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The only solution is turn it off. Now for transmission, we use photons because photons don't interact.

Naval Ravikant: Yeah, a little bit. Edition. Joe Rogan: Well, I think it's even a problem that most people are getting their meditation from an app. Or replacing a lot of plastics with glass and paper and so on. And so once it came out of that, then it just raise the cost of meetings. It's actually a problem. So, the way to survive in modern society is to be an ascetic. Wealth is having assets that earn while you sleep. And a whole bunch of people who loved him from Silicon Valley piled in and said, "What is it that you can't say? And that gets scary. It's one of the most difficult things for people to do is to change the way they approach reality itself. They're thinking too much.

Learn to hug more these things actually released serotonin in reverse. You have to teach a man to fish, not to basically throw your rotting leftover carcasses at him and say, "Here, eat the scraps." If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.

It would give you food. Every time somebody pays you or me a compliment and we're like, "Oh, well, thank you." Naval Ravikant: That'll take care of everything.

Can't put the phone down.

Joe Rogan: — halucinating, the whole deal? Because what you want is you don't want to be the guy who succeeds in life while being high strung, high stress, and unhappy and leaving a trail of emotional wreckage with you and your loved ones. And lastly it's nonsense to hand 15 K out to everybody, you want to means test people. I’m working on a book about the history of the crypto space to be published by….

And everybody wants to be healthier; Chinese want to be healthier, Indians want to be healthier. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. We are all journalists and editors now. So, that's a clear example. You really also have to get used to ignoring your peers or upgrading or changing the definition of your peers. It is — I mean, if you — when you start pondering the multiverse, the universe, the galaxies, the solar system, the planet, the organism, the cells inside the organism, the bacteria, the parasites, the symbiotic relationship we have to our environment, and you start going, "Jesus Christ, what — am I just a little piece of this thing?" Naval Ravikant: And look, I grew up as a first generation immigrant in Jamaica Queens with zero money.

Right? We all band together. "Well, okay. Naval Ravikant: I would never this bored again. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, these are weaponized.

You'll live in your apartment alone. I want that. So I think a lot of these are choices that we make. Right? Naval Ravikant: That is my disease. Guns. Meditation is not a sit down, close your eyes activity. Different definition. The HOLD 10 will only have a management fee of 2-3%, and not the 20-30% performance fees of a hedge fund. You let it go much faster. Naval Ravikant: And concentration is a technique to steal your mind enough that you can then drop the object of concentration. One person, one vote. Where's the transition?

Right? Joe Rogan: Even in our lifetimes? You're trapped inside your head and you're just aware of a bunch of things going on and that's it. There is no more establishment. Some of my better friends are socialist. Seconded by Dilbert creator and Trump fan Scott Adams (really): ... Srinivasan isn’t formally part of the Trump agenda yet. It's one of those things that everybody says they do, but nobody actually does. Naval Ravikant: When today is complete in and of itself, you're retired. Naval Ravikant: That was the implication. Bernie spends a bit on ads. And thought in equality. But today, he says it’s Title II, which lifted the ban on general solicitation for accredited investors, that has made the most difference, though in a way that he didn’t imagine back then.

Joe Rogan: Yeah it's also usually highly educated people that are involved in technology in the first place. Yeah. "Because of B." Like, "Hey I'm sitting here with [inaudible 0:10:52]. You'd renounce politics, science, technology, everything. So what look like the small little vacation rental market on Craigslist is now suddenly blown up into Airbnb. Joe Rogan: You don't even make attempt to memorize things. Yeah envy makes the world go around. Simple hacks get more sunlight, right? And microeconomics is a real discipline, real science, real math behind it, logic, reason. That’s also one of the reasons why he put all his personal crypto holdings into MetaStable, after deciding that picking winners and handling custody of keys was too hard (and dangerous: Ravikant initially hesitated to give an interview for this article, because he was concerned his already-high profile in the space made him a target for criminals).


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