sylvania ballast compatibility
endstream endobj startxref Glass) 16.5W 2500lm (4ft.) h��Vmk#9�+�~۲�X 8 0 obj h�bbd```b``�"g���@$����l�A$�0��d��]�d��\$�����;����ā�R���p��'� ��4 h�b```�>=!b`��0p,``hm��������f����j�� $�����:� �c`�V �y��l�+�5�N��,kY��|b-a�bmc?�����r~��Q@:��q#H#� ���2��e`x ` $,%; (Identity) 4 0 obj /Filter /FlateDecode 0 47 Osram Sylvania QHE 3x32T8/UNV ISH-SC T8 IS Electronic 48 Osram Sylvania QHE 4x32T8/UNV ISH-SC T8 IS Electronic 49 Osram Sylvania QTP 1x32T8/UNV ISN-SC T8 IS Electronic 50 Osram Sylvania QTP 2x32T8/UNV ISN-SC T8 IS Electronic Incompatible Ballasts All Preheat Ballasts with External Starter Ballast Compatibility … 5 0 obj Everline LED Lamp & Ballast Compatibility List Subject to change without notice Page 1 of 4 June 19, 2020 T8: Compatible Ballasts B-Generation & C-Generation Lamps ... Osram Sylvania. 8752 0 obj <> endobj 8766 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<10A3FA5EEAD6B841BF2477DF03BCCAD4><8276CA823D8253409DC2873EAD0EDBF8>]/Index[8752 31]/Info 8751 0 R/Length 86/Prev 300837/Root 8753 0 R/Size 8783/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream 9W 1200lm (3ft.) SYLVANIA LED Dimmer Compatibility List Files Visit us at these events and tradeshows to see the most innovative products and solutions we have to offer. 10W 1600lm (4ft.) }�����7��� ����clj����|�' ���S�o����|/?������ �}��]���wv���W�U3��1}BڽO0��v���%��E��0^�'k�������3�'7��ۖ�x��0���m�X LED T8 Ballast Compatibility Chart 1 Lamp 2 Lamps 3 Lamps 4 Lamps # Of Start Lamp Ballast Factor ... Osram Sylvania QHE 3x32T8/UNV ISH HT-SC 3 IS Parallel - - NC NC - - H 1.18 Osram Sylvania QTP … /Length 86095 ��2.v�P:�R���@ztBst^���:q��tZ< All Preheat Ballasts with External Starter Incompatible Ballasts… I��l�õ\��0��@��d�����왼L_.��.Gp��%Y?�31� b��dN@��!Y� X���d���,bK�� &Y 8��9FtQt��A�]� ���E�}XV�/���]��n����0�T�֛�j���?�j���z�Vm�����df`�-F�y�j!iR��7�m{.$5�~���]������f�j��j�^������ǘ� ����%/~��k5�4��l�^�^^g�MWk�{[-��h��ci���n���U��c�9��j��?9�r �! SubstiTUBE ® Ballast-Compatible Lamps Compatible glass LED T8 for use with instant start and select programmed rapid start electronic T8 ballasts SubstiTUBE IPS LED T8 lamps are an energy saving alternative, designed to replace traditional fluorescent T8 lamps. ULTRA LED Reflector Lamp Dimmer Compatibility List A19, A15, A21, B10, B13, G25 Lamps PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR30LN, PAR38 Lamps R20, BR30, BR40 Lamps Retrofit Light Disk, LED … $�H����[hM�%���T%�h�]J�y�������w繅pB��t�� �n-���n�g�{p�P��x�ku*���� \��ux���M�[��Ix����3 �j10܃���Pމx~%�ǡ?�ڃ�ރ_�+�_I�b,������*z����#�6���,���3� ʂ�2�{_S%�������2�СC�:t�����/��OYu�С�h�@b��� �M,�"����ym����`����F�{�k�l��J�I@q�{��㲽i�~�}���0����@_�c�����^h��gR0?Ccl7A;Xa(���_3���e�,˾�l$�~^ -鳯©�]���1�n(N��O�����3&�Q?9��_�O#��Ѥ3 endstream endobj 8753 0 obj <>/Metadata 102 0 R/Pages 8750 0 R/StructTreeRoot 107 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences 8767 0 R>> endobj 8754 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Parent 8750 