roll cage certification
These sometimes require that the installer do major modifications to the bars, which can far exceed the capabilities of the do-it-yourselfer. Not only that, but the driver will be protected in the event of a crash. In order to compete in MSA/FIA events every vehicle, which has a certificated design of roll cage, should have a copy of a valid certificate to present at scrutineering. If you have a popular vehicle, there is a good chance Chassisworks already makes a pre-bent cage for it. Why do you need a roll over protection system (ROPS) certificate? Any place where two tubes connect, the connection must be fabricated by properly notching the intersecting tubes so they fit with minimum clearance. When completed, Project COPO Tribute will have a Moser straight-axle conversion underneath, but a car needs more than a great suspension to win races. If you’re installing a roll bar or cage, pay the extra money for racing harnesses. This regulation also states that the use of magnesium in the interior sheetmetal is forbidden as it burns easily and is next to impossible to put out. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE 2020 RULEBOOK E-BOOK | PDF VERSION. In short, there are minimum standards that must be adhered to. This 10-point cage will make sure that the driver is safe, help launch the car perfectly, and make sure the car is legal to run our estimated mid-8 to low 9-second e.t.s. When the tubing of the Rhodes Race Cars rollcage are welded together, the car will not only create a safe environment for the driver, but elapsed times will also be quicker than the same car without a cage. Information contained in the certificate includes: Q3. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. The halo is supported at the front by down bars going to the floor, near or through the dash. © 2017 Power Automedia. If your car has both upper and lower controls, you can keep the swing-arm rear, period. Racers, start your projects! The cage is made from lightweight tube with all joints welded including mountings to the chassis. of 10.99 seconds or quicker, or if it is traveling faster than 135 mph. If your car is capable of running between 11-flat and 11.49 seconds has to have a roll bar. Q2. A roll bar is a single bar behind the driver that provides moderate rollover protection. All RRC rollcages meet or exceed NHRA and IHRA requirements (when properly installed). Everything that I’m going to cover here is covered in more detail in the NHRA General Regulations. DOM stands for Drawn Over Mandrel, and it is actually ERW tubing that has gone through a second process that shapes and smooths the tubing. Hi, i have just completed my first year in motorsport sprinting a mini. Cars that have a deployable rollover protection system include the Peugeot 307 CC,[3] Volvo C70, Mercedes-Benz SL 500, Jaguar XK,[4] and the Lamborghini Reventón Roadster.[5]. All cars must be equipped with mufflers. The 2020 NHRA Rulebook is now online and viewable by all who wish to compete in the NHRA arena. According to 4:8, if your car can top 150, you my friend must have a parachute. Minimum clothing requirements include long pants, socks, and shoes with closed toes–no sandals. NHRA allows competition exhaust systems, but they have to vent out the back, away from both the driver and fuel tank. All vehicles with a frame, must have the cage welded or bolted to the car’s frame. "On a Mustang, if you build the full cage underneath," Cline says, "you can take a 25.5 certification (7.50 to 8.49 seconds) and upgrade it to 25.3 (6.50 to 7.49 seconds) just by adding a … Rhodes Race Cars have been delivering race components to winning teams for years, and since we have received great feedback from our readers about the company, we knew that they were the right choice to build our cage. Drag Race 101, Drag Racing, How-To and Tech Tips, NHRA 1. © Copyright 1996-2020, NHRA. To get your rollcage certified, you need to contact one of NHRA’s inspection team members, and set up a time and location so they can inspect the car. Brake regulations are covered in 3:1. All rights reserved. There are many different roll cage designs depending on the application, hence different racing organizations have differing specifications and regulations, although most of these organisation harmonise their regulations with those of the FIA. Back in the 80’s when I was racing, there was hardly a weekend event where someone’s car didn’t catch fire when they drifted and hit the guardrail. I agree to receive emails from There are many more requirements covering roll cages, roll bars, and their associated (and required) padding. When fitting the tubes during cage construction, notching all tube ends that will be welded is a must. Like I said, this stuff is pretty much a no-brainer, but your car also must have street legal tires. A2. If your car came from the factory as an all-wheel-drive vehicle, you’re OK, but you can’t retrofit with one. While this is sufficient for the rules, we did take things one step farther. Other vehicle-control devices such as counters and time displays are forbidden unless otherwise specified in the Class Requirements. Engine requirements are pretty simple. Mild steel can be welded using either a MIG or TIG process. Chromoly is a steel alloy that incorporates both Chromium and Molybdenum. Under no circumstances may a fuel line run through the driver compartment. We are fortunate that we have a guy in the tech shop that is capable of properly doing the install for us, so all we needed was to get the proper cage for our application and put it in place. Stepping up to a six-point rollbar adds driver and passenger side door bars. If no driver is available during fitment, the main hoop can be positioned within 1-inch of the roof in the area above the driver's helmet. Roll cages are mandatory for any car either running 10.99 or quicker or capable of exceeding 135 MPH must be equipped with a roll cage. Some tracks may require more, such as a driver safety class. It must also extend at least 3-inches above the driver’s helmet when the driver is seated in a normal position. A cage adds to a rollbar, a minimum of a roof hoop, which connects to the top of the main hoop and surrounds the front of the interior. These get pretty involved, but I will mention that no matter what kind of car or how fast it can go, it’s got to be equipped with hydraulic brakes. Cages which have a ROPS certificate must bear an identification label detailing the cage manufacturer and the cage part number which must be included in the ROPS certificate. You may not lighten or otherwise compromise any stock suspension components. There are a lot of companies that supply prebent rollbars and cages like the one we will be installing from Rhodes Race Cars (RRC). When installing the bars, the main hoop must be installed within 6-inches of the rear or side of the driver’s head. This will look at all safety aspects of the car and adherence to class rules, including: Maximum Effective Date: May 5, 2018. [2] Also, a roll hoop may be placed behind both headrests (usually one on older cars), which is essentially a roll bar spanning the width of a passenger's shoulders. Check with your local track for more info here as most of those additional requirements are at their discretion. With your completed tech card in hand, head over to tech where they’ll perform a basic safety inspection of your car. General Regulation 4:5 covers ground clearance and states that you’ve got to have a minimum ground clearance of three inches in from the front of the car to 12 inches behind the front axle’s centerline. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure his/her roll cage complies with the technical regulations appropriate to the event they are competing in. So, by adding the cage and a few other chassis-stiffening devices, we can create a body that is rigid, and allows the suspension to properly do its job. Every driver that enters an NHRA event must be in possession of a valid driver’s license. SFI Spec 25.4C Full Bodied Car Tube Chassis – 7.50 to 8.49 Seconds; 3,600 lbs.


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