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[14] On the January 31, 1994 episode of Monday Night Raw, Luger won the coin toss and the right to face Yokozuna first. You could tell they were trying to squeeze all they could out of this four minute match. Then to a clip of Axxess or whatever it was called then (Fanfest). The referee has lost control now but Pierre accidentally nails Pierre and Mabel takes down both men. Shawn sets up the ladder again, this time over the top of Razor, and climbs for the belts. [31] To gain revenge against Ramon for taking the belt, Michaels attacked Ramon and helped Irwin R. Schyster to steal Ramon's gold chains. WWF Tag Team Championship: Men on a Mission (w. Oscar) vs. [37], Sy Sperling, the president of hair restoration company Hair Club for Men, appeared in the ring before the next match. Luger interrupts and they have to be separated. Shawn ends up in the aisle, and Razor positions the ladder up against the ring apron. It was weird that the WWF were celebrating their old stars like this. Earthquake returns to PPV and defeats Adam Bomb in less than a minute! Shawn gets a right hand from Razor as he heads back inside. Belly-to-belly suplex is followed by a powerslam from Quake. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. We’ve not seen him on pay per view since Summerslam last year where he lost to Shawn Michaels. The Million Dollar Man then chats to the Bill Clinton impersonator in the Presidential Box. That was two years ago now. Burt Reynolds serves as the guest ring announcer, and may or may not be completely trashed. Bret slides to the floor, and Owen tries to suplex him in from the apron. Roddy Piper then comes back out and then some of the faces pour out from the back, guys like Razor Ramon, the 123 Kid, Sparky Plugg and Tatanka. This one is a mixed tag team match and Bam Bam goes after Doink before the bell has even rung. They had Johnny Polo a.k.a. Whip to the corner for Shawn is followed by a clothesline sending him to the floor. Time for Tye Dillinger’s favourite Wrestlemania. [51] The feud did not progress any further, as Earthquake left the WWF for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in May 1994. With a coin toss. Leilani Kai got a jobber entrance. As you’d expect in this match type, the ladder came into play on a regular basis. Shawn got himself tangled in the ropes and that was the crucial moment that allowed Razor to climb the ladder and retrieve both belts to the win the match. [37] When Yokozuna attempted the Banzai drop, however, he lost his balance and fell to the mat. Instead Bam Bam and Luna both went for a splash on Dink. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Off the ropes Kai runs into a spinning heel kick, and then a suplex gets two. It would then continue into the Royal Rumble where Owen kicked Brets leg from out of his leg. ( Log Out /  Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Confused yet? On the July 12, 1993, episode of Monday Night Raw, Crush challenged Yokozuna for the WWF Championship. She also connected with a nice Butterfly Suplex. We then go to The Royal Rumble where Luger and Bret Hart both won the Royal Rumble. But that was followed by the highlight of the night. Yoko gained the advantage and Piper asked Bret if he wanted to quit in a bit of preview to next year’s Wrestlemania. McMahon assured us there was just one Doink and one Dink and he turned out to be right. [29] The feud eventually culminated in a match scheduled for WrestleMania X. Bret comes off with a crucifix getting a two count and again grabs an armbar. Luna Vachon was introduced as Bam Bam’s ‘main squeeze’. [36], Adam Bomb and his manager Harvey Wippleman entered the ring for the next match, and Wippleman criticized Finkel's new hair and tore the pocket off Finkel's suit. This is Yokozunas fourth Wrestlemania match in two years, so far he’s won 2 and lost one. This is probably the greatest women’s match in Wrestlemania history up to this point but that’s not really saying much. This was great stuff. Razor dumps him off the ladder clotheslining him on the top rope to stop him. Lex Luger is actually undefeated on pay per view. There was an interesting and topical quote from Lawler. Bret counters into a hammerlock, and turns it into a wristlock. He sang softly and appeared to get some of the lyrics wrong. [14] If Hart won the coin toss, he would get the first title shot, and Luger would wrestle Crush earlier on the card. Although The Quebecers attacked Men on a Mission before the bell, Mabel quickly recovered and clotheslined both Quebecers. Personally, I felt I could have done with a touch more fire and more taunting from Owen, but this represented a terrific start to this Pay Per View. After the matches the babyfaces exit from the dressing room to celebrate with Bret. The last time he was in ring was at Wrestlemania 8 when he took on and lost to Bret Hart. I like to think Perfect was getting revenge on Lex for what happened at Wrestlemania 9. WWF Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels (w. Diesel) vs. Razor Ramon ©. Fuji revives Crush with a pitcher of water, and he returns to the ring with two seconds to spare. Kai executed a few snapmares while she held on to Blayze’s hair. Perfect were scheduled to face each other in a series of matches on the WrestleMania Revenge Tour. Bodyslam gets two for Kai. It would have been nice to see those ten guys on the show. He hit an impressive crossbody off the top rope for a two count. Bret catapults himself over the top rope onto Owen, but comes up with an injured knee. The Earthquake-Adam Bomb match was short stink-fest. Perfect says Luger can’t put his hand on the referee. Crush slammed Savage into the steel railings and then pinned him 1-2-3. Bret is able to come to his feet and elbow out. [1], WrestleMania X was the first edition of the event not to include Hulk Hogan, who had been seen as the public face of the WWF; following Hogan's 1993 departure, that role had shifted to Bret Hart. However, we do not want to hear about Shawn Michaels’ entrance at 12, Hogan/Andre from 3 or Daniel Bryan from 30. I think in a way I.R.S. Crush is looking better than ever so I hope he can grow some momentum. Bam Bam clotheslines Doink to the outside and whilst he’s down Dink gets in the ring and in a comedy style both Bam Bam and Luna try to squash him but miss. And now Yokozuna squashing people. Kai was returning to the WWF to challenge for the title as she was the defending champion of course at Wrestlemania I. Legsweep takes down Kai at the start, but she comes back with a shoulderblock on Blayze. That is until Owen hits a sweet looking spinning heel kick that essentially knocks Bret to the outside. Only one change though and that was the biggest of them all. Luger ducks a clothesline and delivers one of his own staggering Yoko. Bret delivers a headbutt, and then whips Owen sternum first into the buckle. Luger is able to break the hold this time, and fires off a few punches but Yoko quickly regains control and goes back to the trapezes hold. Chop by Yoko is followed up by a bodyslam. The next match was the first title match of the night between Leilani Kai and champion Alundra Blaze. So tonight we find out who the undisputed Intercontinental champion is in the first ever ladder match.


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