what can be done to increase the accuracy of slugs in a shotgun?
I ... What I learned early on was DO NOT USE “RIFLED SLUGS” IN A RIFLED BARREL!!! I had it custom made by Ithaca for me. The above procedure may need slight modification depending upon the make and model of your reloading equipment. Apply pressure until the spent primer is removed. Such a high price is not conducive to the type of regular practice required to make a hunter into a good and ethical hunter. Handloading is both a science and an art without much room for error. Today, I own and use several makes, but Mossberg shotguns are still on the front line. I was very surprised how much recoil the shotgun has. This slick and nicely engraved Mossberg is an outdoors piece. I’ve found these express-style (shallow rear V, large front bead) sights as accurate as non-magnified red-dot optics, but much quicker and more durable and versatile than anything else. Detail of sometimes laborious process of loading the slug into the hull. If you think there’s a good chance you’ll need a slug in your particular scenario, ghost-ring sights represent a balance between the speed of a bead and the accuracy of a non-magnified optic. Case, 3. When must a hunter use a magazine plug in their shotgun? Safety: Jason Wimbiscus is a dedicated and experienced handloader with many years of experience. I was about to start the quest to find new ammo but my state legalized rifles for deer hunting and I haven’t used the 870 since. Shotguns have always been known as uncommonly versatile weapons. The Fiocchi reduced-recoil load put three slugs into two inches. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Keep in mind average velocity, full-bore slugs have a trajectory curve little better than a thrown spear, so its POI shift at various ranges (and among various loads) is pronounced. A three-shot group of 1.4 inches was encouraging. slugs. 2. A simple mid-bead can do wonders. ffgats, This article details standard crimps, though specialty crimps may be required for some shotshells. For this reason, use inexpensive components while you get your feet under you. What is the safe hunter's best resource for information on cleaning their firearm? I had played with the drop on the stock of my M2 and I think... that this altered my POI to be higher. Click here to subscribe to SI’s free newsletter. What can be done to increase the accuracy of slugs in a shotgun? My grandfather was hesitant to purchase this for me—I was 12 or so at the time—as he had used proven Winchester and Remington types. I topped it w/ a Leopold 1-4 matte finished scope, base and rings. Although its muzzle energy is 2,365 ft.-lbs., it drops to less than 1,000 ft.-lbs. The copper jacket also encourages penetration when it hits the target. Time limit exceeded. way to go for home defense. Taurus G3C Review After 4 Months, 1K Rounds. 2" to the right or left is real good! Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). setTimeout( My dedicated slug guns aren't fun to shoot, but they are heavy barrels and tame slugs down a fair amount. What should the safe hunter do before loading a rifle?   You cannot paste images directly. First, Tru-Ball is a Federal Premium Ammunition brand name. Ok, Kurt and Mark, back to shotguns and slugs through vent rib barrels and jumping on this thread. For sheer accuracy, shotgun slugs stink. Using a modern sabot slug load that breaks the 2000 f/s mark and a rifled barrel gun, hunters can now reliably down game at ranges exceeding 100 yards. Maximum-effective range is limited as much by the slug’s rapid decay of energy and velocity as by its poor accuracy.”. Is It Safe to Carry a Handgun Fully Loaded?


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