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Tags: Russell Means: Freedom Updates. Communism, anarchism and socialism. True, the neoliberal offensive aims to dismantle those achievements, but it is running up against a disorganized but obstinate resistance, because those achievements are still very popular. One cannot overstate the difference between Marx and Lenin. In contrast to most of the intellectual left, Russell always tried not to take his desires for reality. He was a liberal in that he opposed concentrations of power in all its manifestations, military, governmental, or religious, as well as the superstitious or nationalist ideas that usually serve as its justification. Iran today is much harder to subvert than it was in Mossadegh’s day. Marx was a child of the Enlightenment, authoritarian in some ways and, contrary to the anarchists, not believing in the need to abolish the State immediately after the revolution. Seated: Uritskii, Trotsky, Sverdlov, Zinoviev, and Lashevich. Of course, Russell never denied that every war is accompanied by enormous propaganda in its favor, but he notes that there are some things that even the most intense propaganda fails to accomplish: for example, to make Irish Catholics into Englishmen, and more generally to manage to alter the sentimental attachments that bind a human group to its identity, religion or nation. [42] In late September, Means reported that through tomotherapy, the tumor had diminished greatly. It is obvious that our society would be completely different from what it is: the level of consumption would be much lower, but we would also have to produce what we consume, which would create a relationship of forces quite different between workers and employers. Normand Baillargeon is a professor of education at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Another way to look at the problem posed by the existence of the world outside the West is to imagine that the developed countries have always been totally isolated from the rest of the world: no cheap raw materials, no immigrant work force, no goods produced under the conditions just described. Today, alongside all the negative aspects, which are sufficiently known to everyone, the positive achievements of the communist movement should not be ignored: the victory over fascism, obviously, but also its significant contribution to the major emancipation of the twentieth century, namely the colonial liberation movement. Moreover, inasmuch as dictatorships are usually harder to overthrow or subvert than democracies, the former are favored by a sort of unnatural selection. And yet, despite the evident repulsion that Bolshevism inspired in him, Russell offers a fairly nuanced vision of the revolution—at least compared to its critics on the right or on the “democratic left.” First, he recognized that, regarded as a “splendid attempt,” Bolshevism “deserves the gratitude and admiration of all the progressive part of mankind.”. As Russell put it, the fact that a man who is deprived of food and drink will grow weak, go mad, and finally die, “is not usually considered a good reason for inflicting death by starvation. Russell Means Freedom, Russell Means Reminded the World of the Real America, Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation, DENVER CELEBRATES THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF RUSSELL MEANS. In 2007, Means and 80 other protesters were arrested in Denver during a parade for Columbus Day which they stated was a "celebration of genocide". Rushmore. In their lifetime, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao enjoyed enormous popularity, which eroded sharply once they were gone. Russell was an old money elitist. Both Branscombe and Means accused Vernon Bellecourt, a high-ranking leader of AIM, of having ordered her execution. In 1918, a few days before being jailed for pacifism, Bertrand Russell completed Proposed Roads to Freedom: Socialism, Anarchism and Syndicalism, a short, simple, and profound guide to the theories of anarchism, Marxist socialism, anarcho-socialism, and guild socialism—the associative form of socialism that existed in Great Britain in those days. Where Russell also parted from critics of the Bolshevik Revolution on the right or the “democratic left” was his view of the Franco-British entente and the policies toward Russia followed by the imperialist countries after 1917: an extremely deadly blockade and direct military interventions. Moreover, everything that is more or less civilized in the developed countries—social security, democratic education, protection of workers, public services—was created in an essentially socialist spirit. Means supported the Miskito group MISURASATA (later known as YATAMA), which was allied with the Contras. But it misses no chance to denounce dictatorship in the third world today as in the Soviet Union in the past, while completely overlooking the overwhelming responsibility of Western actions in the emergence and radicalization of those dictatorships. What is striking nevertheless is the extent to which the theories discussed in this book are close to each other, at least compared to all the rest: communism, fascism, imperialism, neoliberalism—that is, almost everything that really happened after 1918. [24][25][26], In October 2009, Means was critical of Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, and has also been critical when Al Gore and Henry Kissinger received theirs as well. [11] The two men were indicted in 2003 and convicted in separate trials in 2004 and 2010, respectively. They said the issue instead was to enforce existing treaties. One could have hoped that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, that confusion would be cleared up, but it is the very opposite that took place. After they refused to examine him for several days, Means was finally diagnosed with a concussion due to a presumed fight in a saloon. He worked with Jimmie Durham, who established the offices of the International Indian Treaty Council to work with the United Nations in 1977. For Russell, the critique of capitalism is not solely a criticism of the “thirst for profit” or a simple revolt against poverty, nor is it based on the inevitability of cyclical crises. "[2], In August 2011, Means was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. But there was a major lacuna in the socialist vision of the world before 1914, concerning what were then called the “barbarians,” that is the world outside the West. He was a voice actor in Disney's third highest-selling feature film Pocahontas (1995) and its sequel Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998), playing the title character's father, Chief Powhatan. It is above all an opposition to the concentration of power engendered by private ownership of the major means of production and the degradation of human life linked to insecurity and merciless competition. In economic terms, a good part of life—childhood, youth, old age, illness, unemployment—is already socialized. The Soviet Union was the result of a tragic and violent history: Civil War and foreign interventions, the need to modernize and defend the nation from Nazi invasion, and unimaginable sacrifices accomplished in order to win the Second World War. St. Petersburg Institute of History, Russian Academy of Sciences. Why wouldn’t much more sustained assaults provoke similar reactions in other countries? Since the late 20th century, there has been a debate in the United States over the appropriate term for the indigenous peoples of North America. But modern psychology has dived much deeper into the ocean of insanity upon which the little barque of human reason insecurely floats.”1. In war, there are two ways to go about this: the “idealist” will claim to fight for democracy, and the “materialist” will claim to defend his economic interests. They can influence elections, either directly by financing candidates, or indirectly by threatening governments that resist their demands with economic reprisals (capital flight, plant delocalizations). His father worked at the shipyard in Vallejo. (The Bolsheviks in Power, p. 325). Russell Charles Means (November 10, 1939 – October 22, 2012) was an Oglala Lakota activist for the rights of Native Americans, libertarian political activist, actor, writer and musician, who became a prominent member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) after joining the organization in 1968 and helped organize notable events that attracted national and international media coverage. Mr. Russell Means comments on Corporate Socialism. Finally, the revolution did not take place—at least not the one pre-1914 socialists were thinking of, and no new world emerged from the war. This shows up especially in the Communist Manifesto (written when he was twenty-nine years old).


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