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#newmoon in Capricorn ♑️, A post shared by Nïc ( on Dec 28, 2016 at 3:14pm PST. No offence to any Roys out there, just such weird name for a young lad. Friends, Internet, magazine reviews, or other cast members? I remember they only served water and bumping into some older hard cunts from the estate who would would have usually taxed you or knocked you out, but were being dead friendly. Soundbites: AC/DC, Tom Williams & The Boat, Lady GaGa & more! I understand you have always been a keen music fan so if I could start by asking what were you into as a kid? Any spare money was more likely to go on a Sinclair Spectrum game. There seems to be a lot of self pressure to work at one thing; “what do you want to BE when you’re older?”, and you kind of forget that it doesn’t have to be one thing. NE: I didn’t buy much music as a young kid, I would mostly tape stuff off the radio, but I think my first proper interest in music piqued when the ‘Second Summer of Love’ thing was going on, but I was too young to go out and get involved, so I sat at home, collected flyers and listened to mix-tapes in my smiley face t-shirt or paisley hoodie and fantasied about it instead. CS: When you were old enough who was the first artist/band you went to go see live? In a rare interview, actor Nicky Evans talks exclusively about finding rave culture, his PC wiping a 'concept album' away, how a bout of malaria landed him the Shameless gig, and bumping int If my bills depended on it and had deadlines, I’m not sure I would enjoy the process so much. He has also played roles in various dramas such as the Bill, Burn It and Clocking Off. his acting takes me places,would do anything to meet himm someday…. Must have been impressive to me, because I remember sitting glued in front of the box at an age where I really wasn’t that into music and would usually have been out on my BMX. A friend’s brother lent me the ‘Definitely Maybe’ album and I went out and purchased my first guitar not long after, so yeah ‘Definitely Maybe’ marked a point where my musical interest expanded and raves were to be swapped for festivals. Pete Evans and Nicky Robinson Evans. The former bombshell - once known for her blonde and curly hair - went makeup free in the photo as she let her natural brunette locks flow freely. View the profiles of people named Nicki Evans. CS: Going through your twenties and starting out in your acting career, what artists and bands have influenced you, eg like buying ‘Definitely Maybe’ in ’94? What was the first album you bought and what effect did it have on you? I lived in Bradford then and used to hang around a local dance record shop obsessively – in hindsight I probably looked a bit ‘special’ and was the catalyst for a vinyl buying habit. In the documentary, Nicola - then known simply as Nicky - talked candidly about having three boob jobs, the first of which she had at the age of 21. Garage seemed to be going from what I knew as being soulful US vocal-led house to some twat shouting down a mic stuff like ‘it’s a London thing’ over a crap rhythm. Saying that, I was browsing YouTube a few weeks ago and came across Cherry Ghosts’ ‘Kissing Strangers’ video; not heard any of their other stuff yet, but I thought that was fantastic. Join Facebook to connect with Nicky Evans and others you may know. I was doing acting jobs and loads of other stuff to pay the bills at the time and studying part-time at music college while putting together some instrumental stuff for a concept album idea I had, which took about two years to complete and God knows how many hours. Photo / Instagram. I did get asked to join a band once but bottled it and didn’t want anything to do with the limelight. New artists/bands, and how do you normally find your music? CS: Moving into the present Nick, is there anything out there today you rate? Pete Evans and Nicky Robinson Evans. So there were always boxes and boxes of old 7″ singles around the house that he had bought from the car boot, and one of them cheesy twin decks in the back room – which led into some proper dodgy tastes in music, and yes Shakey’s ‘This Old House‘ was definitely one of them.


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