norse word for beast
undertake; take, capture, catch, seize; take hold of, grasp, pick up; reach, touch; begin; choose; accept, receive; begin (with infin. Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? through, across; over; for; around, about; concerning, as regards; because of; through, past, throughout; over, across; round, about; (all) over, in; concerning, as regards; during; at a point of time; throughout, past, through; over, across; round, about; (all) over, in; concerning, as regards; during; at a point of time; throw a funeral feast; inherit; commemorate with a funeral feast (v), throw, fling; sweep; reef (sails) (ship/sailing term) (v). spring, burst, leap; spring asunder; snap; drive; be sprinkled; spring, jump; issue forth; burst; die from overexertion or grief (v). ; each (of two); bottom, ground; broad surface; surface of the earth, earth, boulder, rock, stone; cliff; crag; mountain (n). protect, defend; keep away; hold a place against, keep one away from; protection, help, aid; inspection; appearance, shape (f), protection, help, support, confidence (n). Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? rule, steer, command, direct, govern; manage; wield; own; swing; ruler, chief; leader; chieftain; captain (m). regard; look; see; seem; take into consideration; Regin; son of Hreidmar, brother of Fafnir the dragon (m), region; troop; band, company; community, district (f pl); group or body of men (f), regional military leader in Norway; chieftain (m), rejoice at, welcome; glad (to be glad) (v). habits; custom, manner, kind, type; (m); activity, behavior (m pl); halberd (one type of halberd), long spear (f). grow up; give birth to; feed; nurse; rear, bring up; growth, fame, success; advancement, benefit, profit; luck; courage, ability (m). might, physical strength, power; strength; might, power, ability; strength; supernatural strength; side(s) (n), might; will, shall; be sure to; be about to; will be; would, must (probability) (v), mighty; powerful, great, magnificent (adj), Miklagard, 'mighty stronghold', Constantinople (m). happen to (do); Third, one of the three interrogators of King Gylfi (m), Thor, god of thunder, husband of Sif, son of Odin and Earth (m), thousand, usually a long thousand (twelve hundred) (f). Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? hurl; set; seat; place, put; make; set up; set (in a course), direct; establish; endow; adorn; hurt, injury, pain, harm; disease, plague; husband; farmer; yeoman, franklin; head of a household (m), husband; man; person; human being; henchman (m), Iceland geography (from the west-fjord district of Iceland), impatient, sudden, hasty; hot-tempered (adj), impetuously, exceedingly, very, vehemently (adv), impose, pronounce, decree; make, create (v), imposing, of distinguished appearance (adj), in accordance with, corresponding to; like, resembling; probable; promising; likely; similar to (adj), in many places, widely, far and wide; extensively (adv), in the course of; onto, on; to, towards; with respect to; upon; at, in; by (means of); during; in the manner of (prep); onwards (adv), in the meantime; while, as long as, whilst (adv). within, in; at (position); during (time); among; into (motion), onto; within, inside; in-doors; within the house (adv), without mail, mail-less, unarmored, unprotected (adj). pierce; cut, shear; cut through; cut open; make incisions, carve; slaughter; pike, spear (for throwing), dart, shaft; fluke of an anchor (ship/sailing term) (m), pillar, post; beam; tree (the ash Yggdrasil), pithless, feeblehearted, 'without strength'; weak (adj), pithless, timid, gutless, 'without fortitude' (adj). What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing? bind, tie, fasten; dress; bind up (a wound); pledge; bishop's see; stool, chair; king's throne or residence (m). convicted; guilty; outlawed, condemned to outlawry; corner of the sail, sheet (ship/sailing term); hem, border, end of cloak; corpse (of the slain in battle), dead body, carrion (n). after, behind; for, to obtain; along; according to; after the death of; in succession to; in memory of; afternoon; snacking time, a roughly three hour portion of the day beginning about 3:00 p.m. (f), again; still; also; yet; further; moreover; even (adv), against; at, in; as to, as, with respect to; on account of, by reason of; close up to, around, by, to, towards; from; according to; regarding; concerning; after (prep), against; towards (of time); contrary; meet, escort (prep). fix; mark, draw; mark as one's property; mark with an emblem; heed, mind; signify, mean; infer; flagstone, flat stone, flat slab of rock (m), flat slab of rock, flat stone, flagstone (m), flat stone, flat slab of rock, flagstone (m), flax; linen, linen garment; bride's veil (n), flay; strip (of clothes and of money); skin (v), flensing of a whale; cutting, slice; trench (m), fling, throw; sweep; reef (sails) (ship/sailing term) (v).


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