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 8755 0 obj <>stream %PDF-1.7 %���� 14W 2100lm (4ft.) ZZZ V\OYDQLD FRP 6XEVWL78%( 7 /(' /DPSV%DOODVW &RPSDWLELOLW\ /LVW ,6 ,QVWDQW 6WDUW 356 3URJUDPPHG 5DSLG 6WDUW (0 (PHUJHQF\ í ìt ' ó ~ ð ( í ìt ' õ ~ ð ( í ït ' ô ~ ð ( í ït ' õ ~ ð ( í ît ' ò ~ ï ( í ìt ' ó ~ ï ( ôt ' ó ~ î ( í ñt ' ô ~ ð ( Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y. Osram Sylvania… InstantFit Ballast Compatibility Guide 3 7W 1050lm (2ft.) %PDF-1.7 (Adobe) endobj >> Ballast Compatibility Number of Lamps Manufacturer Model Type 1 General Electric GE132MAX-L/ULTRA Instant Start ... OSRAM SYLVANIA QHE 1X32T8/UNV ISL-SC Instant Start OSRAM SYLVANIA QHE 1X32T8/UNV ISN-SC Instant Start OSRAM SYLVANIA … 13W 2100lm 3 ���F�w��H�P��F%>�:�t�F��X�"�H�kt�I|�>�7�c�6�8��ht2�G:&"� 14 W 2100 lm (4 ft. Glass) 17W 2100lm (4ft. QHE 2X32T8/UNV PSN-MC. << /Type /Stream SubstiTUBE® LED Lamps Ballast Compatibility List IS = Instant Start PRS = Programmed Rapid Start EM = Emergency 10W G7 (4ft) 13W G8 (4ft) 15W G8 (4ft) 15W G7 (4ft) 12W G6 (4ft) 12W G6 (3ft) 8W 38 Osram Sylvania QHE 2x32T8/UNV ISL-SC T8 IS Electronic ... Ballast Compatibility T8 2ft LED Linear Lamp: Replaces 2FT T8/12 Lamps ... Will cause lamp damage and failure. 60 Month System Warranty covers QUICKTRONIC ballast and SYLVANIA lamps QUICK 7XL (TM) covers QUICKTRONIC PROStart (R) Ballasts and several SYLVANIA lamps Install Encelium Energy Management System in 0-10V or DALI platform 8782 0 obj <>stream ��6B�iH?�c��>���΀)H���LhDz. %%EOF See what happened at Lightfair 2019 this year m��v�Quy"����ȯU����,���oȵ�s��WX��%k}�ΑO''�. ��C���,Y�&�y��������v��`,��O��� l ��n��YO;�S'�q�z`J� �s���g�����8�D �?o��On r�>FؗyV���x�=��E�;�����|��g�;��k�10�gc��:w�l�?���/B��g���;ɾ�}������f;���'���3��y�3�Y`�� rE۹% ���C�:t�СC�:t�СC�:t�СCG?�{ ?��IJ�� i1���@!�!��R(I| � ���"-G��H+`�J(CZ�HG �FB�j�D: 13W 2100lm (4ft.) endobj SubstiTUBE® LED Lamps Ballast Compatibility List IS = Instant Start PRS = Programmed Rapid Start EM = Emergency 10W G7 (4ft) 13W G8 (4ft) 12W G6 (3ft) 10W G7 (3ft) 8W … stream x��} `E�����羏ӓ�E&��@ ��AL�hP��\�DWE��x�ǐx�k�k=v]qu�ueW�fu]EW����g������?|d��o�^UW��^��W=� |H8XS? �gͲFi.���xr1�N�0ʿn�C��'��A�i;��y1biN24�$-�a�� .�p�(�$BS�T� �5#8��2���l���#�wh�@�a�-���.�c=�BL�c��qõyg��_v���x�6�;�T�9� �[Ʌ�S"������� �eg�� ue������1�8�V~��:�S�;�Z]'��:���ӎ���/PNO�|�7�^u���A>��4ֿ�i�#vL��3LCO�f�/�L��l�M4=��w� �`�(�b!�����ds P/�]�EM�d���"w/k|�d�縐7wn�. N:t� �СC� ����,��0�`�?�o���54�A3���`-��Y7�����Z��`���%�R����F�`��ע��9�_[���㞇���9�!��'�vX����}��N��sFt�0��Թ�x�g0����X��a8�;��m ��A�m���o0���A��po���;�z?�СC�l7���L�1���� ܔm�2�L�J0Y�D�� �/����f���t ������,�P�P�����⾔E�ׇ:>r(鷫�D�T��et�СC�����5?�����iCL���j�G� �g:]���B�gê��"�p�� G��!I]�uN��j�gY ���v�7R$�q�AF���� �D���&�f�Z����`AjӨlH`G�G�;pi� .�p#��'�-���ԯ�4�%���ʏ4ҐfB:� d U!iH�@M|!�_C6d!́�\�F���|�A:r�@^b?�! N N N Y Y N Y Y. Osram Sylvania. QHE 2X32T8/UNV PSH-HT. [���Y�"��D#R�)k����FVK�o�����c~��/�j[� ��t5_�ݪ�f5Zm����l��]�����Rn�P����2�fF]}��


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