the tiger who came to tea lyrics
And now you’ve read it, Don... You’re a storyteller yourself, you tell stories through lyrics...What is it about this particular story that’s spoken to generations of kids? But as far as the actual working, I do the lyrics to his melody. What was it like seeing the song performed by the person born to sing it? And he would get this song, he would hear it and say: ‘‘Oh I know what you mean.’’ And he’s ideal for it. In 1968 author Judith Kerr wrote the book The Tiger Who Came to Tea, a children's story based on a little girl named Sophie who was "having tea with her … Straight away you get the mood. Paul McCartney once said when he was asked what happened when he wrote Yesterday. $get_newsletter.removeAttr("data-target"); Get exclusive access to priority onsales and special offers, plus never miss out on the biggest stories from the West End, Off-West End and beyond. So when he ‘la las’ it to you, already it sounds great. The Tiger Who Came To Tea has a happy ending though . Not as much as everyone else I’ve ever met [who] knows it backwards, but I’m pleased to say I read it in one sitting. The classic story of a Tiger coming to Tea is published in 5 different formats, there is a wonderful Tiger LIVE show which has been touring for over 10 years. “He ate all the supper that was cooking in the saucepans…and all the food in the fridge…and all the packets and tins in the cupboard.” Sign up for news from HarperCollins Children's Books. Well, for me personally, I’ve always been a huge Robbie Williams fan, particularly after I met him, because when I first met him, he was talking about Sammy Davis and Dean Martin, and basically, there’s a lot of the old school about Robbie Williams. M y favourite theory about The Tiger Who Came to Tea – the tale of a girl and her mother being visited by a hungry feline – is courtesy of Mumsnet, a website for parents. Tell us about what Hey Tiger! A little bit. The late Judith Kerr , who wrote the … A little bit. When a book is as well known as this one, no one wants too many departures from the familiar, and recreating the gentle warmth of Kerr's original illustrations has been achieved by Caulcutt with sensitivity and imagination. The design and costumes are an absolute triumph for Susie Caulcutt. An idea started popping into my head lyrically straight away. The Tiger Who Came to Tea has sold over five million copies since it was first published by HarperCollins Children’s Books in 1968. I think when you read it you’ve got a smile on your face from the beginning, especially when she opens the door – it’s thrilling – and it’s told very easily, very accessible to anyone. $get_newsletter.attr('href', live_sailthru); It was a joy to write and I didn’t feel as though I wrote it. and so, despite all the odds, did the story of Judith Kerr herself, who died on Wednesday aged 95 following a short illness. Leading the pack for star names is The Tiger Who Came to Tea, a Channel 4 co-production with America’s NBC. The adaptation by director David Wood determinedly keeps faith with the combination of homely charm and surreal events that have made Judith Kerr's 1968 picture book so loved by generations of children. They’ll smile, there may be a tear or two, as well. The Tiger Who Came To Tea heads for the small screen, 50 years after Judith Kerr's book was written. jQuery( document ).ready(function() { They either like your play and join in wholeheartedly, or they're bored and start squirming about and crying. What was going through your head? First published in 1968, Judith Kerr’s best known picture book, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, has been delighting children for over 50 years. There are also exhibitions running in National Trust properties, and The Tiger Who Came to Tea forms part of a Judith Kerr exhibition at Z Arts in Manchester throughout 2020. He kind of lives a song and we got him! }). It’s impossible to describe, some things that are indefinable and that is the kind of thing it comes together and, in a way, it’s like it was always there. He’s an old performer really. It’s just there and you’re very thankful for it. By signing up you are confirming you are 16 or over. is all about? It’s a show song, it tells a story, and he’s great with the lyric. David Wood's music and lyrics are deceptively simple but very appealing. At the beginning of the recording session you saw some of the movie. There are also exhibitions running in National Trust properties, and The Tiger Who Came to Tea forms part of a Judith Kerr exhibition at  Z Arts in Manchester throughout 2020. Explore this site to learn how you can share in the magic of The Tiger Who Came to Tea! But that’s my favourite line – “there’s lots of biscuits in the biscuit tin”. The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr will become a TV film, with an all-star cast, this Christmas. People always ask about inspiration for songs and there isn’t. Inspiration doesn’t really come into it. Well, they’ll find 30 minutes of great escapism. Capturing the feline charm of this visitor is Benjamin Wells, (who does duty as Daddy too). What made you want to get involved and write this song? Glad you called, come on in, there’s lots of biscuits in the biscuit tin”. . . What do you feel when you hear a great performance or a great moment? View our Privacy Policy. West End, Off-West End, fringe shows, exclusive members discount at top celeb hang out, post-show Q&As and meet and greets. The much celebrated The Tiger Who Came to Tea TV animation aired on Channel 4 just before Christmas in 2019, with the DVD being released in spring 2020. $get_newsletter = jQuery('a[data-toggle="modal"]') The Tiger Who Came to Tea runs at the Lyric Theatre until 19 January. Who knows why anything works? And it's clear from the audience's eager prompts that many of them are very familiar indeed with the tale of the greedy Tiger, who politely but resolutely eats the entire contents of Sophie's tea table, kitchen cupboards and fridge, and even drinks Daddy's beer and all the water in the taps.


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