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Having met each PO for an informal chat, 2 Mercian Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Davis, welcomes the mutual desire to impress between the battalion and its visitors. The fees at Sandhurst were £150 a year for the son of a civilian and this included board and lodging, and all necessary expenses. Next is six days leave and then the infantry battle school…. Like the nature documentaries where the hare is fleeing from the fox, and the fox has finally caught me in a magnificent show. The 20-year-old completed an apprenticeship soon after, before a brief spell in project management. For hundreds of years, the Army has been selecting the right people to become its officers ; since 1949 a process  dependent upon  intensive three-day War Office Selection Boards, now known as Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB), held in Leighton House, at Westbury in Wiltshire – rather than as in earlier centuries, who your father knew or which school you went to. And in my opinion, this is the most important personal decision I will ever make, because every other decision that I will ever make will be as a result of this one, what beret I will wear, what role I will do, how close I will be to the frontline, all comes down to this week. A nervous squeak of “Officer Cadet…” comes out of my mouth, I get told to sit down in the centre of a semi-circle, I felt almost like a lamb for the slaughter. Well it is regimental selection board week, and what we are all here for is to find out where our home will be. Author. Soldiers who become Warrant Officers Class One (RSMs and their equivalents), can apply for commissions, and after a short time at Sandhurst, become Second Lieutenants, but very swiftly move on to the rank of captain, and usually progress to major or lieutenant colonel. Especially with the smaller regiments,  which are themselves very similar to families, fitting in is the most important characteristic. 26 weeks in and finally the learning curve is at a humane level! Each platoon turns up in fancy dress and does a lap of honour around the academy. Now the group's youngest PO is keeping his options open before Sandhurst. In 1907 entrance to the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, was by competitive examination. In order to educate and train all regular army officers on a common basis, the authorities planned to amalgamate the Royal Military Academy and the Royal Military College at Sandhurst in 1940. Mercian Medals: Army Battalion Recognised For Operational Achievements, Service and Repairs Manager (Medical Devices). But the day will arrive where the Army finds a home for you. Quick one on Int Corps- it's worth remembering that their fam visit is more like a selection weekend- you write essays and so on, and then, at the end, they say whether they want you or not. Self-discipline and a sense of duty were firmly inculcated, and for the first time I came in contact with authority as exercised by men who were not themselves brought up in public schools and universities, noncommissioned officers, a new and refreshing experience. This academy is heir to the functions performed up to 1939 by both the Royal Military Academy (founded 1741) at Woolwich, London, and the Royal Military College at Sandhurst. I walked into my first interview (you get two in total, unless you are going air corp, you get three), a group of rather serious colonels, regimental sergeant major, some old boys who were no doubt former brigadiers or generals sit, all staring at you, trying to make out who you are. Throughout my military career I have always been allotted a position on ceremonial parades where I was least likely to be seen. Subscribe to our Spartacus Newsletter and keep up to date with the latest articles. Just because you graduate from university does not mean that you automatically have somewhere to do your NQT, you have to apply and be interviewed and have all of your work looked at. Once he has honed in a preferred regiment, Peter will contact the senior officers at a specific battalion. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Recent visits have turned his head to life as an Infantryman after interviews with several regiments: "I'm trying to keep my options broad for when I get to Sandhurst as I might go to exercise and get cold and wet and decide the infantry is not for me!". In addition to visits to the armoury and command tasks in the gym, the POs meet serving officers who have been through the process. Officers in fancy dress, Colour Sergeants giving piggyback rides to Officer Cadets around the college. Please click here to visit our new blog, Beginning an adventure – squeezing more out of life. But the interview is a two-way process, POs encouraged to use the opportunity to explore different aspects of the Army and make sure they make their life-changing decision is the correct one for them. It takes some extremely high calibre officers (as well as some more average teeth arms type officers who tend to get out after a few years). Ta for the replies.


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