tom papley dad

He’d be so proud,” Max Papley said of his former teammate and friend.
Tom Papley posted on Instagram: “Me and the old man.” • See all of @tompapley's photos and videos on their profile. It was around that same age that Tom started following the Bloods. NEIL CORDY, The Daily Telegraph March 10, 2016 7:00pm HE wasn’t able to join Sydney under the father-son rule but rookie Tom Papley literally has the Swans in his blood. Wowee!! The problem was the Pies were an extraordinary 1.10 when the siren sounded, before Jamie Elliott finally put through their second goal. Sorry we couldn't find a match for that, please try again, Join the conversation, you are commenting as, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, Revealed: SAS Australia instructor’s private messages to Roxy, Date revealed: When NSW will open to Victoria, Ali Oetjen reveals why she quit SAS Australia.

Jackson Thurlow's incredible goal from beyond 50m after slapping the ball onto his right boot, left just two points separating the sides. They had 15 of the first 16 inside 50s against Sydney at the Gabba on Thursday night, and led the clearances 8-1 at quarter-time. He’d sit in the box at Gippy Power and make a few suggestions to coach Leigh Brown.”, To join the conversation, please log in.

Debutants waste no timeIt took just three minutes of the second quarter on Thursday night for Collingwood and Sydney to double the number of goals scored in the opening term. After days of scrutiny on Collingwood's back-to-back losses in Perth – much of it centred on the club's contest struggles and inability to score – the Magpies could hardly have done more. Collingwood's 6.14 (50) to 6.5 (41) win at the Gabba on Thursday night came at a cost, with Will Hoskin-Elliott (knee), Adam Treloar (hamstring) and Isaac Quaynor (lower leg) all suffering game-ending injuries. Nathan Buckley's men finally corrected those woes in the third term with three goals to none to snatch a nine-point three-quarter time advantage, but the Swans didn't go away. Most of the Swans' attempts were far deeper and simpler than the Magpies', but Dylan Stephens' effort to slot a six-pointer as Brayden Sier felled him was the ultimate insult. DAICOS MAKES DAD PROUD ... Then Brayden Maynard – responsible for prolific Swan Tom Papley – spent time off the ground in the second term with a shoulder complaint, although he returned after the long break. In fact, Sydney had the momentum before Quaynor went down injured, with a delay in the game as the stretcher came out allowing Collingwood time to compose, ahead of Daicos' heroics.
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