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I'm not sure how much I can say. It's very different in Malayalam cinema where there are many kinds of people on screen. And every actor wants to work with Fahadh. He is very close to his parents and spent most of his childhood and teenage with his family in Kerala.

All of us moved into one apartment so we could move in and out. You usually have a co-actor to give you cues.

Roshan Mathew With His Sister and Mother.

Roshan Mathew with mother and sister. There's Pennum Cherukkanum, an anthology film, and my part is directed by Aashiq Abu and my co-actor is Roshan. Show us some love! So when Roshan and I have a video call, his portion would be shot and later, we would shoot my responses to that.

Calling the film a "surprise", Darshana says that they managed to finish shooting in under 20 days. On stage, there are some characters I've played where I've really enjoyed doing comedy.

Vineeth is a joy to work with and he makes everyone feel comfortable. He builds a very authentic world. I would love to do comedy. She's playing a pivotal role in C U Soon, an experimental film directed by Mahesh Narayanan, which will release on Amazon Prime Video on September 1. Everyone who has called me has been like, "I know it's usually Roshan who does the villathanam but I know this time you're the one who's going to be up to something!' I wasn't exactly happy with the job but it wasn't so erratic, with so many ups and downs. I've collaborated with Roshan on different kinds of work and projects. Sister- Reshma Rege Mathew: Some Lesser Known Facts About Roshan Mathew Roshan Mathew is an Indian actor and director. It was a little tricky and took some time getting used to. We had actors like Philomina and Urvashi playing some really fun characters… I'd love to do something like that.

Calling the film a "surprise", Darshana says 'I’m happy playing the sister if she …

Others in the cast include Fahadh Faasil and Roshan Mathew. But while I was shooting, I didn't think about it at all. But we did have co-actors give cues. She gained recognition through her role in Mayanadhi directed by Aashiq Abu.Her rendition of the song Bawra Mann in the film went viral with over 1 million views on Youtube. Contents1 Roshan Mathew Wiki/Biography2 Family, Girlriend & Relationships Roshan Mathew Wiki/Biography Born on 22 March 1992, Roshan Mathew is 28 Years Old as in … I found it difficult as well and that's why it's so exciting for me. Was it strange to do it this way? In many auditions, I've been told, "Oh you look 20!"

So I did try out many things - from calligraphy to playing guitar and meeting with friends and reading plays - but there was also a time when I did absolutely nothing… I would want to watch a film but wouldn't be able to. Today I could be working on a very cool film project that I'm very excited about and tomorrow, people may not like it at all and it could just drop. Roshan Mathew is one of the well-known faces of the South Indian industry. I've spent a long time with Rajeev Ravi's Thuramukham. Support our journalism by becoming a TNM Member - Click here. For me it was very up and down. You should find a way to keep you in between and not pull you into the extremes of happiness and sadness. We had flexibility because it was not a large set and we didn't have to worry about time running out. You've done a variety of roles, but is there a genre you'd really like to try? When it comes to women, their roles tend to be defined by how they look. Yes, very much so, but we managed it in the best way that we could. Roshan Mathew With His Sister. You have very talented co-stars in the film, Roshan and of course, Fahadh. Others in the cast include Fahadh Faasil and Roshan Mathew. It's a tricky time for everyone, including artists. Roshan Mathew follows Christianity and holds Indian nationality. I'm someone who likes doing random things, doing it terribly, but doing it anyway. Days when I would function well but also days when I felt very low. I have not had an issue with me being small all my life but I started wondering if I wasn't going to get work because I'm small.

So we hope to resume that as soon as we can. But until they think of you as a good actor and capable of doing something in that space, you're looked at for how you appear. or "Oh the hero is going to be like this and you'll be too small!"

So if you're conventionally beautiful, you get the heroine role. He's on everyone's list. He majorly appeared in the Malayalam movies and mainly gained popularity with his appearance in the movie “Anandam” in 2016. Relationships, Wife & Children. The actor talks about being rejected in auditions for being 'too small', her advice for newcomers and working with Fahadh and Roshan. People who are living from payment to payment, you don't know when your next will be out or when you'll be paid. Roshan Mathew was born on Sunday, 22 March 1992 (age 28 years; ... A Childhood Picture of Roshan Mathew and His Sister. If I'm being considered for lead roles today, it's because these ideas are breaking. I just said I don't know! They were easy to work with. Absolutely. Do you find this frustrating? When Roshan was shooting, I would be in the room giving him cues, looking at the phone but very much around. We were shooting it in Chennai before the lockdown and then I came to Kerala. In August 2010, Roshan auditioned for Chennai-based theatre company, Stagefright Productions to act in the theatre play, Dirty Dancing. But I was lucky to have a safe space and just do nothing if I didn't feel like it. So when I heard that he was going to play one of the characters, I was really excited and freaking out, asking if I know how to do what I'm doing! Within that space, it was all shot separately. "I'm still waiting for films that I did more than a year ago to release," she says. (Laughs) People are coming up with their own film. Malayalam cinema used to be open, then it wasn't, and now it again is. One of my first experiences was disappointment. You can never be sure. Darshana Rajendran is an Indian actress in the Malayalam film industry. There is not much information about his love life. Can you tell us about your upcoming films.

There's Hridayam. What was your experience of working with them? It just flows. It's so dependent on your timing and I really enjoyed doing it onstage. This is a film where the story is told entirely through screens. We were able to constantly work. Even in Hridayam, I'm excited about the role because it's very different from what I've done so far and how I've been seen. Roshan’s childhood photo. It's never going to be easy. It's never certain. For a long time, I went for so many auditions where I was told I'm too small!

Something I spent eight months prepping and working on, and that was like a dream project. But Vineeth (director) had so much faith that I could pull it off. Anything new you've tried out in the lockdown other than shooting. In this interview with TNM, Darshana speaks about how C U Soon was shot, what she feels about women actors getting typecast on the basis of their looks, and what advice she has for aspiring actors.

Darshana Rajendran may only be a few films old, but the young actor has made a name for herself as a versatile performer. He's someone I really enjoy working with and we're almost always ideating on things we can try and do. What advice would you have for newcomers stepping into cinema? His zodiac sign is Aries. And I was getting all these sister roles...I'm happy playing the sister if the sister has something to do other than being the sister! Darshana debuted her acting career as Anna in the 2014 Malayalam film John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu. You're a person with diverse interests. If you're pleasant but not glamorous, you can be the friend or sister. But I can say that I just loved playing the character. It didn't happen and I wondered why things weren't working out, if I should just go back to my job. That was an incredible experience.

I feel like he just lifts you from your world and puts you in his.


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