could never make the case, and when McCoy resigned, it just went on the back burner. Melissa Baker", however was referred to as Abigail throughout the season and the name was changed in Season 2.

In season 8, Peterson returns as the Corporation Counsel of New York City. Upon Jamie’s promotion to Sergeant, he is transferred to the 29th Precinct. Frank was reluctant to promote him, lest tensions between the citizens and the police grow even worse and ultimately offered Officer Sculley a choice: transfer to another city (Long Island, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Boulder, Colorado, or San Diego were among the departments Frank talked to) or take his promotion to Sergeant and ride a desk at the NYPD Erie Basin Auto Pound in Brooklyn for the rest of his career. Danny and Baez investigate the death of a woman whose body was dumped after she was killed by a lethal dose of Fentanyl, following secret plastic surgery. She is portrayed by Lorraine Bracco. Gormley was transferred to 1PP. In 2011, she met Jacob Krystal (Fred Weller) at an art gallery; she later learned that he was an art thief who returned once-stolen works to their rightful owners, and he left town. He and Danny don't personally get along, but are willing to work together when necessary.

[43] Since her divorce, Erin has had a few romantic interests. Henry was a Marine in World War II and Korea, and joined the NYPD in 1952. While off-duty, Jamie drove his brother Joe's 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS until it was sabotaged and totaled by the Blue Templar. Her shield number is 68921. [3] She almost fires Erin after she calls her out on violating Brady Rules by not providing the defense with video footage that may have exonerated a previous rape suspect; Harris ends up keeping Erin, saying that she needs someone like her to keep her in check.

Reddit. She is the adoptive mother of a baby girl whose father committed suicide in front of her and Danny, despite their best efforts to talk him down. It is revealed that their father taught them this when they were young, as a plan in case one of them was ever held at gunpoint. He is married, and has a side job painting to make extra money; he is also a gambler, but quit after Frank bailed him out of a $3,000 debt (with it made clear that this is a one-time offer). [11] At one point, he uses it on a serial rapist who was about to rape and kill Erin. [43] When Danny was framed for narcotics possession, Henry hired Jack as his attorney.[38]. [9], In 2013, Frank is the target of an assassination attempt by Hector Santiago (Omar Maskati), a mentally challenged teenager of the Bitterman housing projects who is tricked by a member of the Los Lordes gang who declared war on the NYPD. [34] She is portrayed by LaTanya Richardson Jackson. He spent days at Ground Zero, and took refuge at St. Paul's Chapel, where he and other officers slept in the pews.[12]. She subsequently became pregnant and gave birth during season 7. Add the first question. He does add one condition: that Frank replaces Garrett Moore as DCPI with a more hardline replacement from one of a list of candidates provided by Chase. Upon the couple's return to duty after the wedding, their precinct commander, Captain Espinoza (Luis Antonio Ramos), switched Eddie and Officer Witten to the night shift under Sergeant McNichols (Stephanie Kurtzuba) to remove Jamie from Eddie's chain of command. This is an overview of the regular, recurring, and other characters of the TV series Blue Bloods. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Like his grandson Danny, Henry is socially conservative and hates the political correctness of modern law and order. He is played by Luis Antonio Ramos. (He had enlisted and served in the Marines shortly after high school and prior to joining the NYPD, and either stayed in the Marine Corps Reserve and was activated, or volunteered to reenlist at the start of the war.) Introduced as the Mayor-elect in "Friends in High Places". [10], From 1995 to 1999, Frank was the Commanding Officer of the Special Investigations Unit, a special anti-narcotics task force. However, Sydney broke up with him a few months after he became a police officer when realizing the true danger of his career. In 2013, after being shot in a courtroom hostage situation, she began dating her ex-husband Jack, but eventually broke up with him when she realized Jack only wanted to date and that he didn't want a serious commitment. However, she soon warms up to him when Jamie refuses to be intimidated by her and is happy with the relationship. It is later revealed that Henry and Betty had another son, Peter Christopher, who died of leukemia at the age of 18 months, over a year before Frank was born. Since then, he has served in various positions across the city, including Chief of the Brooklyn South Division and the Chief of Department of the NYPD, culminating in being appointed Police Commissioner. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. She was portrayed by Daytime Emmy-nominated actress, Amy Carlson. Jamie gets Danny involved when he finds a homeless teen who claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. The Supervisor of the 54th Precinct's Detective Squad, Sergeant Sidney Gormley was Danny's boss for over four years.

He tries hard not to judge people, and tends to purse his lips together when hearing bad news or the horrific details of an ongoing case. [19], In the first season, Frank is well regarded and respected by his officers and his city, to the point where the mayor felt threatened by his popularity; however, by season 6, public opinion regarding the police – and him personally – has changed so drastically that he gets booed off-stage while speaking at Columbia University. [44] In "To Protect and Serve", Erin is taken hostage and shot in the arm at the courthouse. Paula visits Frank and reveals the news in an effort to get her son, a young detective in the firearms unit, assigned to a less dangerous precinct. [47] In season six, Erin was considered for a judgeship. He is portrayed by James Lesure. This led to a brief conflict between them, with Jamie threatening to get a new partner if she ever goes against an emergency call again.[24]. Simultaneously, Garrett receives an unsolicited job offer for a professorship at Duke University; he and Frank do some checking and discover that Chase's wife is on the Board of Directors at Duke.

She later went on to attend Fordham University School of Law. Neither Loved nor Hated ie rated 4>6 usually. He was an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn for twelve years before leaving to join private practice in 2008.

Captain Robert Espinoza is the Commander of the 29th Precinct and Jamie's immediate superior starting in Season 9 Episode 2 "Meet the New Boss", who requested his assignment as new blood to help clean out corruption in the ranks of the patrol officers.

Frank's only daughter, Erin (Bridget Moynahan), is also in law enforcement[citation needed] as a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney. [67] In Season 7 "Unbearable Loss", Potter suffers a personal tragedy when his teenage son, Michael, is murdered by one of the youths he once sheltered; Frank consoles him, revealing that his son Joe was killed by a corrupt cop. Jamie's first partner and Training Officer, Sergeant Tony Renzulli knows the beat of his precinct very well and often offers Jamie good advice when he needs it.

As mayor, she is aided by Carlton Miller, who is portrayed by Mark Linn-Baker. First aired December 12, 2014.


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