minecraft wet hands virtual piano

[tso], D f G L | Song: Minecraft – Wet HandsArtist: Daniel Rosenfeld (a.k.a C418)Category: Game SoundtracksDifficulity: HardTempo: 73.

[8f] a [ws] a [tf] a [ws] a [8f] a [ws] a [tf] a [ws] a [6f] a [0s] a [ef] a [0s] a [6f] a [0s] a [ef] a [0s] a [4f] a [8s] a [qf] a [8s] a [4f] a [8s] a [qf] a [8s] a [5d] a [9s] a [wd] a [9s] a [5d] a [9s] a [wd] f [9g] f [6l] f [0g] f [el] f [og] f [6l] f [0g] f [el] f [og] f [4j] f [8g] f [qj] f [8g] f [5d] f [9d] f [wd] f [9d] f [5d] f [9d] f [wd] f [9d] [g5h] a [9d] g [wh] a [9d] g [5h] a [9d] g [wh] a [9s] [a8f] a [ws] a [tf] a [ws] a [8f] a [ws] a [tf] a [ws] a [6f] a [0s] a [ef] a [0s] a [6f] a [0s] a [ef] a [0s] a [4f] a [8s] a [qf] a [8s] a [4f] a [8s] a [qf] a [8s] a [5d] a [9s] a [wd8f] [wf] [tl] [wf] [8f] [wf] [tl] [wf] [5d] [9f] [wd] [9f] [5d] [9f] [wd] [9f] [8f] [wf] [tl] [wf] [8f] [wf] [tl] [wf] [5d] [9f] [wd] [9f] [5d] [9f] [wd] [9f] [6s] 0 [es] 0 [6s] 0 [es] [oa] [4s] 8 [qs] 8 [4x] [8l] [qj] [8g] [6s] 0 [es] 0 [6s] 0 [es] [oa] [5s] 9 [ws] 9 [5z] [9k] [wh] [9f] [4p] 8 q 8 4 8 q 8 4 8 [qp] 8 [4s] 8 [dq] 8 [4p] 8 q 8 4 8 q 8 4 8 [qp] 8 [4s] 8 [dq] 8 [4p] d, [6f] 0 d [ef] s | [5d] 9 s [wd] a | [4s] 8 [qp] |

http://www.virtualpiano.net/ - play it yourself here.http://www.fubardproductions.com/virtual-piano.html Visit for more unique virtual piano sheets. Virtual Piano is so easy to play. Visit here: https://virtualpianosheets.com/metronome/. [utf] 0 [xwf5] e [sl] u [ztd] [xwljf6] Minecraft - Wet Hands. Play Wet Hands (Minecraft) (Easy) on Virtual Piano. p a [4p] 8 q | a s [5a] 9 [wd] | Anyone can do it!

d 0 [wpd6] [fe] u [tsp] [yws4] [ue] [IG] [uf] [yed] [ra] [xwf8] e [zd] u Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for minecraft - wet hands by Misc Computer Games arranged by Torby Brand for Piano (Solo) Tons of sheets here http://www.kod5.com/k-virtual-piano.html******PLAY WITH CAPS LOCK ON************BUT PLAY AS IF IT IS NOT ON******6 * E R t R E 0 9 q t U t E6 * E R t R E 0 9 q t U t E[6o] * E R t R [EP] 0 [i9] q t U t E U i [6o] * E R t R [EA] [0s] [i9] q t U t s F ******CAPS LOCK OFF NOW ******[5h] 7 9 [QG] [de] Q p [a7] 5 7 Q e[5h] 7 9 [QG] [de] Q p [a7] 5 7 Q e p [6u] * e r T r e 0 6 * 0 r T u p S[d7] 9 Q S p u T 7 [d9] Q e T a S[5a] 7 S [wd] e G S r e r% 7 0 W 0 7 % 3 % 7 0 W 0 65 7 9 Q e Q 9 7 6 * 0 e T r e 03 % 7 0 W 3 % 7 0 W
It's fast, fun and simple. Virtual Piano is a free to use platform which enables you to play the piano through your computer keyboard - online.

Q a D G G H D D | Play the first part with caps locks on, it's the only way to play white keys and black number keys at the same time, just play as if you don't have it on :) .Notes are posted below, enjoy.


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