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The prime suspect, their revolutionary tailfin, was off the hook. the statement said. "They are not going to spend any more time or money on this issue.". pedals alternately, in quick succession, in an attempt to AMERICAN AIRLINES: Be aggressive with the controls. INSTRUCTOR: And if you don't put that rudder in, what's going to happen when you get to this place in the roll, she's gonna slice out, just like that. INSTRUCTOR: But the rudder ratio kind of accommodates that, so at most speeds you still ought to be able to hold it. Normally the rudder is only used when a plane is very close to the ground as a powerful control to counteract side winds. control, was a fact that only some aeronautical engineers, But investigators quickly focused on the tail, prompting an intense behind-the-scenes fight between Airbus and American. Four inches forward, four inches back, and that will move the rudder to its fully deflected position. NARRATOR: On November 12th 2001 a plane flown by the world's biggest airline plummeted out of the sky into a seaside suburb of New York. “He died doing what he loved – that helps a little,” said Stan, a retired Eastern Airlines pilot who taught Sten to fly. Good morning, I'm Brian Carey. American Airlines claim that Airbus had not given them this vital piece of information. TWOHIG: It made a turn then and spiralled down into the ground, and you know... it looked beautiful in the last seconds of its life. Airlines and manufacturers had developed training curricula designed to encourage pilots, who normally fly with a velvet touch to keep passengers comfortable, to use all the controls uninhibitedly in certain emergencies. First Officer JASON GOLDBERG: It's our duty to ensure, to the extent that we can, the safety of our crews and our passengers. This is Airbus' own reconstruction of what happened. Sten Molin with his niece Casey Parsons in 2000. It is 1 minute 7 seconds into the flight and the first sign of trouble. At that point the plane reacted suddenly and in attempting to correct this movement, Molin pushed the left pedal an inch and a quarter. Initial fears were that terrorists had struck again. The government’s own Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge says “any combination of flight control usage [below the maneuvering speed], including full deflection of the controls ... should not create an excessive air load.”. In a rapid, sudden, yawing or pitching moment, albeit small, is perceived as a lot. "A little wake turbulance, huh," Pilot Ed States asked First Officer Sten Molin, who was flying the plane. Close reading of the NTSB report, released in late December Pilot, rudder blamed in 2001 Queens crash, Lighthouse offers a beacon to LGBTQ teens in Fairfield County. NARRATOR: Caught on a toll booth camera these are the last moments of Flight 587. NARRATOR: The simulator shakes and dips and, just as happened in flight 587, there is a rattling sound. NARRATOR: And that is what happened. NARRATOR: At first everyone assumed it had to be terrorism. mentioned the possible dire consequences before the Airbus Molin had lived in Greenwich. YVES BENOIST [Airbus Industrie] The composite structure are easier to maintain. NARRATOR: These are the real recordings of communication between the pilots and the JFK control tower. Molin alternated his time between Greenwich and Miami, and was a successful computer consultant. After four more seconds, two more rudder swings. The hearing set up to evaluate research into the crash degenerated into a clash between the two titans of aircraft industry. At 0915:51 there was a loud thump heard in the cockpit, followed a tenth of a second later by two louder thumps. But according to Airbus, this error was compounded by another factor. At their Toulouse Headquarters Airbus agreed to show Horizon how they think a pilot should react to a wake encounter. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. DON WYLIE [Aviation Safety Training]: What we have is major human factors that affect the pilot immensely. Capt PAUL CSIBRIK: We're talking about an airplane that not only was damaged, that the rudder came off, so this was well beyond anything that anyone ever expected could happen at that speed. One of the plane's leaving New York that November morning was American Airline's flight 587, an Airbus A300 bound for the Dominican Republic. The Associated Press contributed to this report. JOHN O'CALLAGHAN [National Transportation Safety Board]: What I've plotted in this graph here is the vertical acceleration or normal load factor which measures basically how heavy you feel in your seat as the airplane pulls up, and you'll feel heavier in it and as it falls you'll feel lighter. him as much the innocent victim as anyone else who died in The tailfin had failed only after it was subjected to forces far higher than those it was certified to withstand. surface — only when the airplane is flying straight ahead,


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