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2 Kentucky Coal Miners Die in Mining Accidents in 1 Week, California Insurance Co. [9] Mining is performed at the site by hundreds of people who scavenge through tailings dumped by trucks at the site. 1. Please tell us what we can do to improve this article. The Hpakant jade mine disaster was a mining disaster in which a landslide killed at least 174 miners, while at least 100 went missing, and an additional 54 people were injured in a jade mining site in the Hpakant area of Kachin State in Myanmar. Thank you! 0 “We will learn more about how this accident happened so that we can hopefully prevent another such loss of life,” said state Energy and Environment Secretary Rebecca Goodman. [7] Dozens of recovered unidentified bodies were buried in a mass grave dug out by a mechanical digger near the landslide. Myanmar's jade industry is worth US$790 million per Myanmar's official statistics, but independent estimates put it at US$30–31 billion worth per year. Date/Time of Death 02/27/2020 1:45 PM 5. Last Friday, 48-year-old Douglas Slusher died in a surface mining accident in Bell County in eastern Kentucky. UPDATE (3/17/2020 2:36 p.m.): FAIRVIEW, W.Va. — The Mine Safety and Health Administration has released its preliminary accident report on an incident which occurred on Feb. 27 at the Federal No. The Hpakant jade mine disaster was a mining disaster in which a landslide killed at least 174 miners, while at least 100 went missing, and an additional 54 people were injured in a jade mining site in the Hpakant area of Kachin State in Myanmar.The disaster took place on 2 July 2020 and is the deadliest mining accident to date in Myanmar. 11 Miners Killed in Coal Mine Accident in South Sumatra Published on - Oct 22,2020 BHP Operational Update on Coal Production in Jul-Sep Quarter Published on - Oct 21,2020 … This hazard register presents the findings from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety's investigations into 71 fatal mining accidents in the Western Australian mining industry over the period January 2000 to December 2018. While the Myanmar jade industry is known for fatalities and accidents, the 2020 disaster is the deadliest accident to date. This warning was ignored by many miners. By continuing to use our site, you accept our revised Privacy Policy. The tailings form large slopes, in a moonscape-like scene devoid of trees, which is susceptible to collapse. h�ĖMO�@������KBH���J�"���$Kjɱ��T��w����$-�V=�ڳ3��,�x� ���� +C�)X9���".�Gd�[%��g���� �� ��a &A�hP�1��GL��&�ܠ�3�O��@���B�8��ƇbQ.�b�����\x$���9�*���p���oit�(�98����*N�����ߖ�u��E�hc��]�-��L������O�*�����xY��S_��k����HQpbpdw����_��BaS��E�3IN}�Y(�#΍p�q��r���r��tm�x����O�4��b�[D��(�6:��m"\!�lS��]�ie����D�� Mine Safety and Health Administration. 328 0 obj <> endobj [12][13][14] 54 injured people were evacuated to hospitals. Warehouse Workers' Covid Suit Tossed by Judge, A Happy Hour with Kevin: Booze... the Webinar, Commercial Property Master Class - Causes of Loss Forms, Exclusions. Mining operations were suspended while an investigation is conducted. Required fields are marked *. There were people stuck in the mud shouting for help but no-one could help them". The worst mining disasters in the South African mining industry are listed below: 435 Miners lost their lives on 21 January 1960 at Coalbrook North Colliery situated near Sasolburg, Free State.A complete underground mine area collapse was caused by the disintegration of … According to the report, the victim of the incident has been identified as James Campbell, 50, who was a contractor […] Date/Time of Accident 02/27/2020 1:45 PM 4. The mine is owned by Warrior Coal, a subsidiary of Alliance Resource Partners. “This man’s death is especially tragic as this is the second miner that we have lost within a week,” Kentucky Gov. [9] The freelance miners are often migrants from other regions of Myanmar and are unregistered, which complicated identification of the missing people. Copyright 2020 Associated Press. All rights reserved. Slusher died Friday after being struck in the chest when a coupling failed on a hydro gun he was operating at the Double Mountain Mining (hash)3 “Strata” mine, the state Energy and Environment Cabinet said in a release. Ramsey was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. [4][14], In addition, it is feared that many miners are trapped. Andy Beshear said in the release. While the government responded with promises to make reforms in the jade mining industry, activists claim that little has been done in practice since then. Phillip Ramsey, 58, was working on ventilation curtains at the Cardinal mine near Madisonville Tuesday evening when he was struck by the scoop, according to a release from Kentucky’s Energy and Environment Cabinet. Accident Classification 09 - Handling Material 3. “We invite everyone in the commonwealth to join us in prayer today.”. endstream endobj startxref Official statistics on mining accidents and deaths in 2019 will not be available until early in 2020, but the figures that are available suggest accidents increased in the latter part of this year. �B)R�� rtQ��#T� UԼ�J�4DS�M�^4��I{���N{"��k��~�كˋ��'†�!�Ï\���gm�����[s�$�K�ׯI����-c�@�1�`?L�A��P�S��C���I�;AU@LRh .1d���м$/. [7] In 2019, fifty workers were buried in a mine collapse, resulting in the deaths of 2 rescue workers and 4 miners. Preliminary Report of Accident U.S. Department of Labor. Mining operations were suspended while an investigation is conducted. [7] The wave was described by witnesses as being "20 feet high" (6.1 m). [7] h�b``f``�������ˀ The industry had become known for its fatal accidents in the preceding years, with the previous deadliest accident in 2015 killing 116 people. Operations at the mine were shut down after the death and will be suspended while an investigation continues, state officials said. Thank you! This then generated a 6.1-meter (20 ft) wave of mud and water that buried those working at the site. This warning was ignored by many miners. %%EOF Protecting workers from mining accidents. Get the insurance industry's trusted newsletter, Your email address will not be published. On behalf of McGinn, Montoya, Love & Curry, PA | Sep 8, 2020 | injuries. [10] According to news reports, the workers at the site were freelancing scavengers who were scouring the tailings of the mine. !$IO�nė)�)���}*`��nrF��|�� x^~)2p�0� ����$� �"� The miners killed or injured by the landslide were independent "jade pickers", who scavenge tailings from larger operators and who live in ramshackle quarters at the base of large mounds of rubble excavated by heavy machinery. [1], The Myanmar Army removed Kachin Security and Border Affairs Minister Colonel Nay Lin Tun and another commander from their posts over the accident. [4] After the incident and the formation of Htin Kyaw's Cabinet, led by Htin Kyaw and Aung San Suu Kyi in 2016, the cabinet promised to reform the jade industry and reduce the accidents. [2] The witness was quoted by Reuters as saying that "Within a minute, all the people at the bottom [of the hill] just disappeared. % of people found this article valuable. 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[2], 174 bodies were recovered, and more than 100 people were reported missing. �����YL�������9�i�`��.���Z�1ڃ�m�m!��'�N��bt��tn�G:��(c�=�� ��q This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. [2], In 2015, a landslide killed at least 116 people in the mine. “Our hearts go out to the miner, his family and co-workers for this tragic loss of life,” Beshear said. The largest jade mine in the world is at Hpakant in Kachin state. 349 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<44174418408BD4D90F46718E4DE6E0F1><8A7C5F2E37B3004BBD0FB74E1355B670>]/Index[328 38]/Info 327 0 R/Length 104/Prev 95183/Root 329 0 R/Size 366/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream 2 Mine in Fairview. Please tell us what you liked about it. The state sent investigators to the mine. Rescue efforts were hampered by the heavy rains.


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