shining rock hike

Start of trail - note that MST trail branches off to the right, First part of trail goes through a Balsam forest, After the forest, the trail climbs the Black Balsam ridge, View back to the trailhead from the Black Balsam ridge, The trail continues to climb along the ridge, Intersection of the Art Loeb spur trail and Black Balsam Knob in the far right, View back along the ridge from the top of Black Balsam Knob, Plaque commemorating Art Loeb at top of Black Balsam Knob, After descending from the top of Black Balsam Knob, take a right at this intersection. Navigation – see the Tennent Mountain description for the details of the first part of the hike. The Ivestor Gap trail roughly parallels the Art Loeb trail and intersects it twice – once at the base of Tennent Mountain and also at the base of Grassy Cove Top at the entrance to the Shining Rock Wilderness. It eliminates the climbs and descents on the return and provides a safe trail off the ridge line in case of thunderstorms. The Art Loeb trail makes its final (or initial) pitch up the side of Cold Mountain, and the Cold Mountain trail takes you the final distance to the peak. instead. Temperature will be much colder up there than at lower elevations. Copyright 2015 - 2020 Stephen A. Marsh, Donald Brannon | All Rights Reserved. Our route back to Asheville takes us along the famous Blue Ridge Parkway where we’ll stop for even more sweeping vistas of these stunning mountains. 276. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. Looking north at Grassy Cove Top, Flower Knob, Shining Rock and Cold Mountain, View from top of Tennent Mt. Hikers will enjoy outstanding views from both of these vantage points. When approaching the base of Shining Rock, follow the trail to the right that goes along the south face of the rock. Exposed rock occurs in places on the balds. Campers can walk from the campground to trails in both the Shining Rock (Fork Mountain) and Middle Prong (Green Mountain, Haywood Gap) wilderness areas. The Art Loeb trail to Deep Gap splits off to the left along with a trail that connects to the Ivestor Gap trail. Base layers may not be Environment – grassy knobs with thick blueberry bushes in places, balsam forest areas. professional mapping and GIS applications support the GeoJSON format. On the drive to our trailhead we will pass a spectacular waterfall - Looking Glass Falls - and stop briefly for photographs. It's a very steep climb to Old Butt Knob, but traverses relatively moderate terrain from there to Shining Rock. The Art Loeb III Trail starts on the right. The Art Loeb trail will continue straight almost to Shining Rock. Our hike is a wonderful loop allowing for new scenery throughout the day. Looking to do a day hike in Shining Rock instead? Many mountains in the Wilderness exceed 5,000 feet and three peaks exceed 6,000 feet. This is the native file format used by Google Earth, but many other map applications can use and understand KML as well, The Art Loeb trail leading to Shining Rock crosses Black Balsam Knob and Tennent Mountain, all grassy balds with panoramic views. Intersection of Art Loeb and Ivestor Gap trail at base of Tennent Mt. Shining Rock itself (a stunning and unlikely quartz outcropping) is extremely unique and tends to "floor" even people who have been there before.

Go straight at this intersection to go to the rhodo field containing the smaller quartz rock formations. Shining Rock and Middle Prong Wilderness maps page.

many other mapping programs, and most GPS devices (such as Garmin). On the return, you have the option to leave the Art Loeb trail and take the Ivestor Gap trail back to the parking lot at either of the two intersections between those trails. Here we’ll enjoy a nutritious lunch provided and prepared by your guide, and enjoy being in this magical place. Base layers provided by OpenStreetMap, the US Geological Survey, the US Forest Service, and NC OneMap. This trailhead receives a tremendous amount of use, but for good reason, since easy hikes in the beautiful high elevation areas start there. Load the file directly into your GPS to help find your way on your next trip! Approaching Black Balsam parking lot on Ivestor Gap trail, Trailhead on left for Art Loeb spur trail that goes to Black Balsam ridge, Top of Black Balsam ridge from spur trail view spot. This will avoid climbing up and down a couple of knobs at the expense of lengthening the hike somewhat. See the photo gallery for a view of the spur trail and the large white boulder that marks it. It is the largest Wilderness area in North Carolina. Use a camp stove for cooking This route follows a pristine wilderness creek and climbs 3,000’ vertical to reach Shining Rock Gap. This area is closed when the BRP closes late fall through early spring. Art Loeb trailhead - low clouds, high winds, low temps happen at any time! A day-use picnic area is also on the site. Receive a PDF info packet via email which includes: A professional, knowledgeable, medically trained, friendly wilderness guide. GeoJSON is a newer, lightweight data exchange format which can be used to quickly share map data and may have a smaller size than KML or GPX. View of Grassy Cove Top, Flower Knob and Shining Rock from Tennent Mt. Intersecting Trails ; Art Loeb Section 3; This trail is located in the Shining Rock Wilderness area. Our first views come early after only 1 mile as we reach the summit of Black Balsam Knob 6,214’. Take a right onto the trail to Graveyard Fields and look for the Art Loeb trail on the left a short way down the trail. There you will see a three-way intersection at that point. Creekside sites can be nicely situated, but be careful of the potential for flash flooding. Directions to Trailhead – At BRP milepost 420 turn onto FS 816 and drive about 0.8 mi. Open Database License - you are free to copy and use At this point you will see a sign for the Shining Rock Wilderness area at the base of Grassy Cove Top. The Mount Pisgah, Davidson River, and North Mills River campgrounds (to name a few) are also within a short drive close enough to make day hikes into Shining Rock. Many The information on this site is presented with the understanding that the authors assume no legal responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the contents of this site, nor for any damages or injuries which may occur while following the instructions, or attempting any of the activities or visiting any of the locations described within it. You can make a strenuous 8.4 mile loop in the heart of the wilderness by combining Shining Creek and Old Butt Knob trails with a short section of the Art Loeb through Shining Rock Gap. it for any purpose under the terms of that license (summary). Shining Rock Wilderness is a breathtaking mountain area near Asheville that offers absolutely fantastic hiking, sightseeing and exploration. The Art Loeb trail will intersect with the Ivestor Gap trail again after descending from that short knob. Trail Surface – smooth dirt and rock, deep rocky ruts, narrow muddy areas, roots – you name it. It can be combined with Shining Creek farther north via the Art Loeb for a long loop hike. We're here 9 am to 4 pm Mountain Time every day, so you can expect a timely answer. summit from end of ridge, Trail from Tennent Mountain down to Ivestor Gap trail. The right-hand trail is the Old Butt Knob trail that descends to the Big East Fork trailhead. government agencies, and field observations. Another popular trailhead is located at the crossing of the Big East Fork Pigeon River by US Hwy. The Old Butt Knob Trail climbs over 1,400 feet in the first mile, and the Shining Creek Trail is incredibly rocky and steep over its last mile. The Shining Rock Ledge (or ridge) forms the backbone of this area. As of March 2015, bear canisters are required for dispersed camping in Shining Rock Wilderness. To reach the top of the knob in order to see the other quartz formations, return to the access trail and continue climbing on that trail until you reach the top of the knob. Trails starting at this trailhead are all strenuous - it's almost 11 miles round-trip to the summit. The Art Loeb trail crosses Black Balsam Knob, Tennent Mountain, Grassy Cove Top and Flower Knob, as well as other low knobs in a rather straight line course to Shining Rock. See our terms and conditions for information on cancellations and refunds.). This view brought me a heightened wilderness feel absent elsewhere on the hike. Please complete this form to request a reservation. View – Shining Rock is a 5940 ft. elevation prominent white quartz outcropping the size of a large house and is big enough for a number of people to stand upon.


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