most expensive megalodon tooth
Teeth in good condition are significantly more rare than broken teeth.  This is due to a few factors. can command a higher price simply because they are more rare than the average grey or black teeth from the US or the common tan color teeth from Morocco. Announcing – Free Fossils For Teachers Program, Trip Report: U-Dig Trilobite Quarry – March, 2014, Torvosaurus – King of the Real Jurassic World Unearthed. Dark Water Megs has megalodon teeth for sale as well as other fossilized shark teeth for sale. It’s very common for portions of the root to be worn away. It found its way into The Child’s Christmas stocking last year. I personally do not repair or restore any of my teeth, I personally would have a damaged tooth in it's natural state than a seemingly perfect tooth that was restored and stretched. Everyone has their own opinion on tooth restoration. The teeth I sell have not been restored, if the buyer chooses to restore the their teeth it is their right to do so.  Species But, "polishing" a tooth on the other hand is where the tooth is heavily polished to the point of removing enamel in order to hide surface defects. You can take a pretty gnarly tooth and polish it to make it look semi-attractive. It has turned out to be one of his most treasured items and a big hit at show and tell. View Megalodon teeth for sale on FossilEra. Lower teeth will be dagger shaped while posterior teeth will be short and wide. Unique Coloration - Sometimes a tooth will have a unique coloration for the site it was found and these teeth will command premiums. A note on size measurements. Enamel – How much of it is present and what condition is it in? #3 Fewer To Be Found Every Year Megalodon teeth are no longer being created by megalodon sharks.  There are no new ones being made so the world has a finite supply.  Much like gold and other resources that are in high demand the megalodon teeth that are easy or inexpensive to recover have for the most part been found already.  So areas that once had many megalodon teeth now have very few, which means it takes much more time searching to recover any.  This means that although the demand for megalodon teeth continues to go up the number being found on a regular basis is going down.  While some megalodon tooth hunters are willing to enter new areas that might hold megalodon teeth with a higher risk of injury or death there are still far fewer megalodon teeth that can be recovered than there were a decade ago.  Because of the dwindling supply of megalodon teeth their price will continue to rise as long as people all over the world are fascinated by these fossil teeth. To ensure your tooth has not been restored without being disclosed as such I recommend you purchase the tooth from the person who found it if at all possible. Serrations – Are they visible and complete? Shouldn’t it be more expensive? Both of these type and degree of these alterations affect the price of the tooth. For instance some years ago some megalodon teeth were dredged up from the Pacific ocean from over 1000' under water, due to the expense to do this and new environmental standards it is likely that the remaining teeth in that location will stay on the bottom of the ocean.  Megalodon Shark Teeth For Sale. Next you have to consider the amount of time that has passed since the tooth fell out of the sharks mouth, a lot of tectonic activity, super storms, etc have happened in the past 10 million years, for these teeth to be preserved at all is somewhat of a miracle, ones that are intact are even more rare. “Wow who would pay that much for that fossil megalodon tooth that is basically a rock”? Chipping – Are there chips out of the edge of the blade? Both questions are valid and in this article I will try to explain some of the things that “Make Megalodon Teeth So Expensive” in a future article I will write about “Why Megalodon Teeth Are So Cheap” but that is best saved for a different article. Location I hope this article has helped explain why megalodon teeth are considered expensive by some. or People also gravitate towards larger megalodon and other fossil shark teeth not just because of their rarity but because of the stark contrast with modern teeth.  Any fossil shark tooth that is over 3" represents an animal that is far bigger than any shark swimming in the oceans today. My advice is to purchase a tooth that you like, get one that is large enough and has the right color and condition for you to enjoy it, make sure if the tooth has been restored you are aware of that, at peace with it being restored, and the tooth has been priced accordingly. Size: All other factors being equal the larger the tooth the more it is worth. “Wow that is a real megalodon tooth and I can have it for that small amount of money?” The big ones like to break. Fossils are all unique, so of course pricing is a little subjective but there are many factors that go into putting a price on a Megalodon tooth. Some locations are difficult or impossible to get to, teeth that have previously been collected from these locations can command a higher price as the location may become closed or inaccessible for shark tooth hunters for some time, or forever.  Color plays a significant role in value for a couple of reasons.  Some colors are more rare than others, from Morocco the light tan color teeth are extremely common and from the US a large portion of the teeth are grey and black.  The more rare colors: red, blue, green, brown, etc. Unfortunately not all sellers are upfront about this, and some are simple dishonest even when asked. All fossilized shark teeth for sale on the site were found by me personally. All of the factors above play a key role in putting a value on a tooth. Unfortunately most of those factors can be altered or modified. Tooth restoration is the process of repairing a tooth, enhancing, or enlarging a tooth beyond how it was found. #5 Multi Level Supply Chain I hope this article has helped explain why megalodon teeth are considered expensive … I am going to attempt to answer this question by outlining the major factors that go into putting a valuation on a megalodon tooth or other fossilized shark tooth. #2 Dangerous To Recover, Megalodon teeth are often located in places that are dangerous to recover them.  Along cliff faces that collapse, around heavy equipment, and in my case under water.  Unfortunately over the past several years there have been many close calls and several people who have lost their life diving for megalodon teeth.  The days of megalodon being numerous on the beaches and in shallow water are unfortunately over, so divers push into deep or dark and treacherous waters in hopes of finding some of the megalodon teeth that have not previously been recovered.  The dangers associated with diving for megalodon teeth are part of the reason that they are expensive.  In the past few years the divers who have perished while diving for megalodon teeth for the most part have had extensive training, the correct equipment, and a lot of experience.  It is simply the dangerous conditions that make it so treacherous for people to dive for megalodon teeth and the fact that people have to take risks with significant consequences to recover them increases the cost. A rock from your driveway is worth significantly less than a rock brought back from the moon, one was recovered very easily with almost no expense, the other cost a significant amount both in money and risk to the people recovering it.  For that reason shark teeth found in dangerous locations such as dark water rivers often command a higher price than beach found teeth, etc. Pathologies or deformations that happened while the shark was alive can make a tooth for valuable. These fossilized teeth are one of a kind items, there are similar teeth that can be used as comparisons but there are truly no two that are exactly alike. Besides rarity color can make some teeth more attractive than others, some of this is personal preference but some colors have more general appeal than others. The remaining megalodon teeth that are able to be recovered are for the most part in areas that are difficult to access.  Deep under the earth or water, the days of finding many megalodons along the beach or banks of a river are gone, so people like myself venture further and deeper in hopes of recovering some megalodon teeth.  The reason that there are still megalodon teeth in some of the dark water rivers I dive in is simply because no one wants to go in the water there.  Depth, current, lack of visibility, inhospitable wildlife, etc all do their part in keeping people out of those waters.  In my articles "Really How Dark Is It Down There?"


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