sportster scrambler seat kit
As I mention in the YouTube clip, whenever you’re doing things like this, I always recommend to make a few sketches and jot down measurements. DIY Moto Kits from German design house Hookie Co. Wolf then chopped the subframe, adding a hoop and gussets for additional strength. That will get me a comfortable 100km/hr, and a 1st gear speed of 25-40ks off road, maybe a little to high still, but on an adventure tourer that’s about the best middle ground you could ask for. You can also get grips, new risers, speedometer relocation, gas caps, etc. Rounding off the parts list are Renegade grips and Slimline risers from Biltwell, with Dime City Cycles supplying an Acewell 2853 speedo and tacho combo. I Love your Bike. You can do without, but they have made a world of difference. Tracker 2–1 Exhaust. The pegs are mounted using stainless bar work cages tailored to the shape of the bike. Those are great upgrades if you have a bit more to spend. Australia’s Purpose Built Moto have created a Signature Series to delineate their uncompromising world-class builds from their other services…. I had a filter made by DNA performance filters, built a protective air box from sheet metal and clear Perspex and linked it to the lectron carb via a Stainless steel manifold. Fabricating some MX style fork guards, fitting the shroud and mounting the digital speedometer. The sportster scrambler also runs a chain conversion, with slightly lower than standard gearing for our off road sections, sprockets supplied through Both I had a little fun with getting to work. Custom turn signals designed for a minimal style. Receipts Are Secretly Really Bad — Why Are We Still Using Them? If you want to play it safe, go with Progressive. What do you do? That leaves you with not much more than a frame, swing arm and motor. So let me get into the nitty gritty of exactly what I’ve been up to. Building my own bike I was allowed to get creative, as you saw with the exo-skeleton tail piece and cage style peg mounts, the exhaust was no different. So where do you start converting a Harley Sportster into a Scrambler ready for adventure riding? So the first job on the agenda was to lift the ride height. Tires — There we go. The seat pan was then fabricated to sit over the tail section, this will lift up to reveal a storage area under the tail. I have a few extra things done to my bike, including all of those. This is often overlooked. All rights reserved. The Adventure Harley Sportster scrambler proved itself time and time again on the Wide of the Mark film trip. This website uses cookies to ensure proper functionality of the shopping cart and checkout progress. Those are the two I would get if I ever get around to upgrading. However building a motorcycle, for the sole purpose of one of the most strenuous test rides you could ever throw at a bike is another story. You have a Harley Sportster, and want to take it off road. It will give me the ride height I want and the suspension capability I need once valved correctly for the bike. That is the newest version of the exhaust I have. Entra y descubre todos los días nuevas fotos de motos, tatuajes y cultura motera. The reason I suggest getting that one, is that it is higher and looks like you can mount standard passenger pegs. We always test our bikes, not just on the road, but for what we’ve built them for whatever that may be. Not just because I am a sponsored rider for them, but because the extra height of the bars would allow me better control in the hills. But I compared the model number on the website and it says it’ll work for my 2012 Nightster. That Lead me to the end to end build series. Well, don’t do it haha. 90 Likes, 1 Comments - Ducati Leipzig (@ducati_leipzig) on Instagram: “we are working day 'n' night.. Our Scrambler for the @customrumble will be ready tomorrow!…”. The Ultimate Adventure Sportster Scrambler. For the front, I have the Mitas E-07 Dual Sport 100/90 at 19 inches. The older version that I have does not allow that. Blondezilla: MotoLady’s Sportster Scrambler. Burly Brand also sells rear suspension called the Stiletto Shock. Eventually carving out a shape I was happy with, it’s a sharply styled tracker tail, and with a good bit of height under the seat area to allow a bit of storage. I’m going to do my best at bringing you every gritty detail that goes into creating one of our custom bikes, so will you come along for the ride? Starting to work through the ergonomics the handlebars are mounted with a 100mm riser, and the footpegs have been custom mounted to sit just forward of the swing arm pivot. In mounting the lectron carb I needed an air box, no way on earth would I take an adventure bike out with the air box hanging out the side in the weather and dust. We love this lil' tracker from Ventus Garage, finished in a most unusual matte BMW paint. Sportsters do not have a good clearance and you don’t want an exhaust that hangs low next to your feet. It’s running on a tensioner made from a skateboard wheel. Here's how it went: Bike selection: I wanted the solid mount Evo motor and 5 speed tranny. *Contiguous USA only.Copyright © TC Bros. Choppers, LLC. A fully adjustable adventure bike front end, with a twin disc brake set up and around 140mm of travel. Popped off trimmed up and I set to work on the mounts. Finishing up the front end is a set of Pro taper tracker bars, dressed with PBM 3 button switches, and ISR levers. It came in handy more than a few times during our trip and is always readily accessible. So where did the name Blondezilla come from? Made of … Go for some bolt on products. Make sure you check out the build video here: There’s a metric shit tonne of work to come on this one and next time we’ll be getting into some heavy fabrication work. • Community Garage• Custom Moto• Custom Parts, Call: 0467 417 828 The small rear fender was made from a spare chunk that was lying around the shop, and it’s been combined with a custom-made splash guard to keep muck off the engine. 100% Made in the U.S.A. Well protected from dust, mud, water crossings and rain. For now though I’m focusing my energy on preparing and building these bikes to be taken to hell and back. For the rear shoes I have the Duro HF904 Median Dual-Sport Rear Tire in the 130/90 at 16 inches. Interested the Buying the air intake and exhaust. All twelve components are now available as special equipment exclusively from us – as a scrambler kit … I’ve probably built and shaped well over 100 seats by now, and Jamason has had a hand in a lot of that aswell. ... fork brace, enduro seat, and a set of knobby tires. I could barely touch the ground, but after that you had to pry my hands off of those grips. Ergonomic, lightweight and noticeably different. The design inhibits air flow a little, but on the dyno we managed 64 HP with a pretty mild tune. These build break downs have been really well received however we’re often asked for more details. Using the stock hub, and alloy rim gives a good weight saving. Moving to the front end the Ingition coil was removed, key barrel and the entire front end has been shelved aswell. You will be redirected away from TC Bros website. However building a motorcycle, for the sole purpose of one of the most strenuous test rides you could ever throw at a bike is another story. The exhaust was fabricated high and tight, with a muffler made from scratch, it bellows a good note but is actually pretty quiet, which is perfect if youre in the saddle for 8 hours a day for 2 weeks straight! And the final drive has been converted from belt to chain, with a kit from Lowbrow Customs. Turn any style motorcycle into a street tracker with Saddlemen’s unique Eliminator Tail Section.


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