vex transformers io
Gosu Noob Copyright © 2012-2020 All Rights Reserved. Starting from the first one which is on the south you have to search a little in between the rocks. Hop in there and the Transformer will be waiting for you. They’re glowing cubes you can find in the Impossible Task mission. It is just right at the entrance on the top of the wall. Travel to Artifact’s Edge, but don’t jump off the tower. Near the entrance of the Infinite Forest, to the north of the map, pull out a sniper rifle and aim at the top of the giant doorway. You will land on Field of Glass, on a monument facing a pyramid shape structure. It's between the boughs of a giant tree that you absolutely can't miss. For the third one head to Lost Oasis, the Vex Transformer here is hidden in a tree trunk. Keep on course until you come to the apex of the sector and climb up a rock. Walk to the right end to see it. Here's our Vex Transformers Destiny 2 location guide where we'll list off where all of them are. The Transformer is in the dead center of the tower’s gap, and you should be able to shoot it from a distance. Go into the cave and follow it to the room with the portal, on the way to the Chamber of Sky. Once you hit the entrance, stop and look straight forward. You're going to have to head to three separate locations if you're wanting to get your Vex Transformers. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. You need to fight off a lot of Fallen here, and they won’t stop coming until you defeat a giant Servitor and Walker. You will easily spot the transformer. Look for a round cave entrance, jump down and keep looking on the walls on your left. The last transformer is at Excavation Site II. With Final Fantasy XIV, Destiny 2, and World of Warcraft on her plate, she's always got something to chat about and a sneaky guide up her sleeve. Io Vex Transformers. Make your way down into Excavation Site II and run past most of the Taken. There are a lot of words (and stuff) there, so he's terribly busy. From there, head north all the way into Terrabase Charon. It is the first entrance you can spot easily by entering the site area. There will be a small cave entrance right in front of you at the end, do not go left or right. This one should be very easy to spot if you’re in the right spot. Io Vex Transformer Location 5. You should see a small hole in the area with the Vex Transformer. When you reach Saint-14 in the past timeline, get ready for a fight. If you can’t spot it though, keep going until you see the Terrabase Charon text appear on your screen. It is very easy to stop, its on the right side of Vex Transformer 4 on Mercury. Then, make your way to the Sanctum of Bones lost sector, which is just north of the first Transformer. This quest marks the general locations of the Vex Transformers on your map, but getting to some of them can be tricky. Go inside and look to the left – the cube will be by the door. Walk straight towards the round building with an glowing light in between. Ignore them and continue towards the next tunnel, that will lead you to room. Go to Nessus next, and Io after that. After shooting the Transformer at Artifact’s Edge, fast travel to Watcher’s Grave. Look toward the giant pyramid that normally takes you to the Infinite Forest. The penultimate transformer is in Terrabase Charon. There will be … Head southeast toward the Pyramidion, following the main road until the first right turn. Land at the Lost Oasis landing spot, then follow the road under the tree. The next one is in the far right sector of the map. Since one of the other quests from Osiris takes you to Mars to restart that Obelisk, we recommend you clear out three Mars Lost Sector bosses to gather the Energy Patterns you need. The bubble will shield you from harm, and give you the Weapons of Light damage boost. There should be a Vex Gate inside, and if you look directly above you, you’ll spot the second Transformer. The transformers, which are white, glowing Vex cubes, are well-hidden and can be tough to track down, but you have an edge–all the transformers are marked on your map to give you an idea of where to look. Walk up to him and give him Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox by interacting with Saint. After, travel over to the Lost Oasis to round up the final three. Shoot it. Once you’re behind the Lighthouse and near the X on the map, look upwards and you should see the Transformer. You’ll reach this quest after progressing through the Season of Dawn quest line to a certain point and receiving Saint-14’s shotgun, the Perfect Paradox. Continue walking till you reach an area with enemies. They can be found on Io, Nessus and Mercury – five on each. The Transformer will be on an elevated platform. You’ll want to jump through the Exodus Black travel point. Shoot it. The content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of Come back next week to save Saint-14 for good. When you arrive on the planet, you can quickly see where the Vex Transformers are by the ‘X’s’ that pop up on your map across the landscape. Continue completing Osiris’ other quests while you get 100 shotgun kills and 25 melee ability kills. Land at Artifact’s Edge, then turn around to face the antenna-like structure on the platform. Now head left and you'll see a nearby tunnel holding this Transformer. The last series of Vex Transformer you need to destroy is on Nessus. From there, hop on your Sparrow and head toward the Hallows. Some are in obvious places, but others are pretty well hidden. Shoot on it to collect. Vex transformers are collectibles in Destiny 2. Vex 4 1531 votes. Follow the ramp on the right up, then go into the corridor. If you’re running out of special ammo, we recommend using the Special Finisher class item mod to generate ammo after your finisher moves. This fight is hard and long, especially if you’re playing this part solo. In the southwest portion of the map, there’s a ledge you can drop down to. Your email address will not be published. As soon as you enter the area through the hole in the hull, look up and to the left.


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