volvo intellisafe pro pack
Xenium Pack, Intellisafe Pro Pack, Convenience Pack, Family Pack, Intellisafe Surround (Blind Spot Information System with Steer Assist. The car is also equipped with inflatable curtains for driver and passengers. Volvo XC40 D4 AWD First Edition Automatic (Xenium Pack, Intellisafe Pro...) Used vehicle Red in WARWICK with 32.918 miles, for 27.950 Driver Alert Control, DAC, is a function designed to attract the driver's attention if he/she starts to drive less consistently, e.g. Volvo V60 II D4 (188bhp) Momentum Pro Automatic (Intellisafe Pro, Convenience Pack, Xenium Pack) Used vehicle Black in TAUNTON with 17.219 miles, for 23.995 Rear Collision Warning, RCW, is a system that can help you avoid being hit by a vehicle approaching from behind. if he/she becomes distracted or starts to fall asleep. Volvo V40 D3 Inscription Manual (Intellisafe Pro, Winter Pack, Volvo On Call App) Used vehicle Grey in EXETER with 22.661 miles, for 14.495 For more detailed information and important warnings, etc., see the Owner's Manual for your car model. IntelliSafe Assist - XC60 2020 - Volvo Cars Accessories For the EU and US, Pilot Assist is connected to the navigation system and has an ‘electronic horizon’ function that increases accuracy and performance in curves. IntelliSafe is the Volvo Cars concept concerning car safety and it consists of a number of functions that can actively or passively assist you with your driving in different situations. Pilot Assist can sometimes help you to drive your car between the lane markings. Maastur Volvo XC90 AWD INSCRIPTION 7 INTELLI SAFE WINTER PRO M18 2.0 D5 173kW universaal 66000km 2017 müügikuulutus asukohaga Tallinn. See your Owner's Manual for more information. IntelliSafe Assist is a suite of features that delivers a high level of collaborative, convenient and intelligent assistance in everyday traffic situations, designed to lessen the cognitive load and allow you to focus on your driving enjoyment. Volvo V60 II D3 Inscription Plus Auto (Intellisafe Pro,Convenience Pack,Winter Pack) Used vehicle Black in DONCASTER with 2.606 miles, for 26.295 Steering assistance upon risk of rear-end collision. While using Pilot Assist you must keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road ahead at all times. And when the road is clear, the car resumes the selected speed. Volvo S60 T5 (250 bhp) Inscription Plus, BOWERS & WILKINS AUDIO, 20'' Wheel Upgrade, INTELLISAFE PRO PACK, 360 Parking Camera, PANORAMIC SUNROOF, Convenience Pack Used vehicle Blue in LEEDS with 4.949 miles, for 26.940 Pilot Assist is designed to provide collaborative, intelligent and directable assistance while the driver maintains control at all times. Helping you to maintain your preset gap to vehicles in front at all speeds up to 200 km/h, Adaptive Cruise Control is a supportive partner for a more relaxed driving experience, reducing driver strain in tedious driving situations. Volvo V40 D2 R-Design Edition (Xenium Pack, Winter Pack, Intellisafe Pro) Used vehicle Grey in WARRINGTON with 6.481 miles, for 19.500 Amongst other things, your Volvo is equipped with a number of detectors that can react in the event of an accident and activate various functions, such as different types of airbag and the seatbelt tensioner. XC60 2020 Tech & Sounds "IntelliSafe Assist" makes it easier and safer to drive where you want. Volvo V40 D4 R-Design Manual (Winter Pack, Intellisafe Pro, Adaptive Cruise Control) Used vehicle Red in STOKE ON TRENT with 25.072 miles, for 13.750 The function can also take streetlights into account. See your Owner's Manual for more information. It is the R-Design Pro which boasts air suspension, 21" alloys, head up display, keyless entry, powered driver seat and so much more! Copyright ©2020 Volvo Car Corporation (or its affiliates or licensors). All-wheel drive (AWDAll Wheel Drive) means that the car is driving all four wheels at the same time, which can improve traction. The Park Assist Pilot function (Park Assist Pilot, PAP) can help you in some cases to park in or leave a car park by assisting you with steering into or out of a parking space. Some of the car's functions are fitted as standard while others are options. Copyright ©2020 Volvo Car Corporation (or its affiliates or licensors). The Park Assist Camera can help you when parking in tight spaces by indicating obstacles with a camera image and graphics in the centre display. For the XC40 of model year 2018 onwards, CTA is equipped with