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How exactly did Spyder find Monk when Monk was being attacked by the Nazis? There is no San Juan Prison in California; in the later episode ", Dale the Whale makes his first appearance since. It hurts. But Dale imagines that the plane he sees is Monk’s, which means it would have to be heading east, towards New York. Meanwhile, Sharona's ex-husband, A disagreement between the publisher of a popular men's magazine (. Monk and Sharona pretend to be married in order to go undercover at a couples' therapy retreat and investigate the new husband of Disher's mother, an antiques dealer (. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Adrian Monk Bitty Schram. Dale says he wants a window so he can watch the sunset, so the window would have to face west. But Dale "The Whale" Biderbeck whose murder plot Monk solved, who is also in the same prison calls him and tells him that he is a suspect but Monk knows that the motive that he is suspected of is not motive enough for him to kill. Disher: Mmm-hmm. If Tucker never made it back to his cell the night he died in the freezer, why wasn't his empty cell noticed that night? Company Credits Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. Monk becomes a substitute teacher in the hopes of solving the case. Monk is called in to investigate a series of murders whose methods and victims seem to have nothing in common. The instrumental theme (written by Jeff Beal) was replaced by "It's a Jungle Out There" by Randy Newman. While they are waiting, Monk helps solve the murder of the Latvian ambassador. Season View production, box office, & company info. An ex-cop suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder solves crimes with various (and usually exasperated) sidekicks in tow in this first-rate mystery with a breakout Emmy-winning star in Tony Shalhoub. As Ray Kaspo is thrashing on the floor of his cell, a close-up shows a white fluid covering his nostrils and trickling down his upper lip. The local (state) and federal courts do not share courthouses in San Francisco. His final line in the episode hinted that Dale the Whale had his own sinister motivations for giving Monk the two clues to the circumstances behind Trudy's murder. | When a man who was scheduled to be executed is killed before his execution. Warden Christie Patrick St. Esprit. Execution by lethal injection would not ruin Kaspo's kidneys, because the drug used would only destroy his nervous system. He explains that he is a suspect in Ray Kaspo’s death, since Kaspo owed him $1,200. Mr. Monk Goes to Jail An ex-cop suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder solves crimes with various (and usually exasperated) sidekicks in tow in this first-rate mystery with a breakout Emmy-winning star in Tony Shalhoub. Directed by Andre Belgrader. It really is the best justice system in the world. He is also just finishing a stint in solitary confinement for beating up another prisoner who "touched his stuff." I'm on a low-carb diet. Monk and his colleagues travel to New York City to interview someone connected to Trudy's murder. Stottlemeyer: I understand Mr. Kaspo owed you some money. Type AB blood is the universal recipient (a person with that blood type can receive a transfusion from any other blood type); type O is the universal donor (a person with that blood type can give blood to anyone but receive it only from another type O). Whether it was the real killer, or the neo-Nazis, it doesn't make much sense that they would have left the money in Tucker's pocket. Thus a key element of the plot has plausibility issues. The motive was later elaborated on in the second part of "Mr. Monk Is On The Run". During the scene where Stottlemeyer and Disher go to see Dale the Whale, Randy is eating a bagel. Filming & Production Monk emerges from prison, tremendously relieved to be out. With Tony Shalhoub, Traylor Howard, Jason Gray-Stanford, Ted Levine. 16 Karen Stottlemeyer is critically injured after crashing into a tow truck whose driver has been shot dead by a roadside sniper. He nearly kills Monk again, but Monk swears he didn’t take it, and offers Spyder a deal: he’ll find out who did, and in exchange Spyder will tell him what he knows about Kaspo.


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