zealand nh ghost town
Many of these “Ghost Towns” came into existence when logging was the main industry in the region and disappeared without a trace once the lumber was gone. The town is protected as the Steve Powell Wildlife Management Area. Sometime in the 19th century, Monomoy Village lost the battle to the wind and water.The only evidence of it that remains is Monomoy Lighthouse. Photos: Monomoy Lighthouse By Zachary Cava, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Northeast Region via Wikipedia; Hanton City by ShareAlike via Wikipedia; Lewiston, Vt., courtesy the Rauner Special Collections Library. Henry of Lincoln. Gay City’s former existence is suggested by stone foundations, several grass-filled cellar holes and a few tombstones. By continuing to navigate through this site or by clicking OK, you consent to the use of cookies on your device. “The inmates go a visiting in boats,” reported the magazine. Once the New Hampshire Land Co. owned much of the land in town, and the logging railroads were built and logging increased, the town of Thornton Gore vanished. At its height in the early 1900’s, the town had a population of about 100 people, a logging railroad, sawmill, blacksmith shop, school, 18 homes, and the Saunders Mansion. The Great Depression and pollution in the Kennebec River delivered the final blows. Many of Gay City’s remaining young men died in the Civil War. Rumors of ghost activity plague Dudleytown, an 18th-century village in Cornwall abandoned in the 19th century. In 1967, bulldozers turned Lewiston into a ghost town when they leveled it to make way for a feeder road to Interstate 91. The ghost town of Passaconaway is where Albany, NH is today on the Kancamagus Highway. Its overgrown remains consist of several stone foundations, a defunct dam, scattered stone walls and a burial site with three readable names: Alfred, Eliza and Emor Smith. But not before lurid tales of murder circulated. By 1930, Lewiston’s mills had all closed and commercial activity moved to White River Junction. Amidst the White Mountain National Forest and right before the Bear Notch Road cut-off you will come to the only surviving building of the former town. Today you can visit the cemetery where several of the town’s residents are buried, and walk the interpretive trail in the woods behind the house to learn more about the town and the area surrounding it. Though people typically think of ghost towns as belonging to the Old West, New England actually has plenty. Below, we describe six of the most interesting New England ghost towns to explore. It includes Swan Island, Little Swan Island and some tidal flats within the Kennebec River. Or perhaps a group of Loyalists decided to form an enclave of like-minded people. The ghost town of Passaconaway is where Albany, NH is today on the Kancamagus Highway. Andrus abandoned his followers in 1800. The result: drunken brawls. Residents abandoned Johnson and Little Canada, but Lincoln survives. By the 1860’s the Civil War took many men away from the farms, and many of those who survived, decided to try farming elsewhere and left town. The Hurricane of 1938 turned the beach community of Napatree Point into a wildlife preserve. (Photo Credit: J.W. Notable. Whatever the reason, the land is now owned by the Dow Chemical Company. There’s little else to show a town once existed there, save for Hanton City Trail in Smithfield and Hanton Road in North Smithfield. The sawmill burned three times in the town’s short life, and then torrential rains and floods in 1927 took out a large portion of the railroad and several bridges. In 1950, construction of the Wilder Dam flooded the village’s low-lying farms. The Russell-Colbath homestead which was built in 1831, along with the old cemetery nearby are now run as a museum by the Unite States Forest Service. People moved inland to avoid attack and then moved back to the coast, leaving Dogtown a ‘wilderness of pirates and witches.’ A millionaire named Roger Babson hired unemployed stonecutters to carve inspirational sayings into Dogtown’s boulders. Then the paper mill burned, and the town pretty much disappeared.


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