royal tour of 1901
While in Halifax, he visited the Prince's Lodge, the country home used by his grandfather, the Duke of Kent and Strathearn. The first, which travelled generally about half-an-hour in advance of the royal train proper, carried the Countess of Minto, wife of the Governor-General, and her party, Sir Wilfred Laurier and his two secretaries and, The Canadian newspaper men eagerly seized the opportunity of setting the British journalists right about the climate of Canada. Edward would visit Canada on two more occasions, visiting New Brunswick in 1945, and Alberta in 1950. I have always counted it an honor that our acquaintance resulted in a friendship which lasted to the end of his life; and though in later years, our diverse occupations made our intercourse only occasional, never did I meet him without feeling the glow of his friendly interest.He, and Marc Sauvalle, of La Presse, of Montreal, and Douglas Story of the New York Herald, and I generally made a table in the dining car. [23] He was later made the Commander-in-Chief of the Maritimes. [101] On the 27 April 2013, Prince Philip, the Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Canadian Regiment, visited Toronto in order to present the 3rd battalion its second colours. [30] On 4 August, the Prince travelled through the St John River on the steamer Forest Queen to Fredericton. He rejoices to see them dwell The correspondents were curious as to mineral deposits and timber, and canoeing; but they complained of the monotony of endless spruce woods, muskegs, and barren rocks, while we carefully abstained from any mention of mosquitoes or black flies. Queen Mary, 1867-1953. [127] She also, when in Fredericton, unveiled a plaque in Wilmot Park that honoured Edward Wilmot and recounted the dedication of the park by the Queen's great-grandfather. George V. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1983. Knight then slipped over the side, and swam to shore under fire of one of the forts. And if roots must be put down, they certainly should be of a different kind than those which are historically proper for Britain. 2710 7/1898 The train was divided into two sections. As a consequence of this arrangement, we got the first cheers of the welcoming crowds, and it was amusing to see the chagrin of the populace when they discovered that they had wasted their breath upon mere newspaper men. [153], Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, has conducted two private working tours of Canada, in April 2010, and October 2012. It did not entirely miss fire. In 1901 we were morbidly sensitive on this point:  we have not even yet entirely forgiven Kipling for “Our Lady of the Snows”. [73] During World War I, the Duke was involved in recruitment, and raising the morale of soldiers. ...A guard of honour of about 100 of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, doi:10.1093/ref:odnb/36702. Album and loose photographs, Royal Photograph Collection, Windsor, RCIN 2582075-2582103, Royal Photograph Collection, Windsor. [28] During his time there, he attended the St. John's Regatta, and was gifted a Newfoundland dog on behalf of Newfoundlanders. 732 and 737 doubleheading the Royal Train westbound at Field. Imperialism and Music: Britain 1876-1953. His engaging personality won all hearts. the native villages and had to submit to being made to look the most hopeless He had an extensive experience of political journalism in Quebec, which provided him with a wealth of good stories. But not even pouring rain could dampen the ardor of the vast crowds. Macdonald's absence from the welcome reception was depicted as a purposeful insult to the princess by the opposition Liberal Party. [131] On a visit in 1985 to Toronto and Saskatchewan she noted, "It is now some 46 years since I first came to this country with the King, in those anxious days shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. I have a very vivid recollection of that look, and of how it started my youthful imagination building pictures of princes incognito. [32], Following his visit to Quebec City, the Prince of Wales proceeded towards Montreal aboard HMS Hero, joined by several members of the Legislative Assembly near Trois-Rivières. Depressed over the departure of Horatio Nelson, who he befriended during his time in the Caribbean, he took HMS Pegasus to Halifax, without permission from the Royal Navy. [103] It was then on to Saint John, where the royal couple travelled in a motorcade watched by some 60,000 people, visited a veterans' hospital, and attended a civic dinner at the Admiral Beatty Hotel, where the silver flatware designed specifically for the 1939 visit of the King was used. 5, no. [88] She also presided over the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of Saskatchewan's entry into Confederation. I was, and still am, somewhat proud of this feat, and it quite set me up to have Prior and Pearse sit and watch with admiring amusement my graphic gymnastics as the car rolled and swayed through the Rockies. For a few days the balmy weather seemed to corroborate our assertions. [61] The Marquess and Princess Louise concluded their term in Canada with a farewell tours in Montreal, and Toronto, leaving for the United Kingdom from Quebec City on 27 October 1883. Original document in collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario. 12 x 17 cm. Royal tours of Canada by the Canadian Royal Family have been taking place since 1786,[1] and continue into the 21st century, either as an official tour, a working tour, a vacation, or a period of military service by a member of the royal family. [56], In 1890, Prince Arthur conducted another tour of Canada, arriving in British Columbia from his earlier service with the British Army in the British Raj. He celebrated his 21st birthday on the frigate Pegasusoff the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. Photographs of royal visits date back to 1900 when Queen Victoria paraded through the streets of Dublin, Ireland, greeted by throngs of well-wishers. [134], Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, queen-consort to King George VI, and mother of Elizabeth II, conducted nine official tours of Canada from 1951 to 2000. Hyslop, Jonathan. [51], Arriving in Canada on 23 November 1878, the viceregal couple was greeted by Prince Alfred, who was serving as a Royal Navy officer, stationed in Halifax. After an overnight on the royal train, Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh made whistle-stops in Moncton and Sackville before departing the province. Royal Archives, Windsor. delegations to London and to strengthen each other in the works of peace... 4. Piquant was Hector Garneau, of La Patrice, grandson of the historian of Canada, of whose monumental work he later produced the definitive edition. [141], William, Duke of Cambridge has conducted two official tours in Canada in the 21st century. Silver salts on film, gelatin silver process. About an hour after Dr. Mariby had left him, Eagan was surprised by a visit from an official wearing the royal livery who brought a personal message from the Duchess, expressing the sympathy of the Royal Highness for his unfortunate accident and enquiring as to his condition. London: Cassell and Company, 1902. All that we could get from him concerning the loss of his arm in South Africa was that he found its absence a confounded nuisance, especially when he first attempted to ride again. Register to receive personalised research and resources by email, The Royal Tour of 1901 and the Construction of an Imperial Identity in South Africa, /doi/pdf/10.1080/02582479908671897?needAccess=true.


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