the auto-brake function. Western European markets benefit from Curve Speed Adaption, a function that uses map data to adapt cruising speed in curves to a comfortable level. Below you can find information about the driver support functions Volvo offers. Pilot Assist works at speeds up to 130km/h and is particularly useful in highway conditions, helping to reduce the effort required when driving at higher speeds. A speed limiter (Speed Limiter, SL) can be regarded as a reverse cruise control - you regulate the speed using the accelerator pedal but the speed limiter helps you to avoid accidentally exceeding a preset speed. Your Volvo is equipped with airbags that can help protect the driver's and passenger's heads, necks, faces and chests, as well as knees and legs. Does not apply to the S60, V60 and XC40, see the manual for your car for more information on how collision avoidance assistance can be of assistance to you. Check what does apply. For example, the functions can help you to maintain a certain time interval to the vehicle in front of you, prevent a collision by giving a warning and braking the car, or help with parking. The Distance Warning function (Distance Alert)The function is only available in cars that can show information on the windscreen using a so-called Head-up-display. Volvo V40 T3 Inscription Automatic (Xenium Pack, Intellisafe Pro, WInter Pack) Used vehicle Blue in CHESTER with 7.126 miles, for 21.000 can warn you if you are not far enough away from the vehicle in front of youNot applicable to XC40.. Lane assistance, LKALane Keeping Aid, can assist you on motorways and similar major routes to reduce the risk of the car unintentionally leaving its own lane. Only applies to XC40, XC60 and XC90 models. Eesti suurim ostu-müügi kuulutuste andmebaas. Volvo Car UK Limited authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under firm reference number 678616 for credit broking. Intellisafe is the name that Volvo uses for the combination of active safety features found in their automobiles. The car is also constructed so that a large part of the force of a collision is distributed to beams, pillars, floor, roof and other parts of the body. Features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Pilot Assist, Curve Speed Adaption and … Learn more below. But what do you add to a car that has nearly everything? VOLVO XC60 DIESEL ESTATE 2.0 B4 R DESIGN Pro 5dr AWD Geartronic Volvo XC60 B4 (Diesel Mild Hybrid) AWD R-Design Pro Automatic-Xenium Pack, Intellisafe … If the system assesses that you as the driver are not reacting sufficiently to the warning and the risk of a collision remains, brake support can be activated, which can reinforce braking action. Features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Pilot Assist, Curve Speed Adaption and Distance Alert. Volvo XC60 II D4 R-Design (Sunroof, 360 Camera, Intellisafe Pro, Family Pack, Winter) 2.0 5dr 01772 806666 Rybrook Volvo Preston Pilot Assist can help you to drive the car between the lane's side markings and maintain a constant speed, combined with maintaining a preset time interval to the vehicle ahead. On top of the already huge spec this car has been specified with the Xenium Pack and Intellisafe Pro Pack. Volvo V60 II D4 Inscription Pro Auto(Xenium Pack,Intellisafe Pro,Smartphone Integration) Used vehicle Silver in TRURO with 18.737 miles, for 23.995 IntelliSafe incorporates supporting functions that can help you to drive your car more safely. Volvo XC60 II T8 (299bhp) Twin Engine AWD R-Design Pro Automatic (Intellisafe Pro, Xenium Pack, Dark Tint Windows) Demonstration car Black in TRURO with 3.000 miles, for 49.995 Harman Kardon Pack,Intellisafe Pro,Winter Pack,Xenium Pack,XENIUM PACK,Parking Camera 360* Surround View,Power Glass Tilt and Slide Panoramic Sunroof with Sun Curtain,Park Assist Pilot (includes Front and Rear Park Assist),WINTER PACK,Heated Steering Wheel,Heated Washer Nozzles,INTELLISAFE PRO,Intellisafe Surround (Blind Spot Information System with Steer Assist. IntelliSafe is the Volvo Cars concept concerning car safety and it consists of a number of functions that can actively or passively assist you with your driving in different situations. | Advert ID: 8310970 Volvo V60 D4 (190 bhp) Momentum Plus Auto, PANORAMIC SUNROOF, Convenience Pack, INTELLISAFE PRO PACK, 360 Parking Camera, Winter Pack, Full Leather Interior Used vehicle Silver in LEEDS with 2.377 miles, for 26.930


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