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It’s not ever going to be the sequencer for you if you can’t handle a screen in your modular, but it might be the best thing going if you can. Cons: Linear composition is one of the things people who go with Eurorack try to avoid, as they can get this elsewhere, but for some it might be just what they were looking for. Hermod has seven effect slots, so you can have seven MIDI effects playing simultaneously on each track- that’s nuts! ... and the Synthstrom Deluge which, as its name suggest, is a synth too: I think it’s going to be something to watch once it’s in the wild. Limited to 8 sequences (and 8 patterns per track). Happy to answer any question about these sequencers! I do wish they would have mirrored the settings of the CV tracks to use elsewhere, as CV is a bit more useful than gates in smaller systems, but it’s not a big deal. They did a great job color coding this thing. It really does look great! dadRabbit Common Wiggler Posts: 92 Joined: Sun Jul 13, 2014 7:48 pm Location: St. Louis. Hermod, its smaller, modular brother – released a few months ago – was designed with Eurorack control in mind. Hermod is a game changer for those wanting to have more control over song structure in their modular, and if you’ve played with a hardware MIDI sequencer you’ll feel right at home. Hej really nice review, liked the pace and it was easy to get a quick look at what these sequencers are. Being able to mute and unmute effects while your sequence is running results in spontaneous changes to your live performance, but changes you ultimately have control over because you can plan these ahead of time. Regarding Pyramid - I’ve reviewed peers that cost more and less as well, but again, sorry can’t help on that one... Yea, at the price I would have kind of hoped for more knobs for assigning midi cc to. What additional features do the other euro. Very weak. Create an account or login to get started! The question is – how easy is it to get to these features and use them? Or maybe on a dedicated sequencer like SEQ? wich effect is modified? In this menu we can also edit the Velocity, Aftertouch, and Modulation for other tracks. The Pyramid’s strengths lie in sequencing many hardware synthesizers and drum machines; Hermod on the other hand was created to work with Eurorack so it’s a bit more limited. Well, Squarp have two sequencers which Loopop compares. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In this clip I give an overview of the top features of both sequencers, and show how to actually use them, so that you can make up your mind if Squarp have successfully balanced power and usability. Of all the eurorack sequences I have been looking at, the Hermod is certainly to most appealing to me. Sequencers! SOLAR 50 Review, full tutorial and patch ideas, Roland TR-6S vs TR-8S vs MC-101 – Review and full workflow tutorial. “The main idea behind Hermod was to create a complete, affordable and compact sequencer, with an easy workflow facilitating the song composition process and live performance for the modular world.


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