skyrim se true storms
True Storms turns Skyrim's weather into a true force of nature. Bear in mind, True Storms is top 5th mod. Another thing Obsidian suffers from is that it is way too loud during storms and rain IMO. The rain in particular was incredibly difficult to appreciate, barely being noticeable in its base implementation. It is wayyyy too bright. 7 True Storms Special Edition. Storms and weather patterns in Skyrim always felt a little bit underwhelming. The other weather mods I have seen, and used, are mainly static visuals, with minor dynamic effects going on - True Storms is very dynamic both visually and audio. Obsidian is great and the best weather mod by far for SE IMO, but it does have its flaws for me. And the Auroras look awesome. Nothing is perfect. But everything else is fantastic. So far no issues. (True Storms in Fallout 4 is awesome, but some of my friends prefer other weather mods). They were present, of course, but not much else could be said for them outside of that. And what is nice about true storms is that you also get volume sliders. It lacks the heavy rain particles effect of True Storms so we hope to get a patch in the future to be able to use these 2 together. One can adjust the darkness, saturation, bloom, sound effects, etc. Vivid Weathers is an all-in-one. So I downloaded and started playing True Storms WITH Vivid Weathers.


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